Official 2300AD Comments Thread

Colin said:
Tehre may have been some confusion around that. I said _I_ would be finished with it by the 29th. And I am. But then it has to be edited and proofed, then laid out. That takes time.

No worries. I saw 8/29 and "complete" and made an illogical jump to conclusions (as usual). Also, thanks for clearing up the surgery times on the cyberlimb weapons!

In sorting through the data for the import of the 2300AD boxed set stuff into Fantasy Grounds, on page 67 of Book 1, the Stracher "Wolf" shotgun is listed in the Description of being an over/under double-barrel shotgun, but in the details box under Type: it is listed as an 18mm automatic shotgun with a rate of fire of 30 rpm. Is this correct?

Also, for the Model-10, the weight (in kg) is listed as 3. It appears that the tenths decimal is missing. Based on the empty weight and mass of loaded magazine I'm going to guess it was 3.4 kg, but wanted to clarify.

The Hancock 9-23 revolver shows a RPM of 30, while the Rockwell 12-39, a much heavier (and higher recoil round, I imagine) revolver shows a RPM of 60....

Hey everyone,

It was our intention to have an update on the files for you all at the end of this week. We are still aiming for that, but please be aware it may drift into next week as we are adding another 8 pages to Book 1 for you to be able to create Core World Travellers.

Hope that works for you all!
MongooseMatt said:
Hey everyone,

It was our intention to have an update on the files for you all at the end of this week. We are still aiming for that, but please be aware it may drift into next week as we are adding another 8 pages to Book 1 for you to be able to create Core World Travellers.

Hope that works for you all!

I hope in the upcoming revision editing credit is given to Geir. He's certainly earned it, and Mongoose is profiting off his free labor.
Apologies if these have been covered before. Book 3

Good call on designed the ships using Aerospace Engineer's Handbook to design the ships in the game. However some might not purchase Aerospace Engineer's Handbook. This is all good as 2300 would turn into a mini-Aerospace Engineer's Handbook with explanations of software and systems added.

OMS Rocket: Presumedly this is Orbital Manoeuvring System? Whats the difference between OMS and a Thruster? Do OMS only work in orbits and cannot be used to takeoff from planets? Page 39 has Oribital Manoeuvring taking place between th eLow Orbit and the Wall, so related to this?

Aconit frigate has Thruster (Air-Breathing, UPP Size 8, Effective UPP Size -3). It also has 6 Burn Points for the Thruster. From page 37, ignoring time to obit and a size 8 world, do we treat this world as size 5? So it uses 4 burn points to Low orbit and 5 burn points to the Wall? Does this also apply to Planetary Capture (page 42) - I guess so otherwise most ships would lack sufficient burns to perform planetary capture.

Starship Operations (starts on page 32)
This blew me away with the detail given and simplicity!
1) Civil fission reactors using Thorium. Inspired choice.
2) Kaefer ships using methane-oxygen reaction fuel
3) Highscan
5) Ship certification and Insurance costs and reasons
6) Darlan G2 mining laser as a weapon. Very sci-fi atmospheric.

Interface Operations (page 33) and The Beanstalk (also page 33)
Beanstalks are only mentioned on Earth and Beta Can Ventaticorum. Page 84 also mentions on on Mars. Are there two or three Beanstalks in known 2300AD space? A their done I spanned for Tirane according to the second section, so the Mars one is an error?

Beanstalk Climber (Page 34)
This is also given on pages 84-85
Could the page 34 one be deleted and a mini-Aerospace Engineer's Handbook sidebar added explaining the OMS and Thruster Burn point above?

Beowulf Example (page 39)
Beowulf is a Size 8 world. Low Orbit is Size x 30 kms or 240 km. The example on page 39 seems to be in error showing 320 km

Discharging (page 43)
What is orbit required to be at 0.1G to discharge? Is this Low orbit in game terms?

Solar Panels (page 46)
Typo - "The solar panels can be deployed to sue (typo: should be "use") the fuel cells to crack waste water back into fuel, and run the ship's systems in the meantime"

Batteries (Page 48)
This appears in the Remote Onjects section. Shouldn't it be in the Power Plant section on pages 45-46? It seems to be included on Power Storage Modules on page 46.

Operating Costs (page 48)
ReMass Frontier Cost is missing

Trade - Interface Costs (Page 49)
1) I cannot find a reference to a Tether. Is this similar to a Beanstalk but does not actually touch the ground?

