Penalty for Dying?


I am running a campaign. On occasion (usualy at game conventions), I run one-shot published adventures. (e.g. Tower of the Elephant). I have allowed my usual players to use thier current campaign characters for the one-shot.

The problem is, what if they die (or some other misfortune affects them)? I could set the timeline for these scenarios, either in the past or future.

Any suggestions?

Do they gain XP in these off-shoot one-shots to their characters in the main campaign? If it is just an aside, treat it as such, not actually part of the main campaign, and no matter that they die.

If it becomes part of the campaign, why would you treat this differently than if they die in the campaign itself? What do you do in those circumstances?
I agree, handle it however you would in the normal campaign. So the players who participate in the one-off have the oportunity to earn some xp and might risk loosing a FP. Seems a fair deal.