[2300 AD] Fuel skimming?


Unless I missed something in the 2300 AD books, it looks like you can't refuel in the wilderness through fuel skimming - which can make the long-range exploration campaign I had in mind a bit problematic. At least, they don't mention fuel scoops or gas giant operations in 2300 AD (again, not that I've seen).

I know the MHD Turbine, for example, uses a combination of liquid hydrogen and oxygen to generate fuel.

I'm making my own universe anyway, heavily basing on 2300 AD. But I am wondering if there is a reason why fuel skimming was omitted from 2300 AD? Was it just that they figured we're already familiar with Traveller's base and don't need it re-mentioned in 2300 or that it was dropped for a reason that I should take into consideration if I decide to introduce fuel skimming to the game?
Oh right! I did miss those!
Just went over this section, as well.

Thank you!

So, the liquid hydrogen can be gotten through the regular skimming operations in places like gas giants (and possibly icy bodies) and other things like ammonia or water or oxygen would have to be found elsewhere, if I understand.
And mechanically, it uses the same skimming system as the one in the updated Traveller Companion, other than the 2300 AD equipment particulars?
I don't recall any specific 2300 rules for it, so that would mean, yes, you use the standard Traveller rules.
So one thing to consider is that there is no anti-gravity in 2300AD. Which means getting in and out of the gravity well of a gas giant will likely cost more fuel than you could refine - and staying 'afloat' while refueling... problematic.

Even a terrestrial world's gravity well is a bit of a specialty thing, requiring dedicated shuttles. Asteroids and comets would be the best. If I recall, that was the default assumption for Bayern, but I can't get easy access right now to confirm.
I wouldn't go diving into a GG atmosphere with a hab ring or hamster cage as living quarters.
I can't think of a specific prohibition against it in the rules, but overall lower tech level and grittiness of the milieu tends to suggest that would be a bad idea. However shuttles are used as fuel lighters.
Go deep enough in a gas giant's atmosphere and your ship will be buoyant. I'm too lazy to do a BOTEC on what the pressure/temperature/weather would be like there, though.
With 2300 it isn't getting into a high gravity field that's the problem... it's getting back out. And if you burn all your reaction mass trying to burn out your thrusters before you drop to crush depth, what's the point of trying to skim to begin with?
Asteroids and icy bodies sound better for it.
I also ended up investing in some solar panels and hooking them up to a fuel processor. I'm not... Sure how much that would end up saving, but hey...