question about harness and hit points


I am woundering how do you deal with a weapons hardness/hit points?I picked up a book called from stone to stell and using the some of the weapons in there but not sure how thee whole hard./HP work with them.
Hardness is Damage reduction for objects.
Hit an object the first HARDNESS points of damage are ignored, the rest damage its Hit Points.

once the HP reach zero the object is destroyed e.g. hole in the wall, sword smashed, paper chopped into pieces.


An object has 10 hardness and 5 HP

it gets hit for 8 damage, it takes NO damage at all, as the hardness takes it all.

It gets hit for 11 damage.
10 is ignored, it takes one hp

It then gets hit for 18 damage.
Hardness ignores 10 and the remaining 8 is applied to the object bringing it up to 9 HP damage. More than it has, the object is destroyed.
So my pc's bone sickle has 2 hardness and 6 Hp ,dose damgae get applied to the weapon if he hits with it?orr only if the attacker tries to destroy they weapon?
yes, only if a SUNDER attempt is made.

There is an optional rule I think that says if an attacker hits a PARRYING defender and scores the EXACT number required to hit. then the weapons damage can be applied to the defending parriers weapon instead (and possibly the attackers weapon I can't recall)
But this is an optional rule.