New character sheets

Once again Ema take our breath away! 8)

Is there a shrine dedicated to Lord Ema where I could pay my respect ? :D
Thanks, redlaco... you're making me blush :wink:

Seriously, glad you all like the sheets, guys 8)
And of course a big thanks to the fine Mongoose folks, who chose my design for the official charsheets!

Once Magic of Magnamund is released, could you consider doing a class specific sheet for all of them? At the very least, could you consider doing one for the Shianti Sorceror, and the Vakeros battlemage?

And lastly, mongoose has not yet put up the darklands char sheet for download. Since they are probably busy, perhaps you could generate one yourself, and have it put up with theothers. ((The real diff in the darklands sheet is the addition of the cultist abilities.)
I have only one word: E X C E L L E N T !!!

Thank you very much (grazie mile :wink: ) for your job Ema!