Playing Macho Women With Guns


I was wondering if anyone has played MWWG as a long term campaign or only just as one off scenarios. If you have done both, which do you perfer and why?
I've long had an interest in running a Macho Women With Guns game. I never had the chance yet, but I'm thinking of running one by the end of the year or early next year.

I'd like to do a whole campaign, since then we could have fun with creating different characters and establishing a plot line. I doubt I'll be able to get enough players to buy into that concept.

That's the problem with playing these games in a small town.
While looking over the comic book titles coming out now, I thought of an interesting idea for the Macho Women With Guns setting.

Ever since Charlie's Angels came out, there have been a number of comic books and TV shows about beautiful women fighting evil in a man's world. Classic MMWG is about beautiful women fighting beautiful women in a woman's world. But what about beautiful men fighting evil in a woman's world?

It might be easier to sell a campaign on that basis, where male guys can play the rare male heroes. I'll have to mention that when I finally get a chance to run a MMWG game.

Of course, the players may still wonder why I want to run a world where there are so many psychotic female NPCs. But do I really need a reason?
I think that would make an interesting game. You may need to come up some different heinous drawbacks, ones that would apply to men like five o’clock shadow, or laugh like girl , etc.. Also new feats something like,See more than boobs, (when asked to describe the villianess he will say something more than just “They were as big as bowling balls.”) Good luck in trying this.

Are you devising any new cannon fodder(monsters) for this adventure?
You may have noticed I started a thread titled "(M)MWWG: Escape From Madison, Wisconsin". I have not had a chance to spec out any new cannon fodder, but I have ideas for Cheese Golems, Lutheran Biker Chicks, and Steam-Powered Cows. I created a new PC race call the Bugbeard, and a new prestige class for the Lutheran Biker Chick.

Of course, if I'm going to focus on the very rare male heroes, I'll have to have prestige classes for them, such as Dashing Rogue, or something.
I love mwwg and run it at every opportunity I love to do other_game_ripoffs and have done variations like cowgirls and squaws pirates and my favorite call of cuthulu meets manga next up i plan to try mwwg meets conan and starbabes I wonder if it is worth doing a few write ups for you jaded people
I've long wanted to do a Macho Women With Guns/Ravenloft crossover. I've had ideas for an international cast of characters, but only the vaguest idea of what they would be supposed to do once they get to Ravenloft.

Not that macho women with guns ever do what they are supposed to do, anyway. <sigh>
Macho Women with Guns Campaigns work best as quick burn ends to a protracted series of serious roleplaying sessions. Play MWWG for too long and players take it too seriously just as they tend to rip the piss when they get bored of serious games!
I have a solution for those of us stuck in small towns where its hard to find players for a perverse spectacle such as this: Online Live-Chat. The best site is, download their gaming software for free, and it allows you to roll dice and use a game board while talking in a chat room, I've done it with D&D, it works great.
I'm putting together a MWWG online campaign, and am looking for more players. You can email me directly,
I'm also creating a Yahoo group, there's nothing there yet, but you can join anyway if you wish: