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The all new 2300AD is about to arrive!

There is an awful lot of content in this box set and while a lot of people have spent a lot of time looking at a lot of things, we are not quite so arrogant (!) to think we will have trapped every single issue that can arise with something this big and complex. This project has consumed many months of some of our lives and, in one case, years - even so, we are all but human and things can get missed. So, for the next couple of weeks, we invite all explorers of the worlds of 2300AD to swing by here and raise any concerns or issues they have.

We will read every single comment and update the books accordingly.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Tsk, tsk Matthew. The reference to Beta Centauri as a Core system still exists on the introduction page (Book 1, page 3). I commented in April in the other thread that Beta Centauri is an actual star system 390 lightyears from Sol and not part of the trinary system composed of Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C). You might want to consider changing "Alpha/Beta Centauri systems" to be "Alpha/Proxima Centauri systems" instead.

Otherwise I think this is an impressive product that everyone at Mongoose Publishing should be very proud of.
I for one am rather disappointed. I was under the impression that character generation would be available for all types...both Core and Frontier. After all, Core campaigns are just as much as part of 2300AD as the Frontier ones. The art, everything is absolutely perfect, and had it not been for that one issue, I would be absolutely ecstatic. But as I'm running a Core world campaign, Character Gen is...useless to me as is unless the characters change their backstory and come into the Core from the Frontier.

GunbunnyFuFu said:
I for one am rather disappointed. I was under the impression that character generation would be available for all types...both Core and Frontier. After all, Core campaigns are just as much as part of 2300AD as the Frontier ones. The art, everything is absolutely perfect, and had it not been for that one issue, I would be absolutely ecstatic. But as I'm running a Core world campaign, Character Gen is...useless to me as is unless the characters change their backstory and come into the Core from the Frontier.


I'm not up on the setting stuff yet, but that does seem...odd
One question I have is if those rules will be included in the Boxed Set, or will I have to buy this future supplement to see them? I requested a refund on my boxed set under the assumption that the boxed set will contain the same information that the PDF has. If that is not the case, please let me know so that I repurchase the Boxed set (or clear my request for refund). I admit I was a about it.

EDIT 1: Other than the lack of cgen rules for Core world characters, the boxed set, the contents (even with the few formatting/unclear issues) here and there are phenomenal. I certainly don't want to disparage you on that one point. The product is great. I especially like the art for the various weapons and gear, and it's exactly what I've been waiting years for, save the Core worlds issue.

EDIT 2: My players have agreed to come at this from the Frontier angle, so no worries from me. "Official guidance" on making Core world characters would be great in the meantime, as there might be others out there that run Core campaigns (just guessing on that one).

The republic of Vanuatu is more than a single island. It is a chain of Islands, with a mix of ethnic groups and autonomous districts. Just worth mentioning, or the other half would never forgive me.
Characters and Equipment

p61 FAM-90 text box says 80-round box magazine, grid says 60
p61 Rorttman Sk-19. The significant reduction in burst fire muzzle velocity - equivalent to a current 9mm SMG - would drastically reduce range. A (possible) better description would be that the the increased rate of fire (compared to the M2) is, “The binary propellant gives a much smoother recoil impulse allowing the weapon to fire controllable bursts at significantly higher rates of fire than would be practical with a conventional cased round.”
p71 Giscard F-44 ammunition is described as being the same as the FAM-90. Text box says 5.5x25mm flechette. Muzzle velocity is shown as 1,100m/s but has better range and does more damage than the FAM-90 with a muzzle velocity of 1,600m/s - presumably should be 2,100m/s ?
p71 Rheinmetall M-97 has AP6. All other 9mm APHE round have AP5. Presumably 9mm APHE is a small arms equivalent of a shaped charge as all 9mm APHE weapons do equal damage independent of muzzle velocity or range.
p72 Wu-Beijing Type 381 Machinegun. Damage is listed as 3D. Presumably it should be 3d+2 the same as the Type-49 assault rifle firing the same ammunition.
Book 2, Page 82: The Texas Rangers Mission Statement is identical to the American ESD mission statement on Page 80.

The text suggests that core systems will be detailed later, but this core box set firmly based on playing frontier characters out in the colonies of distant space. I guess that is the central premise - being a Traveller game and all. I would have liked a little more information on the rise of France, for example though.

Maybe some of the page references in character generation - like choosing Nations on a table on P8 (?) as given in the example character generation could be checked over though. I didn’t quite get the rules for applying the hard/soft path philosophies either. I may have to read over it again.

Also, any dedicated 2300AD character sheet?
A lot of small things, consistancy-wise.

Page 68, Book 1: All the other weapon weights on the grid are the combined weights of their Mass (Empty) plus Magazine mass/Mass of Rounds (which is correct), save the Hancock 9-23. It is listed in its detail box of having a mass of 0.5 kg empty, and having a mass of rounds in reloader of 0.1 kg. Therefore, the grid weight of it should be 0.6 kg, not the 0.5 kg as listed.

Detail box entries for Ammunition: for handguns is not consistant. Sometimes there is a space between the x (9 x 24mm as in the Chip Traylor) or (9x23mm as in the Hancock 9-23).

Page 69: Chip Traylor Special (Model 57) Mass (empty) reads 0.6 kg. Other detail box entries for Mass (empty) have no space between the number and the kg (0.6kg). Same for the Stracher MP-67K Compact Machinegun (pg 70)

In addition, the text of the Traylor T-50 (page 70) specifically mentions it being hard to control on full auto (DM-2), however, the Action in the detail box only lists Single shot or burst, and not Single shot, burst, or full auto.

