Online / PbP


Are there any online or Play by Post (Message Board) B5 games running out there need players. I just got the books in and have no other players nearby.

(If there is a better place for this or another thread like it, sorry and could I please be directed to it)
Sure I want to play. I think if you start up one people will join. Just let us know whats it going to be about, what we can play and so on.
Can I make a suggestion?

Start off with a general thing to make sure things work out well then when everything is in place offer people a chance to play for a side like Narn or Centauri or the League of Non-Aligned Worlds (however you'd do that) or Rangers or etc. etc.

Put any thought into how you'd organize the thing, that might help spark some interest in the idea.
I ain't no GM, and if I tried, I'd completely mess up the everything :p (trust me, I've tried once before).
I'm just a player. A player looking for a game. Hoping to find one.
You might consider joining the Babylon Project Yahoo Group. I'ts the most active B5 group (to my knowledge) and some members are about to start a PBEM campaign. The GM is accepting character concepts as we type :

{snip from a board's message}
It will be in the B5 universe starting with season 1 as of 1 Jan. 2258.

Please send me you PC concept and I am willing to have folks start
at up to 4th level based on your PC background.

Player Name:
PC Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
(Ex. Earth, Mars, Orion 7 or Proxima 3)
Race and Caste/group:
Affiliation (the faction you currently work for):
Profession and Titles/ranks:
Family situation (Wife and children?):
Paternal family:
Maternal family:
Health (about missing limbs, organs, drinking or drugs
problems...): Childhood:
First job:
Other jobs:
Three NPCs that have some connections with them in past (in right or
wrong) and their last state of mind in the NPCs presence (in good or
bad terms)
NPC 1:
NPC 2:
NPC 3:
Where were you when and what were you doing and thinking:
2245 Earth – Minbari War Starts:
2247 Black Star Destroyed:
2248 Mars Declares Neutrality and then Minbari Surrender:
2249 B1 Collapses:
2250 B2 Sabotaged:
2251 Food Riots on Mars:
225? Construction on B3 starts & B3 Destroyed:
2252 Construction on B4 starts & 2254 B4 Disappears:
2253 Luis Santiago Elected President:
2257 B5 Operational, 4 July:
1 Jan. 2258 – Today (Start):
I'm the fool who is going to try and run the PBEM game since I couldn't find anyone else to do so.

I have found that some folks post frequently and others are slow to post.

So, I'm going to try something that may be a bit too ambitious.

I’m going to try and run multiple threads after the players post their PC concepts.

I have one person to send in his concept and he’s a squadron commander on an EA warship.

I’ve asked him to tell me where his ship is located and what’s it’s mission is.

I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be that Hyperion in Bruce’s module.

What I am envisioning is some PCs will start off together, if that’s their choice and others will start off with only NPCs nearby. As time goes on, PCs’ paths will cross and some interaction may develop.

Time will tell.

well give people a year and what ship hulls would be available, and yes you can message me if you want some help with figuring things out.

The four eras I would suggest off the top of my head are as follows:
The era up through and including the Dilgar War.
The era leading between the Dilgar and Minbari wars.
The era between the Minbari war and the show.
And finally the era after the Babylon 5 series runs though.

Something to consider.
I will play too. I'm playing at that other place on Yahoo Groups.
I am starting to run my first Play by email game using B5. Since this is my first I am using my friends as my test subjects just to work the bugs out. Later I hope to do a more advanced campaign.