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The correct way is a comma.
In English, anyway. Well it's a British publication and when I write for it I have to use UK spelling, but either US or UK, it's a comma. Norwegian, among others, it's a period and the comma goes for the the 'cents' (pennies? centicredits?).
The style template tells me to write credits with no 'punctuation' so it is a Traveller thing, not a language thing (Galanglic?)
Not sure if this has been mentioned before, or perhaps it's not the appropriate place to write this, but I noticed that when my discord pbp group engages in space combat, or even vehicle combat, i'm page flipping between the Core book and High Guard collecting all the bonuses for weapon types, multipliers, and ship software, for example - basically, gathering the bonuses that don't change.

Would it make any sense to incorporate those bonuses into the ship stat blocks kind of like how D&D does in their monster manuals?
Rather curious about Dave's/Chris' vector movement for starship combat. I have a system of my own I've been using for a few years already that inserts directly in place of the Maneuver Step.
So I went over to where I had downloaded my copy of the Companion from, and downloaded it.
I have no idea why the version of the Traveller Companion had reverted to its v 1.0, with the huge gaffe on page 165.
I have since reloaded the v 1.2 version, without the legacy gaffe. Just in time for the book to become obsolete.
Am I the only person who wants to see 25-ton weapon bays? Or, as I like to call them, “micro-spine weapons” because they usually end up in fixed-mounts on ships that are <1000 dtons.

I am also the guy who wants to see a little more refinement in the custom weapon rules from “The Field Catalogue”, as the energy weapon description is clumsy.

I would happily forward a draft example of said rules, if requested.
Is anyone interested?
I would be :)
This is what I had created. I was going to submit it to Mongoose for a JTAS article, after adding in a “heat” mechanic as well. Might have worked for the Traveller Companion too.

Needs some more play testing, IMHO


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