my first time


in a little over an hour i'll be off to take part in my first game of bab 5. It should be good. the gm has been planning it for months(even before the main book was in the shops. I'll post my veiws on how it went( from a players point of veiw) at a latter date.
how was your first game of bab 5 as a player? was it all you wished it to be? or did your gm mess up!
what ever happened lets here about it.

take care and happy gaming!!

(i think i forgot to log in oops)
Well, given that I was the GM....

Actually, I still haven't had the opportunity to play/run a game using Mongoose's system; my game was/is in GURPS. But it'll come eventually, maybe once a few more of the Really Important Supplements™ come out.

I'm particularly looking forward to Bruce Graw's EA Sourcebook, and I can't even begin to say how pleased I am that Mongoose isn't just tossing out all of the old material that was developed for other games.
I have been the GM for our group and am looking for an opportunity to play.

From my perspective, don't let your players run a teep - especially a P12.

In our last session our heroes had to get into a government building. They worked the computer from the outside to get them set up with an appointment with a government official in the building under the pretense that they wanted to get approval to start a Spoo distributorship on earth.

Things went very well as they got the approval, started the company with an investment of 5,000 Cr each and a 1,000,000 Cr loan.

Now, they are waiting for the profits to start rolling in.

Since most of our sessions have a lot of laughter, I believe everyone is having fun.