Mongoose: Can we have an update please?



Can we have an update on whether Mongoose is planning on releasing another lonewolf book this year? I know its a safe guess to assume nothing has started yet, but perhaps there is a chance a new book (might of mag) may be released before 2006? An update would be nice.

On another note, I sent 2 emails to Ian and Matt Sprange, but have yet to recieve a reply. It would be much appreciated if you could take a minute and drop me a reply, thanks.
There are no more LW books out this year - however, we will have something for LW fans. . .

I am afraid I have seen no emails. . .
Confused Wolf said:
Something in Signs & Portents?

More minis?

A free download?

I'd gladly take any of those three (there's a distinct shortage of miniatures suitable for the Ice Warriors of Kalte wherever I look).
Many thanks for the reply. I used the following email addy's, I will resend them asap. :)
slayer's guide to szalls? don't laugh a mate of mine took forever to kill a single one
quintessential noodnik? id pay to read that