Newbie equipment question


hey :)

when a clone gets killed, what happens to his equipment ?

assuming he didn't get vaporized, I imagine his buddies (who just killed him) get a go at his stuff

does he get it back when his next clone shows up ?

page 77 of PXP, it says he shows up with the same stuff he had before

but I take it that only applies to the stuff he got officially

in the end, I guess the answer is "it depends on the stuff", but I would like to know how the experienced Paranoia players out there usually handle it

please note I realize it's all a hack to keep the game going, so I'm looking for practical, not theoretical, answers

thanks !

If you give the newly decanted clone a chance to stop off at his secret society contact point, it's possible to justify giving him replacement equipment of almost any kind, including the illicit stuff he stumbled on during the mission.

The one-of-a-kind R&D stuff is harder to justify; it's probably best to declare that this stuff miraculously survived whatever catastrophe did in the previous clone. Then the whole mission team is still responsible for it.

Then again, it may well be funniest to let the other PCs pick over the goods of the dearly departed teammate, and then he has to figure out (a) who got some particular item, and (b) the best way to frame the thief for possession of his own former possessions.
great, just what I needed !

thanks for the faster-than-light reply

and BTW congrats for this excellent game !