Hinterworlds Sector information sources?


Other than Challenge Magazine #39, does anyone know of any sources of information for the Hinterworlds sector? Even better would be something about the Hashi and/or Kandra subsectors. Things like lore, adventures, etc. I don't care at the moment which version of Traveller it might have been for/from, I'm just trying to track down anything official/canon regarding the sector prior to potentially starting a campaign there. Any help or direction greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
The only sources I can think of are the Challenge Magazine stuff that you've already looked at (the very nicely presented overview of the sector and its polities; issues 39, 48, and 52) and Survival Margin, which is wrapped up in Rebellion Metaplot and not that useful otherwise, but does have some little crumbs of interest (that is, if you have it available take a look, but it won't be worth hunting for if you don't). There's the wiki, of course; I don't think much has been established anywhere beyond what the wiki and the Map have.

Someone else might correct me.

Also, Hinterworlds is a great choice. I have a fondness for the sectors outside the superpowers, with their smaller polities and pocket empires; places like Beyond, Reaver's Deep, Far Frontiers, and Hinterworlds.
Thanks for the info! I didn't know about the other two Challenge issues, I'll grab those.

I like the idea of having a relatively open/free sector that has some history/background, but allows for a lot more customization and creativity. Hinterworlds appealed to me because you can get the Imperium and the Solomani involved, like with proxy wars and "cold war" type spy/spook stuff. But you've also got a number of potential conflicts between worlds, and no overarching control group like the Imperium ready to come down on them for a little interstellar conflicting. Plus you've got the K'kree and the Hivers nearby for even more intrigue.

I feel like so much is focused on the opposite side of charted space when it comes to supplements, adventures, etc. and so this area feels both neglected and yet ripe for exploration/exploitation.

Again, thanks for the pointers on other lore and info sources!
Yes, G'Naakbusters is right, Challenge is the main source. There is some information on the Traveller Wiki about specific polities and races but... FEAR NOT! I am 95% finished on the first draft of a sector book for Hinterworlds and Old Expanses with the theme of the first Cold War, the Great Game (aka Peter Hopkirk's book).