Please, could we have a new OGL Ancients character sheet?



The one on the site is quite blurred (skills section). Please, could we have a better one?

Thank you.

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Blue Crane
I second that. And lists of errors and FAQS and a table of NPC like the Conan one

A character sheet designed for the downloads section would be great, instead of one that was just scanned from the book. Maybe two seperate character sheets, one with an Egyptian background, and one with a Greek background?
Hey all,
I agree the regular character sheet is lacking. I just finished my first draft for my own character sheet for OGL Ancients. It's 2 pages in PDF. The first page has the skills, and important combat information. The second page is feats, equipment, etc. If you want a copy, feel free to email me. (I don't have a webpage atm, hence my lack of an easy way to access it.) I'd like to fix it up after getting some input as well.

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I've also cross-posted this to the general Mongoose section. Hopefully, someone will reply (or just fix the sheet).