Overland Mounted Movement


Have any of you got some lists made up for Overland Movement rates for various Mounts ... per daily Encounter roll, etc.

I am using the normal Move rate for the Horse or creature (camel, etc), as listed in the RPG Bestairy, equating Feet/ Move to Miles/ Day.

I need to differentiate between a human (foot rate) and horses/ other mounts ... (Although not too many mages are getting about on Zembabwian Wyverns at the moment).

I know that there have to be calculated breaks, sleep, replenishment, etc.

It would be nice to give some variations to account for forced marches, pursuit/ evasion, and so on. I think that temporary CON loss through fatigue (With possible Death by Exhaustion for mounts by "pushing it") would be better than Hit Point loss/ damage.

I was wondering if Anyone also had some rules for Desert travel, rather than a quick roll using the (Desert) Survival skill (To make things more interesting).
Has anyone got any weather tables? I don't have any other OGL/ D20/ 3.5 ed stuff on Me. Should I buy the DM Guide or players Manual if I do?

Thanks for all the Great Contributions Guys ...! I will make some of my own meek offerings soon.
As my player is just about to take Conan into Turan I am about to encounter the same problems! I will be investigating the best way to run a desert crossing soon so I may stick some of my findings up here.

He is currently on horseback with no provisions. I'm wondering whether to run an encounter as he passes through the mountains. There he may gain provisions or a different mount.

It will be a long journey without encounter otherwise (200-400 miles!) From real world research - The fastest horses travel at about 35MPH flat out so quarter that and its more like 8/9MPH. So 22-44 hours to get where he's going at slow pace, assuming he can find sustenance for himself and the mount. Damn, I'm half tempted to go the REH route and just say
Conan grew tired of the desert and headed for the nearest town/city. You find yourself aproaching the gates of...
Yes - just the point exactly! There is a scale on the Thurian Map. MY Players were travelling from The Kezankian Mountains (Arenjun actually), to Kusan (city!). An epic journey indeed.

The first desert was The Kharamun, then The Road of Kings made Life a little easier (?!). Next - the voyage across the Vilayet (Where's My Pirate Isles book ...), and finally, the litle jaunt across The Zarfhaana Steppes and The Wuhuan Desert !

All for one little princess ... and They WANTED to do it.

PS: Thanks to Fong's Site, listing all the Martial Arts stuff.
And as if by magic!!

Sandstorm is due for release next month!! Might try to delay the game so I can put some decent mechanics into my desert campaign :)
So ... there you are !

I have some stuff on a nasty Race called the Baraceel (Baracuda-Eel like marine humanoids). They are like 'evil mermen' that serve an equally corrupted Summoner of Dagon of the Golden Tail (Sea Magic and Summoning) called Kah-Roth.
I prefer Dagon as a neutral Sea God that can be worshipped in both 'good' and 'evil' ways. I have a short adventure on the eastern shores of the Vilayet, involving decendants of the Dagonians, and the Yuetshi peoples.
I had a playe who wanted to play a Stygian like race, without being dusky skinned ... ie- dark haired, light skinned (A decendant of the 'Ancient Lemurains of the East')

The Yuetshi are definately unfriendly to anyone of Dagonian or even Stygian decent. Here's something on the Yuetshi knife:

Knife, Yuetshi: Cost-1 sp, D= 1d6*special*, Crit x2 plus disembowel +1d6 damage/ round, AP:1, Hard: 8, HP: 2 , 1 lb, slashing/ piercing.

*Special* - The Yuetshi use this knife to expertly fillet and gut marine creatures/ fish ... as well as enemies. A Critical Hit will disembowel a victim. Also achievable with a sucessful finesse hit after grappling a victim. A disembowelled victim takes 1d6 Con Loss as well as the standard damage, losing an additional 1 point of Con per round until dead. also make a Fort. save v's 10 plus the damage roll or pass out from pain and shock.

Did I go too far?

The Yuetshi are fisher people, and have cay idols of a sea serpent like creature adorning their huts on the shore.
Khosetra Khel and his worshipers sacrificed many Yuetshi upon their altars until a renegade Yuetshi priest forged the Bane Knife that destroyed Him.
LokiOne said:
I had a player who wanted to play a Stygian like race, without being dusky skinned ... ie- dark haired, light skinned (A descendant of the 'Ancient Lemurains of the East')

The noble class of Stygians are light-skinned. In Howard's Xuthal of the Dusk, the Stygian Thalis says, "I am the daughter of a king, no common woman, as you can see by my skin, which is as white as that of your little blond there."

Also, there are the Acheronians (presented in S&P, as well as through the Sons of Cimmeria progrom). The descendants of the ancient Lemurians of the east are the Hyrkanians (see pg. 236 of AE, "Now the Lemurians enter history again as Hyrkanians." Robert E. Howard)
Thanks for the clarrification Vincent ....

I sometimes get confused with the Timeline from that region ...

Would the 'Stygian Nobility' be the same racial type that are the Chagas from Kush (Shumballa) ?
Nope. The Chaga noblewoman Tanada is described as dusky skinned. They are descended from a lesser caste of Stygian nobility, not the white-skinned upper crust.