Laser Weapons (page 60)
Type 17 PDC has a Rapid Fire trait. This is not in the 2300Ad Weapon Tarist on page 59, High Guard for the Core Traveller book. Should this be Auto?

Sauvetage-5 lifeboat (page 64)
1) Height given as 10 m, who does not seem to match the illustration.
2) Mercy-7 is mentioned, but I cannot find mention of this anywhere.

Saurin Systesm Nécessite 10-to drop pod (Page 65)
1) The Bridge has "Autopilot," and the price comparison between this the Sauvetage-5 costs suggests some Bridge details are missing?
2) The Width of 5.32 meters does not seem to match the 6 squares x 1.5 meters or 9 M+ of the plan view

Martel 60-ton fighter (page 78)
1) Mentions the EA1000 weapons. This is not listed on page 60. Could I suggest removing the Kaefer 'Grumbler' from page 60 as it is already listed on page 111. Then add EA1000 to page 60?

Trilon C-System Special Service Vessel, SSV-21 (page 98)
Passengers has ??? Comfort +1. What does the ??? stand for?

American Linear Reaction Products 'Libert' Colonial Transport (Page 101-103)
I'm struggling to work out the floor plan on page 102, but
1) is the section with the two lifts wrapped around the centre portion? This matches the lifts on page 103.
2) Is so the Acces tubes (10) go out to each of the four map sections (A,B, C, D)?
3) Perhaps mark each lift as 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D or similar?

Kaefer 'Geist' (page 110)
Where would the Shrine be?
2) Brdge should be Bridge
9) Heaqt sinks should be Heat sinks
Book 3, page 43, Discharging

If its 6 hours discharge required per light year travelled then the example of 7.7 light years is 46.2 hours, not 44.2 hours as mentioned.
Book 1, Mustering Out Benefits, Page 11
It mentions benefits rolls, but Soft Path should gain a free DNAM as per page 8 above the Homeworld Section

Cancel that, it sin the Traveller Creation example on page 15.
Book 1, page 32, Space Adaptation Syndrome

Mentions Book 2, page 101 for muscle atrophy checks. This is actually page 103.
Book 1, page 47, Static Autodoc

This mentions INT 10 and DEX 10, but this should be INT +1 and DEX +1. similar to the Lightweight Autodoc.
I know that I think the Auto values seem high, as others have pointed out. As a GM, I'm OK with that...the players just have to remember that if their guns do Auto 6, the bad guys guns can too......

Book 1, page 88, Ruffin Orbital Science 'Khatar' Hostile Environment Suit

Should this have RAD 140 from Traveller Core book?

Should all have RAD rating?
K-19B of 85.
Raffik of 60.

Even the Drachentruppen Balltlesuit on page 87 would have some sort of RAD rating?

Possibly also the Full-body Inertial Armour and Full-Body Rigid Armour, but they would require a sealed helmet.
Book 1, Giscard Series 'S' Attack Drones, page 90

Skill given as Weapon () 2. This should be Weapon (slug) 2?
Book 1, page 92 - 94

Both Shell and Doll are TL 14 which is higher than the maximum TL 12 of the game era.

The domestic Robot is down as TL 13. Should this have Weapon 1 in the Skills?

The Security Robot has Weapon, which possibly should be Weapon 1 for the Stunner? The Traits has ',' at the end, does the mean other Traits should be listed?

Or is there a modifier in 2300AD for robot TL?
Book 1, Implant Augmentations, page 21 : Once the surges have been used, how much time before new ones are available ? (time of production of a surge)
Book 2

Pages 3, Diversion and 119, 2300 Calendar
Ikarus Day is commemorated across human space on August 12th (page 3), so should be on the 2300 calendar on page 119.

Page3, To The Stars
The theoretical basis for stutterwarp is given as 2112. However Book 3, page 40 has 2105.
The first working starship was 2132. However Book 3, page 40 has 2136 for the first unmanned stellar probe.
The first expedition to Alpha Centauri was 2144. Book 3, page 40 agrees with 2144 for the first manned expedition.
Book 2

Page 10, Nations of the World
1) France proper in Europe should be the same colour as the reminder of the French Empire, rather than the pink of Europe.
2) Tasmania would still be around even with the rising sea levels, but I take the point of Colin that the map exaggerates this.

Page 15, Tirane
Love this. A minor point is the lack of a land border between New Canberra and Amaterasu.