Pirates of Drinax - Aslan NPC (Spoilers)


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I'm seeking ideas and details regarding the Aslan pirate, Hroal Irontooth, and his ship the Halaheike-class pocket warship known as the Meatgrinder.

In your campaigns, have you generated backstory for this NPC that you'd be willing to share?

  1. What clan is Hroal Irontooth from?
  2. Why has he separated from the clan and/or become a pirate?
  3. Is he on hostile terms with his clan or other clans?
  4. Is there a bounty for him?
  5. Does he own the Meatgrinder properly or is it stolen from one of the clans?
  6. What sort of reputation would the Meatgrinder hold with its previous owners? Would this ship be welcome back or shunned in the Hierate?
  7. What was the ship's origin and original name?
  8. Was he sent or sponsored to harass trade in Outrim Void?
  9. Does he maintain a pirate base of operations other than a presence on Theev?
  10. Is he a Pirate Lord of Theev and if so what is the nature of his contact with GeDeCo?
  11. Is he connected with The Glorius Empire slavers?
  12. How is he characterized at your table... a psychopathic reaver-like pirate or perhaps a cunning and careful pirate mastermind?

Thanks for your ideas regarding this NPC.
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I used him extensively in my campaign.
After the Travellers thwarted his plans in Treasure Ship, he eventually sought them out for vengeance. After discovering that they hailed from Drinax, he assembled his fleet for an all-out assault on Drinax to "get what he had coming to him." And boy did he get what was coming to him. We used the vector-based space-combat rules from the updated Traveller Companion to conduct "The Battle of Drinax." It was exciting and suspenseful, with Hroal threatening to raid and then destroy the Floating City.

To answer your questions:
  1. I don't think we settled on that, but I like the idea that he is an outcast from one of the major clans featured in Prodigal Outcast.
  2. See above, yes. He's an outcast.
  3. Hostile with his and most other clans, but wants a degree of validation by being successful as a pirate lord and building a fief of his own.
  4. Probably many, but we didn't feature that in our story.
  5. A ship like that is bigger than an outcast can obtain, so sure he took it from his clan.
  6. Welcomed, but refitted for use by one of the clans.
  7. Tlaiowaha or Tyokh.
  8. No, he's just good at it. Not sent by a clan.
  9. No.
  10. He is a pirate lord and does not bother with the GeDeCo relationship. It doesn't concern him, and he doesn't care about it.
  11. No, but he wouldn't object to working with them.
  12. Not overly intelligent, but one helluva great bully. Rules by brutality and big personality.
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