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Book 2
p.23 The Australian colony name in the Botany Bay system is stated as Botany Bay (i.e. system name = colony name).
p.31 States that the Australian colony on Botany Bay is called Darwin Island


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Just to let you all know, we have updated the files - just download them again from our web site or Drivethru and you will have the latest versions!


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Reposting a second time as the Dec update hasn't addressed this

The Hull values for the Howey (book 3, p.11) and Wasp (book 3, p.11) seem a bit off. The Howey has 4 which seems very low by comparison - the compact car on p.6 has Hull of 10. The Wasp has Hull of 2.5 which is not even an integer. Think these should be 40 and 25?

Also on the Howey - what does Autopilot 'enhanced' mean? Typically these levels are described as Improved or Advanced. The autopilot skill is stated as being 2, which might correlate with 'Improved'? Not sure.


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At DM+4123 Stark. The Canadian outpost is marked as "Taylor Station - Canadia". Should be "Taylor Station - Canada"

Book One p9
Third para under "Pre-career education", penultimate line
"The Travllers will suffer..." Travellers is mis-spelled

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cunningrat said:
Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker here. "Kyiv" is the Ukrainian spelling. "Kiev" is a Russification. That's why it's a really hot-button political issue right now, as Ukraine is trying to assert its independence. (I don't actually have "2300 AD", so I don't know if Ukraine is an independent country in that universe. That would affect what name you'd use for the city.)

The correct word for "New" in this case would be "Novyy" if you're using Russian, "Noviy" if you're using Ukrainian. (Edited: had to look up the transliteration rules. :) ) Using "Novaya" is a gender mismatch, which is a very basic building block of both languages. That wouldn't change by 2300.

2300AD Ukraine is a Russian speaking nation. It was essentially the fiefdom of the "Red Bear", a Russian general, post-Twilight War and developed in a very different direction to modern Ukraine. It extends far beyond modern Ukraine, for example. Essentially the North Caucus and the Southern Russia Federal districts are part of Ukraine.

Of course, this may be changed in the Mongoose universe.