Pre-order price

Ben W Bell

I notice that it is now up for pre-order on the site, but I have a query. Why is the UK price being listed as 20 pounds (damn my new north American keyboard), yet the US price is only $33.95? Aren't these being printed in the UK and isn't the US dollar heading straight down and round the u-bend at around 2.08 to the pound at the minute? Shouldn't one be higher or the other be lower?
I was about to suggest VAT at 17.5% which would work out nicely at £17, converting to $34.

Then I remembered that there is no VAT on books!!!

Ben W Bell

Lord High Munchkin said:
Dear All,

And I wonder what the price will be in Canada given the value of the mighty Loonie against the wilting Greenback....


Well it will be priced into US dollars and exported to the US, then us in the great white north will just have to see what happens. But most companies are starting to offer decent rates on books now.


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