Pg 74: Mueller-Rivera P3 detail box Magazine has 7MJ DDLMS cell, while other laser weapons have a space between number and the MJ (MegaJoule) indicator.

Book 1, page 8 worlds : The text says" Gravity type is used when travelling to different worlds, to find the effect of the differences between homeworld gravity and local gravity on each Traveller."
but the table below doesn't allow to compare homeworld to local gravity contrarily to previous editions.
It seems to describe mods to apply during character creation.
There either misses a 2nd table or the correspondance between homeworld and local gravity.

Also seems to have suppressed referecnces to endomoph, mesomorph and ectomorph bodies.
And character size table based on homeworld gravity.

I second remarks about core character generation missing.
Book 2 page 77: It is "Tristan da Cunha" not "Tristan de la Cunha". The incorrect name appear twice: once in the text and once on the map. Additionally, the map is incorrectly labelled "South Pacific Ocean" when it should be "South Atlantic Ocean".
Some general comments:
1. Thumbs up! I really like it. I’ve been a big fan of 2300AD since it first came out with Traveller in the name and this is a great update.
2. Some, maybe the majority of these are opinion and commentary, not errors.
3. Robots and Drones. See page 90 notes. Matthew, let’s have a private conversation about the robot blocks. I know why they look the way they do, and I’d be happy to clean them up for you.

Only Book 1 so far:
p. 8: ‘the Chapter Augmentations’ no need to italicizes Chapter

p. 8: Low, Normal, High have no distinction, so perhaps the Normal range should just be extended. Or the effects changed to different ranges – matching perhaps the Low/ high values from the Companion and starting the stat modifications at say 0.7 and 1.4 rather than 0.2 and 2.0, which seems too far out.

p. 9: ‘low- to -zero-gravity’ just zero-gravity with no leading hyphen

p.9: ‘DM-1 to Benefit rolls’ is a roll of 1 then considered no benefit? Or did you mean one less benefit roll?

p. 13: event #5 ‘Gain DM+1 to any one Benefit roll.’ #9 ‘Gain DM+4 to one Benefit roll.’ Inconsistent language.

p. 16: skills: ‘Blade (melee)’ should be ‘Melee (blade)’.

p. 19-20: Subdermals. Nice. The text implies some options are include others, subermatalk, specifically. But it seems like they are not speced out that way. Perhaps a deluxe suberdermacomp with PAN, subdermatalk, transdermal link, and an AR link as an integrated install should be an option, or else clarify the suite comment.

p. 21: Hypercharger and combat implant imply these use stores of the person’s own chemicals. Do they have a ‘recharge’ period or do they require new implants to recharge? Also references to Traits are a bit obscure with MgT2 and could use a summary or refresher.

P. 21: In my opinion: Muscle charger and neural sheathing should be more expensive past the first point, like a cumulative cost for more or like in the CSC.

p. 23: In the neural bridge section, a ‘neural link’ is mentioned, but not defined. And if as the text says a neural bridge requires a neural jack and a jack requires a link, why are they not a single thing?

p. 24: Text flow issue: Cyber Weapons works better if done after Cybernetics since Cybernetic limbs are referenced. Calling them ‘Cyberweapons’ would ease any alphabetic angst.

p. 25: Cybernetic Eyes: I like. Formatting issue though: the bulleted entry does not stand out and is hard to grok in the correct order when the table appears less indented. Also, it seems problematic to add features after installation, especially in a haphazard fashion (considering how strictly scope options are limited in the weapons section). I would think you need to pick options at install time or need a replacement eye. Finally, I assume each the options and cost are per eye. Interesting effects if each eye were specialized for different functions.

p. 26: Cybernetic limbs: does a hand come with the arm (and foot with leg) or are they a separate purchase? I mean I get why you might only need a hand, but an arm without a hand would have some drawback… also as with hyperchargers, it would seem that a cumulative cost system for extra STR or END points would be more appropriate ( 1 like a 1, 1+2, 1+2+3, effectively 1, 3, 6 cost multiplier for extra stats or cybernetics).

p. 27: Cybernetic batteries. I assume one is included and the cost is for spares. Note that the battery is a higher TL than the limb so it needs to be so. Also, specifying recharge time (in hours) and reload time (combat action or rounds) would be handy.

p. 27: Specify if limb armour can be added later or must be speced at purchase and install.

General limb question: is something like the CSC natural-looking or ruggedized options available for limbs?

p. 30: First reference to BCA symbiot does not include ‘see page 35’ but later references to . Suggestion: do this on first, not necessarily subsequent references (King Ultra) – or put the Symbiot section in front of the DNAMS.

p. 35: CFS: An actual beneficial effect is not detailed.

p. 37: ‘Livre’ – yeah that’s always been my problem with 2300. It’s not that I’m anti-French, it’s just that I don’t know how to pronounce Livre.

p. 39: Compact rations: should maybe note a caloric content (or a range). If you need three of these a day (3 meals), 3kg isn’t exactly compact, especially if you require additional fluid intake. If it’s all lard, you can cram close to 9000 calories in a kilogram, and an energy bar can cram more than 3500 in a kilogram.

p. 40: Confused. Small shelter mentions an airlock can be added, a large shelter doesn’t, but only the pressure tent mentions an airlock, and oddly these pressure tents, while costing the same as their large and small shelter cousins, are only 2 and 30 kg, versus 500 and 1000 kilograms for the unpressured shelters – though they cost the same… and there is no entry for a separate airlock to be added to the apparently unpressured inflatable shelters – so maybe the answer is to remove the reference to an airlock attachment option to a small inflatable shelter… and reexamine the mass of the pressurized tents.

