Npc stats


Does anyone know where I can get some stats for Turanian and Kezankian npcs ranging in level from 5th to 12th. I have a game in about 2 hours and I need some Npcs :roll:
don't know about those races, but ont he d/l page for mongoose conan they have stats for various class/race from level 1-20.

Lacks any flesh, but bloody useful
Yep I got those but they have not got what I wanted and I am not sure what would be the closest to use.
Wow, I never saw those sheets before, that was great. Thanks for the link Trodax! I'll have to go through Mayhem's work later to check, but since there were no followups I'd like to think there were no oversights. Oh well, I haven't been around the boards much lately, so glad I caught this one!
Trodax said:
Check this link out. Not sure if it has what you're looking for, but it might.

All I can say is........WOW! Great help.

Any way we could get a blank source template? I would love to use this format for my NPC's as well. Thanks!

Hey I just opened the thief one in Acrobat 5 and emptied out the boxes. I don't have a web site (a/o this post) and I didn't create it so I don't want to steal the creator's credit, but if it's alright I guess I could email the blank one, right? The pages say it's from but when I clicked the url it said it couldn't find the site.

May want to wait to see what Mayhem says. I'll just leave the blank one in my NPCs folder for now.
Oh crap. After deleting the text, I got an error message, and so I closed the doc and then re-opened, and it hadn't deleted any of the cells of text! :x

I'll try again later, these would also be great for a party's stats. I've never found a good group record sheet for this game. :oops:
Hey Bregales,

This is from Mayhem on the other thread. It seems to give you the blank template.

Can anyone tell me how to get data into it? That is the question.


Yeah, after I posted I saw him on the thread, was speed reading and just got to that post, was gonna put it here but you just did, thanks a lot!

I am pretty confident these can be used great for listing your party for adventures as a group record. These are great.