One-Page Character Sheet


For those of you who have been using the one-page character sheet I designed for the Babylon 5 RPG, I have a new version available. The new version has been optimized by comments from several users.

You can download it from my site HERE.

I will hopefully finish up the PDF Forms version in the next week or so.

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Greg Smith

Thanks. I am going to be running B5 on Saturday, and your sheet is excellent, and much less ink intensive than Mongoose's.


I finally finished up my PDF Forms version! You can enter the character data right into the sheet, and it does the calculations for you. Well, most of the calculations. Check it out.

You can pick it up at my site HERE.

Share and enjoy!


good work thank you.

a short combatsheet with the most importend informations would be a good help if you can make it. :oops:


I'm not that adobe savvy but is there a way to make changes with adobe? I can select the entire table for skills and such but I can't seem to get individual text to change at all. Thanks!


You can't change the text. Adobe is like an electronic printout; the text is selectable, but not changeable.

You can only change the forms and what goes into the forms.


Excellent work, your Acrobat forms character sheet! :)

Just curious: which version of Adobe Acrobat did you use to build your character sheet? 5.x or 6.x?


Adobe is like an electronic printout; the text is selectable, but not changeable.
Depends on how the pdf file was created in the first place. The full Acrobat Does come with an text editor, for all fields that are saved as text - I altered a lot of text when I was doing B5W SCS - that was easy, it was for the icons and ships hiluettes that I needed Illustrator...

But as i wrote, it all depends on how the thing was done in the first place...

BtW, I can alter every line of text in the skill box with my old Acrobat 4.0, at least with the "plain CS".


I bought 6.0 and I can't seem to figure out how to change the text. I can't just go in and select and type like in Word or something, it's driving me nuts!


I used Acrobat v. 5.0 to create the sheet.

I did not intend for the text to be changeable. There should be ample space at the bottom for listing any additional skills you need. If it can be modified in an older version of Acrobat, I'm surprised. :shock: However I'm not concerned enough to actually go back and recreate it to prevent people from changing it.

BTW, The whole point of preventing change is so that I don't get questions from people who get a copy of the changed version asking me why I included the feeble-flooble skill instead of the Piloting skill when that's not how I actually made it. 8)
Well, it would have been nice if it was more user friendly, as my group uses skills such as Buracracy, Surveillance, and Profession, but not Appraise or Perform. I just wanted to make a adjustment for my group. We have ran out of room on the bottom of a couple of sheets and have other places above that are unused. I love the sheet honestly, just wanted to incorporate a couple of differences.


Ok, those of you who actually use the One-Page Character Sheet I designed, please send me a PM (or post if you have other suggestions/comments) and tell me if you want me to take out the Appraise and Perform() skills and replace them with more blank space at the bottom (or other skills) or if you want me to leave it as is. :?

If the vote comes out in favor of a change by the end of the week, I'll try to change it over the weekend. 8)

[edit - a little bit later]
I played around with Acrobat 5.x a little more, and found that the text in the skills table can be modified with the "Text Touch-Up" tool. So rather than going thru the trouble to have a vote, tally votes, change it, and just ending up with different people unhappy, I'm going to tell you how to change it yourself. You will need a full version of Acrobat to do this - the reader is not enough.
  • Open forms file. Find a skill you don't use, and click on the text with the Text Touch Up tool.
  • Change the text to match a skill you want to insert. Adjust the text in the Key Ability column also if needed.
  • If the Key Ability didn't change, you're finished! If it changed, then you need to also:
    • Click on the Form Tool, and click the form for the Ability Mod column that matches the skill you changed.
    • Delete the form. When asked if you want to delete all occurences of the form, click NO.
    • Find a form in the Ability Mod colum that matches the Ability Mod you want to be there. Click on it and copy it (Edit|Copy).
    • Paste the Form (Edit|Paste) and move it to line up in the column with the other ones.
    • Right click on the Form in the TOTAL column and choose Properties. Under the Calculate tab, change the formula so that the Ability Mod matches the name of the ability mod you just pasted in in step 3d. [example: Change "ChaMod" to "IntMod" when changing the Perform() skill into Profession()]
    • Click OK. Click on the Hand Tool (or other tool) to get out of Form editing mode.
It's not as hard as I make it look. Really.


All my players use your one page sheet. As well as I, when I write up NPC's. It was very nice, printer friendly, and did a good job putting alot of information in one small 8.5x11. Thanks for your work. Taking my cue from your lead, I designed and created a one page Starship Record Sheet. Kimberly Wajer-Scott, was kind enough to post it on his website I found my players having a problem of looking all over to find Ship related scores and feats so it was easier for them to just have a consolidated page. I would love to have some feedback, as well as ways to make it better or anything I missed.

Thanks to both of you for your work. I do appriciate it, and we all use your sheet as well. They are a great help and I suspect that the ships one will be as well. Thanks.


now my GM can have lots of Character sheets he can screw up to his hearts content without costing the group an arm and a leg in ink cartridges!

and the back allows for other stuff like the full page picture.. (arty types abound in our group, well, two of us, the rest draw themselves as stick people till i get at the sheets.. i've drawn everyone so far.. not happy with my self portrait yet.. crest is too big and i look evil... well.. ok.. i /am/ pretty intimidating.. but thats not the point!