p. 41: Respirators and filter seem oddly expensive (like 10X). Or do covid-induced shortages persist in 2300?

p. 43: Power hand tools. Recharge time for battery packs?

p. 47: Autodoc – I noticed earlier references to ‘automed’ p. 19 (twice), 24, 29. Perhaps these should say ‘autodoc’. Lightweight provides ‘Medic 2 and INT or DEX +1’. Static provides ‘Medic 2, INT 10 and DEX 10 ’ – these two characteristics are functionally equivalent.

p. 48: ‘To quit taking Vasopressin-Y, the Traveller must make a Difficult (10+) END check. This can be retried once per week.’ Don’t want to go into a long spiel on addiction withdrawal here, but that assumes continued access. If not, you’re withdrawing whether you like it or not, so perhaps add a sentence on the effects during withdrawal, like reduction of all characteristics by 1 or a bane on all actions for a week or until some other (daily?) END check (at the reduced level) succeeds?

p. 50: Reference Guide: Also, the Reference Guide might benefit from a steeper cost/complexity curve. And I think we’re close to a 3-5 second Translation delay at TL8, albeit with marginal accuracy, but I imagine real-time is only a TL away.

p. 52: Fuel station. That’s a slow refuel time… also, likely TL8, not 10.

General statement on both computers and fabricators: Is open source software not a thing in 2300?

p.61: FAM-90: I’m having trouble recoiling the Auto 6 and four-round burst ( or single shot, only – no full auto) language.

p. 62: Type-81: ‘matres’ metre or metres

p. 63: ‘Use of a weapon in the commission of a crime will result in automatic jail time, no matter the Law Level.’ Well, technically only if convicted…

p. 64: Just looking at the guns and layout, I would think the Type-49 would have more mass than an SG-77, though I suppose the TL difference and different materials could explain it…

p. 68: Handgun damage seems high in relation to rifle – deviating from the Core book 3D-3. Makes them actually very effective at ‘Traveller range’ combat.

p. 70: Same with SMG, which also mostly have AP. But in reality, there’s a reason why SMG fell out of favour – pistol rounds only have so much punch – these seem to be magically firing with a much higher muzzle velocity than pistols, and their barrels really aren’t much longer (look at where the mag sits). But I’m not an expert on this; I just don’t grock why the 6X27 ammo is so good.

p. 71: I would think the Autoguns would be Very Bulky if not vehicle mounted, but not at all Bulky on something like a mount.

p. 72: These guns, or at least the Type 381 should be considered Bulky if not on a mount or fired prone with a bipod.

p. 73: Lasers and flywheels – I thought about this some more. A quick Wikipedia research project implies that both ultracapacitors and flywheels of appropriate size are (at early TL8) two orders of magnitude too weak to support the laser shots indicated. Add a couple of TLs – but it is probably easier to get a flywheel spinning ten times as fast (there’s a square function helping) than inventing some sort of mumble-mumble-superconducting-condensate-mumble material. So: two small counterrotating 500k rpm flywheels to avoid the torque? (probably still a number of engineering issues there, plus I always get the giggles when saying ‘counterrotating’ – don’t ask).

p. 73-5: SVB, F-19, A-9, 21F: ‘man-portable’ should be just ‘portable’ or ‘human-portable’ (‘adult portable’? Because, you know, a six-year-old of either gender may struggle.)

p. 75: Should the A-9 be Bulky as well? Or do you have a specific kg cut-off in mind for that trait?

p. 79: Only sonic stunner for non-lethal weapons? Maybe an expansion can include good old-fashioned tasers and fancier things like glue guns.

p. 80: Grenade rounds: for the ‘less lethal’ baton round, should there be an amount (one point per D or maybe a third or quarter of stun damage) of actual damage inflicted? Also, HE beats Flechette on all counts, including blast and price, so what’s the point of flechette? And maybe splash will be explained better latter (but not in book 1?).

p. 81: A bipod clearly only works if the weapon is resting on something… just saying. I would also consider it to remove the Bulky trait or lessen Very Bulky to Bulky, but that’s just me.

p. 81: suppressor – a gauss rifle would probably have an effective suppressor-like trait, because no explosion or flash occurs.

p. 82: ‘These sights cannot be combined into the same unit unless otherwise specified.’ Only the SCEMS is called an add-on, but the Imaging Sight is the only one that has a ‘+’ on its Kg, so some improved clarity or consistency would help here.

p.86: So the full-face visor option doesn’t add any additional protection beyond the helmet’s?

p. 87: ‘Drachentruppen battlesuit is a combination of full-body rigid armour, breastplate and high-threat
combat helmet.” Provides Protection +16, which seems reasonable, but the description (p.85) of the rigid breastplate (+10) says it can stack with rigid armour (+12), then add the helmet (+2) and you get +24, not +16. Honestly, +16 seem a little more realistic, but that’s not what the rules say… unless you want to change the rules to only allow stacked armour onto the same location to add half or less protection value. Or – better yet – don’t let the breastplate stack at all (change it on p.85) , and use the Rigid + Veddette + High Threat Helm, which will get you +16.

p. 90: Robots and Drones: Hmm format looks familiar, except TL and Locomotion got put into the block – which makes sense for the two-column page format... We should talk…. I can see how these were generated, but the blocks need human-supervised cleanup (Lots. for example on the Gisgard ‘Armour (+4), Flyer, Small (-2), (medium) (high)’ should read ‘Armour (+4), Flyer (high), Small -2’ and Speed should be ‘-‘ and the Gz-5 lists Stealth 3 times. I’ll refrain from further comments on the blocks themselves on-line, but I can help clean them up if you want.
Geir said:
p. 37: ‘Livre’ – yeah that’s always been my problem with 2300. It’s not that I’m anti-French, it’s just that I don’t know how to pronounce Livre.


