Narn Ship Painting


I've decided to paint my Narn ships with a Jaguar Spot pattern. I need advice on which paint colors to use. I need to know the maker and what they call the color that would most simulate Jaguar colors.
Well, I dii paint up a G'Quan cruiser using the following paints.

White Primer
Burnt Cadmium Red for the Main body color
Royal Purple for spots(or polygonal shapes in my case)
Azure for the spots or shapes outlines(teeny brush)
50/50 Black/Oily Steel for engines/piping/exposed stuff)
100 Oily Steel for highlighting of the engine/piping/exposed stuff).

All of these paints are Vallejo Models Series of Paints. Some of the colors are not obtainable for other paint lines, Azure in paticular.

The 50/50 was more of a wash as some water was added to make sure everything got into the nooks and crannies.