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Several months ago I created a Conan character sheet in Excel. It has now been thoroughly tested and I thought I would offer to share it. My group has found that the sheet greatly speeds up character creation and level advancement.

The sheet asks you to enter basic character data like class/level, ability scores, and race and then calculates for you things like DV, BAB, saving throws, etc. Additionally many of the stats for weapons, armor and skills will be autocompleted for you from lookup tables. The current version of the sheet is for the Original Edition rules since no one in our group has a copy of the Atlantean Edition. I don't know what changes AE incorporated that would affect this.

The hitch is that I don't have a website to post it on. If anyone is interested contact me and I'll email the spreadsheet to you. If you like it feel free to post it on your site. All I ask is that you credit me as the author.
I'd also like to put it online. I don't have a Conan site, but I can post a direct link to the file here, so we can all enjoy it. :)

zeus (at)
May I please request a copy? Use the private message on this forum to contact me.

To Azza, apologies, I sent the email to you by mistake...
Azza: I sent you the character sheet last night.

Zeus & Arkobla Conn: I'll send it to you today.

Let me know what you think. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism.
Ive had a bit of a play and it looks great! A very good resource.
A couple of quick things.
-STR bonus is adding to AP when you choose weapon finesse Y
-Two handed weapon AP. I read in the forums a while back that it is also 1.5 times ST. I might try and verify this with the rules masters.
-No STR bonus on damage or AP for bows? Is this because you don't want to assume the character is using the right one for his STR?
-Whip and Unarmed strike are adding STR bonus to AP. If the weapon AP is 0 then no STR is ever added.
-Can I change my unarmed damage in the weapon table if i have the Brawling feat?
-I was a little suprised that the racial bonus didn't jump into my starting stats.
-When filling in your skills the points total turns red if you do something wrong(use too many skill points, don't put any in your race skills, don't fill in the class skills) but it doesn't seem to notice when you put too many ranks in one skill.
-Maybe a counter showing how many of the total skill points available have been used would be good.

As I said only a couple of quick things. Otherwise great.
Thanks for sending it
Myrmidon said:
Several months ago I created a Conan character sheet in Excel. It has now been thoroughly tested and I thought I would offer to share it. My group has found that the sheet greatly speeds up character creation and level advancement.
The hitch is that I don't have a website to post it on. If anyone is interested contact me and I'll email the spreadsheet to you. If you like it feel free to post it on your site. All I ask is that you credit me as the author.
don't have a site to post your character sheet? well, friend, I know just the site for you!
What's it cost you ask? why nothing of course.
To good to be true, you say? not so, not so.

go to and upload your custom character sheet today!

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you liked the sheet. About your comments:

1. If a finesse attack succeeds then armor (and armor piercing) are ignored. I always thought that if a finesse attack hit but failed to reach the target number then the attack was treated as a normal attack. I'll have to look at the rules again, but from searching the forum threads it would appear I was wrong.

2. I'm still not sure if the ruling that two-handed weapons get 1.5 x STR added to AP is official or not. I found a post by Mongoose Bob which agrees with your interpretation. Does anyone know if the AE clarifies this?

3. To get your STR bonus added to damage for bows you need to enter "Strength (+#) in the Notes/Special Qualities column of the weapons block.

4. Yes, there is an error with the sheet adding your STR bonus to AP for weapons with AP 0. I'll fix this with the next revision. I never caught this because our group tends to encounter more heavily armored opponents so we use weapons with higher damage / AP :)

5. I'll fix the increased Unarmed Strike damage from the Brawling feat in the next revision. You can't change the tables directly because the workbook is protected to preserve Mongoose's intellectual property.

6. I left the entry of starting abiltity scores up to the user since many DM's use house rules to cover this, but I'll fix it account for racial bonuses/penalties if people want me to.

7. I added the color coding for total skill points earned as a quick visual cue to let the user know when they had used too many (red) or too few (green) skill points. If you want me to I can use a similar system on the actual ranks column of skill block so that the cell turns red if the number of ranks is too high for the character level.

8. I had considered adding a block for the number of skill points currently used but I never got around to doing that. I may add it to the next revision.

I'll be traveling next week to visit family but when I get back I'll try to get a new revision of the character sheet done. And Rustam, thanks for the link. I'll check it out tonight.
As I said, I really like it and will start using it myself.
I did have a thought about feats. Could you put on the first page, based on the characters level, Class etc how many feats the character should have chosen? I realise you have to be careful to protect Mongooses intellectual property but it would be a similar count to skill points.
Maybe you could have two listings, general feats-made up of level and favoured class and class skills which could show the number of feats but direct the player to the rulebook for the specific rules. Or am I just being greedy now? :D
I get what you mean re the increase in stats now. All the changes listed under race are ones the player makes manually. Right, no problem.

Hmm. found what is probably the biggest prob. Stat bonus seems to cap at +4?

I sort of like the idea having the sheet calculate the total number of feats earned and I'll probably add that to the next revision. It will likely exclude those feats that are specifically granted to a class at a certain level, i.e. Track for barbarians at 1st level, Endurance at 3rd, etc. What this means is that I'll have the spreadsheet calculate how many feats the player can choose. This should make creating a high level character from scratch easier.

Yes, the racial modifiers are intended to be entered manually. This seemed to make the most sense when I was creating the spreadsheet since a lot of players and DM's tweak these things for specially conceived characters. The only exception is that racial skills are still counted in the total number of skills earned.

You are right about the ability bonus cap of +4. It's due to the lookup array in the spreadsheet having a range of 1-18. The characters in my gaming group are all presently only levels 5-6 so we haven't encountered that problem yet. That's another thing I'll change in the next revision.

I'm glad you like the sheet and keep the comments coming. I'm also interested to know what you think about the layout of the sheet. Does it have the information you need, and are things located where you would expect? Does the sheet print correctly? I modelled the layout after the sheet Mongoose put in the rulebook and it makes sense to me, but then I created it :)
E-mail it to me conradjoe(atsign)

and I will host it at

I'll reply back here, and to you via e-mail with a URL address you can provide to everyone who might want it.

Also include any text that you want to show up on the webpage, that will be holding the link, (like maybe names of people to credit, etc.).

I've sent you the character sheet. l will be out of town for the next week visiting family. I will revise this sheet when I get back to make the corrections and improvements that people have suggested. If for the time being you want to host the original version feel free, but I thought I should warn you that a revised version will be coming soon. Please play with the current version and tell me what you think.

The Character Sheet is now available online at

Remember to Right Click and select "Save as..." to save the spreadsheet to your computer.

Updates will go online as they arrive from Myrmidon. And you will be notified here.
Conrad_Joe: Thanks for posting the sheet. The description was a good idea since some people might find the sheet without having read this thread in the forum.

Bolen: I'll be adding the features I've described above. Someday I hope to be able to automate the attack bonus under the weapons section, but there are a lot of possible modifiers and at present I don't see how to do that without using something like Visual Basic scripts (which I don't really want to do).

I'm writing this from my brother's house just before I return home from my trip. Hopefully I'll be able to make some corrections and upgrades to the sheet and post the revision by next week. Have a merry new year everyone!
Hi Guys, I used the sheet to make a new character and noticed that even thought my wisdom bonus was just +1, my wisdom bonus to MAB was indicated as +3. You might want to double check that.

Otherwise I think the sheet is great, a wonderful tool.


I just looked at the sheet and the problem would appear to be that the CHA modifier is being used, not WIS. I'll add the fix to the next revision. Good catch and thanks for the feedback.

i will not be posting until next year... (big deal) just wanted to wish a good hunt... and a quick release of shadizar!!!