You don’t have to Livre here, you can Livre if you want!
Could I make a sideways suggestion that you expand the upcoming Traveller: Explorer’s Edition with a couple more Character options (Navy and Marine to go with Scout and Scholar?) and then suggest it as a package deal with the 2300AD Box Set?

I know it won’t cover the same level of detail as the Traveller Core Rules, which would be the optimum ruleset to use, but it could be something that offsets the overall cost of initial investment. For some, this could make all the difference, and if the Explorer’s Edition is slim enough it could possibly fit directly into the 2300AD box?

Just a thought.
Book 2:

This book… frustrates me. I understand that choices needed to be made, and that my dissatisfaction with them is personal, but parts are hard for me to process efficiently, especially the ‘Worlds of the Frontier’ chapter.

That said, some things are in need of examination. The book seems not quiet ready for release. And as long as this ‘review’ is, I’m afraid I was a little haphazard. Trouble concentrating, so I might have missed some obvious typos when my eyes glazed. But you may need to have some words with the head of your hyphenation department.

Some points below are partially edited as I found answers later in the book, but that’s part of the problem. Things should be organized so that a concept is explained prior to using it. This definitely applies to the PAS Severity and Compatibility digits and the alien and animal Traits most of all.

p. 2: ‘dis-repair’ and ‘re-opened’ Are those Britishisms or can the hyphens be dispensed with?

p. 4: Both ‘20 lightyears’ and ’20-light year’ in the main text ’20 light years’ in the Jumpers box. All should be ’20 light-year’ or ‘20 light-years’ as appropriate.

p. 5: ‘selfsufficient’ self-sufficient

p. 10: Inca Republic appears to be both Tier 3 and 5.

p. 11: An odd definition of Oceania to include places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan and the Indian states. Asia is where they belong, especially since Burma is In Asia… yeah look at the division between Asia and Oceana…
+ And I would think Siberia would be rather habitable, and not greyed out, even in a colder world – if nothing else, through it into the Russian Commonwealth.
+ And Africa is messed up. I mean, I guess technically its correct but with a mosaic of three different zones using the same numbers over and over, it is very hard to interpret.

p.12-13: If possible, adding the light year distance in a “#.##” format as an overlay on the lines would make this map or at least the poster map, which I presume is larger. Much more usable in-game.

p. 19: Since interface Transport Quality is a letter, perhaps it is better to displace in the examples as ‘L’ instead of 2. Actually, looking at these in detail, I have no idea why you switched from letters to numbers in the UCP example.

p. 19: Looking at the actual values for asteroid belts, I’m starting to make the inference that it’s meant to represent the resource value of the asteroid belts of a system, not the quantity of belts. If so, it should state so. If not, it seems like too many systems have too many asteroid belts.

p. 19: ‘number A-BCDEFG-H J K 12 is explained above’ no dash between A and B in the UCP

p. 22-24:These charts have… problems. They list system and colony, but not world names. Yes, they may all be the same, but they may not. Also, no arm designation – yes, I suppose that makes the chart too wide, as UCP already wraps. Okay, lots of ways to try to display the information and you picked one. I might have done it differently… or done it twice to present the information I different ways for different purposes.

p. 22: looking at UPPs, there seems to be some abnormally high asteroid belt numbers: 6, 7, and as much as 9 for Beta Comae, which seems… odd. Unless the number means something like density or resource value, not quantity (but they do… sigh).

p. 22: Nyotekunda’s last three digits are 50’ so I’m assuming that last digit was supposed a be a numeric.
Berthier’s UPP is ‘C4120314-B’ an extra digit, but I’m not sure which one.
Finally, the UPP for ‘Uninhabited’ is missing a zero.

p. 23: Vogelheim | Alderhorst seems to be listed twice – as French (with the wrong Tier code) and on the next page as German, also with the wrong Tier and a different population digit multiplier. Or you just have the world name instead of the colony name and it should be Saint-Benoit and New Mark (see this format is confusing)

p. 24: Cold Mountain is missing a digit in the UPP D7D766-8 – it’s one short – p. 55 it’s C6D766-8 – which is also short and doesn’t line up on starport either. The previous version of 2300 has it as C6D6766-8, but since the colony starport is listed as D, I would think it should be D6D6766-8

p. 25: ‘The world of Elysia’ nation, not world, since there are other colonies on that world.

p. 27: ‘the opening of the American Arm proper dates from the establishment of the outpost at Broward in 2172. This way station became the crossroads for the American and Manchurian Arms’ Yet Broward isn’t mentioned as a ‘Major Outpost’ on p. 22 while uninhabited Sandberg is? Broward is never mentioned again in this book.

p. 29: the King UPP has an appended ‘E5’ at the end. This is not explained. All the world UPPs seem to have these extra two digits. (Oh wait! It is on page 101! – need to put this on the p. 19 explanation and a short summary of it. Does ‘E’ for King mean a DM-14 for PAS checks on King. Ugh. Are these the converse of the Habitability score from the previous version? – meaning instead of ‘10- a bunch of things’, it’s just ‘+ a bunch of things’?)

