NPC Battle Sheet


I've been posting as a guest, and figured, since I am going to be playing Conan long term, I better register to the forums. (you may be happy to note, that I chose to spend my gaming dollars on Conan the RPG, instead of Blue Rose. And I couldn't be happier!)

Any why, someone on the board had made a very nice NPC sheet for their game. It had pictish barbarian stats and was very handy. Well I took that, made a copy of it in Microsoft Word, then printed it out as a pdf, and wanted to share it with you all.

You can pick it up here:

d :D

PS THere are 24 HP boxes on the Stat Card itself, and then an additional 40 on the HP Tracker at the bottom. ENJOY!
Nice job! It could use Base Attack Bonus, Grapple, and Dodge (ranged). Movement would be useful too.

If one of your players gets Improve Feint, you're going to need Sense Motive (and BAB) on hand for every NPC. It may be nice to have a special place for that.
The link was giving me a page not found error. Is this still around somewhere?