Midlands, UK, Acta tournament


yup me too!
Jim and I were discussing who we thought would be the most difficult opponent to play against, based upon our experiences and fleet choice
We both voted you Ken
don't disappoint us!


Well, it's nice to be thought of! Though, you do realise that Triggy - king of tournaments - will be in attendance?
I have to say, I do really enjoy games against you guys, even when I lose (well, almost... :wink: )
As it stands, my initial choice of Minbari or Shadows are probably not best suited to a progressive PL tourney (well, the Skirmish game anyway).
So, it may be a run out for the Imperium, or i'll pinch Clanger's ISA again... regardless, I anticipate a good day out, though i'm sure someone, at some point will be guilty of Robbage!!!



Alas I know I need to avoid the pornworld forums, however I have a slight issue with weekend. I have been on sick cover standby for our incident support So i'm looking unable to be there, I have to remain within 30 minutes of the office, and baring me driving at about 180mph, it's not looking feasible.
more annoyingly, I spent last night painting and basing my psi corps, ggrrrrr


ahh but going on form its unlikely Jim or I will face Triggy. so you were (as per usual each tourney i think I or Jim or both of us have played you
can't say that for Triggy unfortunately) most likely to be "trouble"
You taking Dilgar..really...nah matey take a good fleet like ISA or minbo's
I can spot you a WS Carrier some WS and WS fighters if you PM me what you need?


TGT - I could arrange a "fix" in the draw to ensure that we play each other again if you really like ;)

Yet again, if you're taking fleet choice into account then I wouldn't know how to rate me as I haven't played Brakiri in any meaningful way since playtesting! They do scale up well with the tournament structure though and they are currently having their undercoat dry on a window sill...

I'll probably take something like:

2 x Avioki
3 x Haltona
1 x Brokados
1 x Batrado
2 x Brikorta
3 x Ikorta
1 x Shakara

Da Boss

one thing - do we need to predefine our 3 fleets and hand them in at the start - if ot when are they chosen?

thanks :)


Banded Mongoose
Da Boss said:
one thing - do we need to predefine our 3 fleets and hand them in at the start - if ot when are they chosen?

thanks :)

No you hand in a copy of your complete 6fa pool fleet at the start of the tourney.
At the start of each game you pick your fleet for that mission once you know who you're up against.


shocked to be the first one to post ..especially as Kennyboy came first..even though I tried to get him drunk...darn Rugby player capacity, even if her couldn't remember which number he played??? !

I and everyone I asked had a fantastic day up at the Tourney..3 great games but the second one will definately take some to beat as my favourite and most challanging game ever!

Great chaps, great venue and
great tourney format!
We'll be indiscussion about setting up a round robbin for all 3 clubs
(The Gregs crew...Sentient rabbits and our friends in the north!) basing our tournies on the newbies first attempt!

ACTA still alive and doing well!
If anyone is interested I can send you my Campaign pack I think Andy you said you were Interested?


Charles started a post tourney report, so posted there instead! And I told you, I started at 2nd row then went to Wing forward (on the left of the scrum) no idea what number I was, we had our names on our shirts 8)


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Long time no see but I am organizing a small tourney for my friends and wanted to take some inspiration from the previous tourney packs... sadly those are no longer available.
Does anybody maybe have them still and could send those my way?

Thank you!!!