‘Environmental Hazard and Requirements:’ for all worlds seem to have the former, but no mention of the latter. I mean you have all those goodies from Book 1 listed in the Augmentations chapter besides just the plain world-specific PEA modification, so list them – including the PEA modification, if available, because it might not be, especially on the newly settled worlds.

+Bases seem to show up in UCPs though that’s not how the format was described on page 19.

p. 29: HERMES – the colony and its UCP are missing as is any expository text or a map. What’s up with that?

p. 31: ‘Only 7% of the surface of Ellis is covered with water, primarily small briny seas around the south pole.’ Should have told the map maker, since all the bodies of water and settlements are in the equatorial zone on the map.

p. 31 BOTANY BAY and KINGSLAND: Well at least the colony and map exist. So, this is only random summary information on random colonies? Urgh. Definitely would have made different choices if it were me. And I’d also list spectral class of the stars along with their ‘names’.

Is an Atlas of the X Arms forthcoming – and not just the French Arm this time? If I did it, you’d probably hate it. I have the last five versions on the National Geographic Atlas stacked on a bookshelf next to the NASA Atlas of the Solar System, so a 2300 atlas would probably come to 500 pages with charts and tables galore and nobody could afford to pay for it except idiots like me.

p. 31: KINGSLAND: the colony UCP and in three spaced digits, the first of which, if population, implies a colonial population higher than the world’s population. There’s also an ‘O’ before the trade codes. And the pop multiplier for the colony is 6, while it is only 5 for the planet as a whole.

p. 32-33 – okay, so its ‘name-towards-spin’ as the map format. I’ll have to see how well that works on the physical copy. Dizzying.

p. 35: NIBELUNGEN: If the world’s population is 300 million and the Nielungen colony is only 90 million, who are the rest of the people? It also has a law level lower than its colony, but with government 4 and no other colonies listed? I don’t get it.

p. 35: BEOWULF: same odd three digits at the end of the colony codes for the two colonies.

p. 39: KIMANJANO: Same issue. Is the O after TL on the Okavango UCP supposed to be a base code? And if so, is ‘O’ Outpost? – I don’t know, guessing here…

p. 39-41: KIE-YUMA: Doesn’t rate a map? And on p. 41 it’s written as ‘Kie-yuma’ instead of Kie-Yuma.

p. 41: BETA CANUM: This time the two odd digits for the world have a space between. And the world TL is B, even though the French colony with the most people is C and it has a Beanstalk… The population of the three colonies adds up to 50 million, but the planet is 80 million – I suppose that could be within rounding if there’s a lot of pentapods, there’s only 400K listed on page 21.
+‘the Pentapods made a request to build an enclave on the French Continent’s western shore.’ Map shows it a hex (1075km) or more off the shore.

p. 45: CRATER: If I’m reading it right, the world has a population of 2 million, but the colony 5 million.
+ Also not sure why planetary Law level is 6 when the only colony is 4. Back on the table (p. 23) the population matches at 2, but the Law Level discrepancy still exists. No map for Crater.

p. 45: ALDERHORST: both colonies have a D starport, but the world has a C.

p. 47: DUNKELHEIM world Pop = 300 thousand, colony pop = 5 million. This and the weird ‘O’ or ‘0’ prior to the trade code exists on the p. 22 table as well. Plus ‘NI’ should be ‘Ni’ for non-industrial.

p. 51: HOCHBADEN: Similar problem with colony pop exceeding world pop and ‘NI’ instead of ‘Ni’.

p. 51: AURORE: The population of the three colonies adds up to 11 million, but the world only 8 million.

p. 55 COLD MOUNTAIN: as mentioned above, the UPP is missing a digit. Probably should be D6D6766-8. +Also, if the pop digit for the UPP is 4, and the POP multiplier for the only colony is 1, then one of them is wrong – the world should drop to 1 (going by the previous version of the colony, also digit 1).

p. 57: DAIKOKU: UPP and map size changed from 6 to A. A does not support the low gravity, and once again, the world pop multiplier is not supported by the colonies – all these need review. And if the two colonies have D starports, the world can’t be B, can it?

p. 57: SYUHLAHM: Gov should be 7 if there are two colonies….

p. 57: HEIDELSHEIMAT: how can the gravity be 0.44 on a size 8 world – swiss cheese mantle? Okay, okay, I checked the old GDW version… it’s always been that way (only lived in this house 21 years, but finding old stuff is already an archaeological project).
+ But the pop multiplier still has issues.

p. 67: MONTANA: ‘Gravity: 0G (normal)’ should be 0.98G (going by the Colonial Atlas from 1988)

p. 69: PAULO: no colony info

p. 69: HAIFENG: Listed as no population on the UPP, but the map on the next page has Austin’s World UPP and cities and factories present.

p. 70: ‘Foundations, Corporations, Terrorists and Criminal Groups influence the daily lives of millions of people.’ Not sure anything but the first word should be capitalised in that sentence. Same goes for ‘Corporations’ in the text box.

p. 70: ‘…while others have clearly stated nationalist goals. All exist across borders and nationalities…’ I read that four times and can’t disentangle the contradiction.

p. 72: ‘Its current major project is the construction of two deep-space stations to create a bridge…’ but don’t you need a gravity well to discharge the drive?

