Can't log in the shop



For the record, I've been trying to log in twice today (at mid day and tonight) on the shop to buy my latest batch of books, and it just won't let me log in. The Captcha feature keeps asking me to solve more and more captchas (like, 5 or 6 every times), and it always ultimately says "the captcha was incorrect". I've tried with different browsers, to no avail. That's _extremely_ frustrating. :) (especially the first time today when I had to give up on my cart). It's not the first time I give up on buying something on this shop because the captcha is stuck in a loop, by the way.
When I have gotten stuck like that in the past I just did the "forgot my password" and that bypassed the Captcha loop.
This crops up on rare occasion - we have found that the website can get itself into a loop sometimes, and if you wait for an hour or so it sorts itself out. If you continue having an issue, please drop us a line.