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Greetings, fellow Travellers!

A brand new adventure has just been released for Traveller - Reach Adventure 7: The Last Train Out of Rakken-Goll.

You can grab the ebook edition (or pre-order the printed edition and get the ebook for free!) right here:

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An invitation from Sir Willard Vorstaten leads the Travellers to Rakken-Goll, a dying cattle town in the middle of nowhere. Instead of the expected job offer the Travellers find a lonely young man desperate for offworld visitors. Sir Willard’s residence is comfortable and he is generous; perhaps the Travellers will enjoy some downtime at his expense? Perhaps he might be a useful contact to cultivate; who knows where his duties as a noble will take him next?

Events around Rakken-Goll overtake the Travellers’ plans. Fire, flood and feuding threaten to wipe out the town’s economy and perhaps even destroy it. Sir Willard has the authority to act and he is eager to do right… but he is inexperienced and indecisive. He invited the Travellers because he wanted to make some friends, but now he needs allies… allies who can help him stop the last train out of Rakken-Goll.

I bought it. I'm not that far in but I like what I'm reading. However the planet name is so bad. Gor? We couldn't find a name without the history that name has?
I don't think they made it up. Its been round for a while. Some of these systems I think were just random names generated many many years ago.
Faelderg said:
I bought it. I'm not that far in but I like what I'm reading. However the planet name is so bad. Gor? We couldn't find a name without the history that name has?

Plenty of other roots for the word:

M J Dougherty said:
Damn, that's a good cover image.

We quite like this one :)
I don't know who put that world name on the map. It wasn't me, that'sfor sure. But I needed a world with the right conditions/UWP so I used it.

No giant war birds, though the Bunnyhawk might be considered a humourous reference to the godawful book series.
The earliest reference to Gor and the Subsector its in Tobia that I can find is in Third Imperium Fanzine issue 5 from 1987. It may well appear early than that.
Very solid.

My only takeaway issue on first read through is that early on (Page 11) the estate staff describes Rrongva as a Vargr, but when you get to the character profiles at the back she has become a human.
My take on Last Train out of Rakken-Goll issues:
Fun adventure. I like the concept. Mostly typo issues below:
p. 10: the map on this page is the top of the map on page 6. Was that intentional? Or is it supposed to be a map of the estate? In any case, the maps could use a scale to get a better feel for distances.
p. 32: Shouldn't Sir Willard's SOC be 11?
p. 33: Ages should be given for Dravid and Rrongva, (41 and 58), and as mentioned Rrongva is supposed to be a Vargr, which somehow makes her dislike of cows amusing to me.
p. 34: Tikks is age 26
p. 40: "Rakken-Gol" Rakken-Goll
p. 40: "Runnin the Advernture" Running the Adventure
Hello, fellow Travellers!

A quick update has been made to the file - if you picked this up on Drivethru, you should be getting an email about it any time now, if you bought it from our site it is ready for you to download! Simply go to your Account page, click on Downloadable Products, and then click on Last Train once more.
Wow, that was quick!

(still spelled Adventure wrong on the index page)

And now I have new reading material for the weekend with the new Naval Adventure.