p. 75: ’Arno: Small Arms,’ Small arms (heh, that’s a self-referential comment)

p. 76: AmeriCo: their mission statement is the only one italicised

p. 79: Earth First: ‘eight light years’ eight light-years
+ ‘oppose manned space flight’ Instead use: ‘human spaceflight’ or ‘crewed spaceflight’
+ ‘Vanuatu Island’ as somebody else mentioned Vanuatu is the nation. The capital, but not largest, island is Efate (hmm, where have I seen that name before?)

p. 79: ‘As opposed to Foundations and Corporations’ you don’t capitalise the words ‘nations’ or ‘governments’ so why Foundations and Corporations (it’s more something I would do, but it’s not normal in English).

p. 79: Deuxième Bureau de l’État-Major Général: a very picky note that the Staff levels doesn’t have a period at the end of it, whereas all the other do.

p. 80: ‘It took Russia nearly 50 years to contain the infection and even today it still springs up in isolated pockets across the north of the country.’ Okay so maybe that explains Siberia being grey on the Earth map…

p. 80: La Légion Etrangère: ‘LANGUAGE(S): French, Arabic,’ should be a period after Arabic, unless another language was intended to be added.

p. 83: Odd that French officers start at rank 0, but that is not true for any other officer (except the 2nd Lieutenant); it pulls French ranks back, which just seems wrong. If they’re first Tier, I would think a French general would outrank other forces’ generals, not vice versa.

p. 84: ‘hostile and murderous Kaefers’ murderous is an odd word choice, since it has a legal insinuation – how about: ‘hostile and warlike’? or ‘hostile and violent’ or just ‘hostile’? (Or ‘malignant’, ‘deadly’, even ‘brutal’ or ‘ruthless’ could work.)

p. 84: ‘Although the Eber were not the first intelligent aliens encountered, they did provide the first hard proof of extra-terrestrial intelligence.’ What? That’s another one that still reads wrong after multiple tries to reconcile. How about: ‘Although the Eber were not the first intelligent aliens encountered, they did provide the first hard proof of starfaring extra-terrestrial intelligence.’

p. 84: KORMORAN: This world has no PAS Severity and Compatibility stats. No gravity stat.
+And six asteroid belts? I don’t get where those numbers come from, unless it means resource value of asteroid belts instead.

p. 87: Traits: Large should have a modifier: Large (+1) ?

p. 87: Dances-in-Moonlight is described twice, the second time in italics with an extra sentence. And I have to assume the nomad girl is an Eber, not a human, though the sentence structure almost implies human. Which would be creepy. Very.

p. 87: ‘organiclooking’ organic-looking

p. 87: ‘the xenobiologist theorised that it was a vessel and when an opening appeared in its side, flew the boat in.’ Either remove the comma in front of ‘flew’ or add a comma in front of ‘and’.

p. 88: ‘fivelimbed’ five-limbed
+ ‘bulletshaped’ bullet-shaped

p. 88: GOD|HOME: ‘Primary Name’ is instead the poorly formatted UPP, which, where UPP is supposed to be it should have a dash between Law Level and Tech Level and well, it looks like you reverted back to putting the trade remarks onto the UPP (standard Traveller would be Hi Ht In Wa, but that may not be relevant in 2300). And eight gas giants? That’s a lot. The previous version has the star as DM+43 1953 and a lower population (8) and says it’s the first of two worlds in the system, which mean there at least seven gas giants too many.

p. 89: ‘previously-assumed’ previously assumed
+ ‘less-advanced’ probably better without the hyphen, but it’s a judgement call

p. 91: VASSHON (STARK): no PAS Severity and Compatibility stats. No gravity stat. I only mention this because for both Kormoran and Stark, there are human enclaves.
+ ‘Sos-Soon-Atkacharr’ SosSoonAtkacharr (heh, don’t look at me, but in the previous version and elsewhere here, it’s without hyphens – so for consistency, it should always be CamelCase without hyphens)

p.91: ‘natureloving’ nature-loving
+ ‘Sung power over the xiang’ Xiang

p. 91: HOME OF THE MOTHER: Same stat issue as the other homeworlds. Maybe at least include gravity in the block. Also, what’s with the 2 and 0 before the Po in the UPP? Can’t be bases – or at least not in a consistent form. And the Gov shouldn’t be ‘1’ – it was ‘0’ in the old book and well, probably meaningless in human terms, but not a corporation.

p. 92: ‘currently in the early female stage of her life-cycle’ Cool, but too bad there is no discussion of life cycle in the Characteristics section – for any of the alien races.

p. 93: ‘near the only discharge point in the system’ I need to review how the stutterwarp drive works, but that doesn’t seem right.

p. 93: ‘initial ladings’ landings

p. 93: ‘seemingly-stupid’ seemingly stupid

p. 93: ‘in or near the Serpentis systems’ since Serpens is a constellation with stars at a variety of distances, this is potentially meaningless, though I suppose it refers to Gamma, Lambda, or Psi, and maybe 39 Serpentis. Okay that’s too geeky – I suppose you should just leave it as is…

p. 94: ‘INT (-6)’ an INT of 2 should give an INT (-3)
+ High State should grant Tactics (military) skill of some level, if they become ‘ tactical near-geniuses’. At least skill level 2 if not 3 or 4. In the previous book the Low/High skills were separated by a slash, so that’s an idea.

p. 94: Horse Pistol Kg ‘1.6k’ should just read 1.6

p. 95: ‘…harsh realities of their homeworld’ missing period at the end of the sentence.
+ ‘The shuffle about’ They

p.95: LIGHTFALL: UPP 311? A few thousand in a corporation? Same remarks about not including gravity. I might have the adventure in my archaeological record somewhere and might be able to dig it up.

