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I just picked up the Core rule book and I am liking what I see. I am a long time Conan reader (over 20 years now) and a long time RPG gamer(start with the D&D blue box set). I like the low magic and deadly combat oreinted system so far. I was hoping to get some feed back on the other Mongoose supplements for the game. I will probally GM the game and was wondering what to look at next.....

If people could list their favorite supplements and why you like them would it help this old gamer out.

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I am biased, but I like Across the Thunder River best. Followed by Hyboria's Fiercest, The Road of Kings, Aquilonia, Pirate Isles, The Scrolls of Skelos, The Free Companies, Messantia and Shadizar.
To date I only have the Core book, Aquilonia ~ Flower of the West, and The Road of Kings, hopefully getting more in the near future.

And my unbiased opinion is quite simple: These are some of the best setting sourcebooks/supplements I have seen since 3rd Edition D&D was released. Rather than concentrate on a huge amount of game stats with almost no flavour - Mongoose does the opposite. There's a really great changeup there - with the books (that I have) concentrating greatly on flavour and including game stats only where it fits to do so.

I look forward to getting all the Conan supplements, which is something I've yet to say about any other series by any company - so I think that says a lot.
Welcome to the Fourm first of all...

Now IMHO After the Core Book, The Top Four
1. Road of Kings
2. Free Companies/Hyboria's Fiercest
3. Scrolls of Skelos
4. Free Companies
5. Aquilonia- Flower of the West
6. Across Thunder River
7. Tales of the Black Kingdoms
8. Pirate Isles

And really it all comes down to what kinda game your playing. This to me gives you the most worldly information, and helps your players form there PCs better. The last 4 are Great books, but more specific to your game.
There all great books, try to get them all,they seem to complement each other well, IMHO :)

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Echoing Damien's sentiments, all of the supplements I've purchased thus far are among the best (if not THE best) in the market today. Really, I would tailor your selection/order of acquisition based upon the kind of campaign you and your players want.

Road of Kings - as a long-time Conan fan maybe you won't need this. For myself, this book was invaluable for really understanding the cultural differences among the peoples/nations.

Pirate Isles - hands down, best pirate-seafaring sourcebook I've seen. In a trend that continues through all of the supplements, this isn't your typical d20 sourcebook of prestige classes, feats, and spells. Oh they're still there, but so is a lot of Hyborian fluff, sample NPCs, new mechanics that address the topic of the book, etc.

Free Companies - want Pirate Isles does for pirates, this book does for warfare. This gives you the tools to run a campaign that seamlessly blends war and military aspects into the game. It's also a mature treatment of the subject matter rather than the sanitized versions you typically see (esp. from WotC).

Hyboria's Fiercest - worth buying just for the guidelines on effectively multi-classing to achieve fantasy archetypes without resorting to new core or prestige classes. Primarily a "crunch" book, this book is far above the standard d20 class-themed splat book. I'm eagerly awaiting the next two books: Hyboria's Finest (Soldiers, Nobles, Scholars) and Hyboria's Fallen (Thieves, Pirates).

Scrolls of Skelos - If PC scholars (as in multiples) will be present or if NPC enemy sorcerors are going to comprise a significant portion of your game, you might want to pick this up. Expands the sorcerous options presented in the core rulebook. Also has a good beastiary section for otherwordly wierdness.

Aquilonia - Regional sourcebook. Detailed treatment providing a gazeteer of the kingdom during Conan's reign. Sample NPCs. Writeups of King Conan, the royal family and key advisors. Also, what classes are popular (or aren't) and why.

I plan to pick up Hyboria's Finest and Across Thunder River next. The cities are on my list, but I haven't got around to them yet.

Yeah for got all about the City box sets. I actully like Shadizar, be cause you can get into a lot of trouble quickly there, but the Messantia box set is ok too.
One thing your gonna find is unlike playing Regular D&D, All the books you buy are really really Good. They havent put out a Bust Book yet (maps are a differnet story) to date.