p.96: Cave Dragon: ‘It was specifically this animal that the Rockwell 12-81 Magnum rifle was
developed to deal with’ so how exactly do you first-shot-kill an 80 hit creature on 5D damage? Oh well. 2D seems too low for claw damage for a Large (+3) creature – 4D is more likely.

p. 97: Dragonbat: Speed 4m. I suppose is ground speed. ‘Flyer (Very Slow)’ should be Flyer (very slow). There are other instances of capitalisation In Flyer speed (Sung, Flying Blind, White Wing, maybe something I didn’t see).

p. 97: Flying Blind: Speed 2m. I don’t know if they have a ground speed - unless they ungulate along the ground?

p. 98 Hellshark: Damage seem low. All the damage in 2300AD from animals seems like it is lower than the Core book guidelines for size. Like by half.

p. 98 Nigh Stalker: ‘night-stalker’ night stalker (Two instances of this. You should really have a talk with the head of the hyphen department)

p. 99: I’m not sure if the illustration is supposed to be a Titan or a White Wing. It can’t both.
+ ‘plains-hunter’ and ‘slightly-smaller’ both look like hyphen abuse, especially the latter.

p. 99: Zururyu: There is a Traveller Companion Trait ‘Clever’ which would be appropriate here. And then added to the list on the next page.

p. 100: ‘uplif,’ Is that supposed to be ‘uplift’ ?

p. 100: Aquatic/X: ‘It can breathe underwater, or hold its breath for a long period. The species cannot operate out of water without life support and some sort of mechanical aid.’ How does that work with the ‘hold its breath’ comment? Another logical conundrum. How about just striking the two sentences as unnecessary and/or misleading. Back on p.88 our Pentapod friend has the Trait Aquatic (12 hours) – and an Endurance of 7, which doesn’t correspond to the /X format, and if it did the result would be either 70 minutes or 14 hours, not 12. I suspect our Pentapod would actually have Aquatic/3, but that’s another story not yet told. And the Hellshark is listed as Aquatic (indefinite) instead of Aquatic/3. Maybe levels of Aquatic are entirely unnecessary (treat it like Vacuum – it’s a trait for the native environment), and some modification to Amphibious is what you actually want. How it works for the cetaceans is a bit problematic on a couple of counts.

p. 100: Echolocation (X): The animals prior with Echolocation don’t have a range listed. And another thing. Traits should have been put in before listing the animals (and aliens for that matter) – the order is unorderly.

p. 100: EM Sense (X): Can’t find actual use of it, so I can’t tell if it is being applied according to spec, with range included.

p. 100: Tough (+X) – this Traits differs from the Tough trait described in the Traveller Companion. Maybe call the trait Resilient (+X) instead?

p. 101: The UPP. Okay, so this real does spell it out as the number of Planetoid belts for that number – too high, unless you’re subdividing belt zones (I mean, really, if the answer is 9 then its unlikely to be 9 separate belts, each separate by a planet). And now finally we explain those two digits: PAS Severity and Compatibility – should have done that on p. 19. Seriously.

p. 101: ‘only Tirane and Nous Voila have been easily amenable to terrestrial life.’ But Nous Voila on page 47 has the contradictory PAS digit of 4 and the statement ‘No PAS Issue’. Head hurts – is this characteristic PAS Severity or not?

p. 102: ‘A world’s PAS score determines the overall severity of PAS effects and is used as a DM on PAS checks. This usually runs from 2 to 7.’ If only – they range from 4 to E – so ‘E’ on King I assume is DM-14. Um, maybe you should re-examine the PAS scores on all them planets or clarify why I’m reading them entirely wrong.

p. 103: ‘For example, Cold Mountain is known for being unrelentingly-hostile. The PAS level for this world is 7, giving DM-7 on the PAS check’. It looks like it is ‘A’ back on p. 55, which I’m interpreting to mean ‘10’. I could mean a lot of other things, I suppose, but there are a lot of 8s on the UPP listings and I’m pretty sure ‘A’ is not an abbreviation for ‘seven’ (not in English or French anyway). A lot of worlds seem to be ‘A’, and most are worse than 7. So yeah… redisplay or recompute PAS numbers of all those worlds, people.

p.103: Gravity Regimes: Does no match Book One p. 8 (e.g., Light is missing, Extreme starts at 2.11 – which frankly, I find much more believable). As I mentioned on the Book 1 section – coordinating these values better with the Traveller Companion numbers (p. 55) might make the most sense, even if that one does misstate Jupiter’s gravity… I realise these serve a different purpose than the birth world ranges but these are more reasonable (though not as reasonable those categories as described in the Companion or Core book) and having different gravity definitions between Book One and Book Two, both different than Core and Companion, is overly confusing and an unnecessary complication.

p. 104: Stopping and Bouncing: The check makes no assumption based on speed of impact. For instance, the swimming (slow) or a smart hand hold-moving character is unlikely to be injured. Make the Check Easy (2+) and add the incoming speed as a negative modifier. Make the stun damage equal to the negative effect. Handholds, yes, you can go fast, but if there are still handholds left, you can also slow down at each handhold.

p. 104: ‘automeds’ and ‘automeds’s’ Use autodocs and autodoc’s instead.

p. 106-110: Why would Bandits/Guerrillas or Colonists have Low gravity?
+ Why put anything but ‘N/A’ or ‘Varies’ in the Gravity entry for these generic people?
+ I think you overestimate the intelligence of a bureaucrat and the social status of a street thug. The latter for sure.
+ Terrorists also tend to have lower SOC values, same with Pirates and Belters.
+ If the other starship crews have ‘Light’ for gravity, why don’t Pirates?
+ ’Libertine’ not really explained in these books
+ Review capitalisation (remove it) on skills where present – e.g., ,Colonial Militia Drive 1 (Wheeled or Hover)’should be ‘Drive (wheeled or hover) 1’, among others.

p. 111: Neo-Cats: Pretty sure cats can’t fly. It looks like they received a copy of the Flying Blind block, so they really ought not to have Slate-blades, or Camouflaged either.

p. 111: Neo-Dog: That Clever trait from the Companion? Pretty sure it should come in and apply to all the Neo-X.

p. 111: No-Fin: Okay, so here, Aquatic/1 actually makes some sense, except they don’t have an endurance stat, so I guess it still makes little sense. Speed 0m is land speed, but what’s their water speed?

p. 111: Neo Octopus” Athletics (END) should be Athletics (endurance) to be consistent. Already gave my opinion on Aquatic but as they are ‘unable to operate out of water’ they had better be Aquatic/3 if you plan on keeping the / for Aquatic. Or just make it Aquatic. Same comment on Speed 0m as above.
+ ’although understands as’ needs an article. Problematic, unless you rewrite the sentence as plural and use ‘they’.
+ ’unlike most wild octopuses but’ comma before the but

p. 112: Consider that Clever trait from the Companion for all of these. I just can’t imagine it being practical to treat crows and ravens like protected species, though. Unless they became endangered. Plus, a neo-cat would probably be big enough to catch and eat them. Then you have a proto-dilemma.

p. 112: Cetaceans: ‘Melee 2 (natural)’ should be ‘Melee (natural) 2. Echolocation seem to work just as advertised, so that’s good, but Aquatics/1 is still unworkable as speced without an Endurance.

p. 113: Elephants: finally, an animal with close to appropriate damage levels for their size! Not sure about Speed 12m, though.

p. 113: Great Apes: Speed 8m? Not knuckle walkers, I don’t think. Pretty sure I could outrun a great ape, but don’t really have a way (or will) to test it.

p. 113: Cats: Cats can’t be speed 12m if neo-cats are 12m and ‘faster than their progenitors’. 9m probably. Bite (D3-2)? Maybe. I’ve had quite a few scratches from claws, but very few bites. They hurt like hell, though. Maybe D3 like the Core book says. Or 1 point, but not two out of three being harmless…

p. 113: Probably the same speed issue for dogs, except greyhounds. 9m.

p. 114: ‘hard-science fiction’ hard science fiction

p. 116: ‘Libertine transport Star of Gabriel,’ Italicise Star of Gabriel. I’ve already commented that Libertines are not really explained in these books. They could have at least been thrown into the Organisations section.

p. 117: ‘counter-terrorist’ counterterrorist … hey come on, at least be consistent in the same paragraph.

p. 117: ‘Often the goals of Core-based governments, Foundations and corporations are at odds’ … apparently at odds with rules for consistent capitalisation. If governments and corporations are lower case, then foundations should be too.

p. 118: ‘Sos-Soon-Atkacharr’ SosSoonAtkacharr (both in the bold section and later in the paragraph)

p. 118: ‘Stories of with happened’ Stories of what happened

p. 118: ‘The national rivalries listed on page 10’. Not. Page 10 is half a map. I don’t recall reading about them.

p. X: I’m sure I missed some. Did not read all the worlds in the ‘Worlds of the Frontier’ chapter that carefully as I was a bit irritated with the chapter and it was late Saturday night. I lead an exciting life…
I would really suggest another edit pass or two and at least addressing PAS numbers, asteroid belt counts, and Traits, plus reordering some of that stuff a bit for flow.
TrippyHippy said:
Wow! Geir, you must be or should be a professional editor!

Nice website too, btw.

Thanks! The web site hasn't been touched much in 5 years. I should put that on my list to do as well.
Maybe I can play editor once I can afford to retire from my current job. Or if I'm able to reallocate some more time from it. Not having to commute anymore has already bought me an extra 10-12 hours a week - half of which went to more sleep. So Covid hasn't been all bad for me.
OK, I have four things here.

1. First and foremost, I was a friend of Colin Dunn's when I was still on Facebook. He's a pretty good guy and went through a lot to get this edition of 2300 AD out and into our greedy little mitts. Serious kudos to him for the care he's put into one of GDW's most unique and interesting settings.

2. I am thinking that 2300AD needs its own topic on this forum. There is a lot of nitty gritty stuff, all very interesting, that has nothing to do with Traveller or the OTU in the 2300AD setting and I think it deserves it's own venue.

3. Geir, my wife used to be typesetter for a Wizards of the Coast. That being said, I'm far more aware of editing, typos, buggered up tables, and style /format errors in RPG books than I used to be. It's interesting to know why a given book strikes you as 'off' and actually have the vocabulary to put that into words. You have an editor's eye, and I mean that as a compliment.

4. Mongoose, Geir's points are well taken. These are the kinds of editing errors made when a game company just washes a submitted manuscript through a spell-check and calls it done. This is a consistent problem with the books under your masthead. Every one of your fans can pull out any one of your books and find errors in spelling or style or inconsistencies in the rules. There is a problem in your editing department that needs to be corrected. Please see to this.