MI and Bugs moving on


Hi guys

Long time reader of the forum and have played SST at my local club (www.manxwargames.co.uk) for many years.

Like alot of other players my first born child needs all my house space and money so before I put these two armies on E bay next week please let me know if interested. I am fully paypal verified.

All minis painted to a good standard, complete, in very good condition and sealed. Please E mail or PM me for photos.


18 ripplers + boxes
50 warriors In original game box
4 guard bugs
1 brain +box
10 cliff mites
3 blister bugs
2 tankers +boxes
10 firefrys + box
I will also add a nicely modelled bug hole and the SST main rule book and a lot of markers (blast and bug hole marks) with this army.

4 full standard squads of 8 inc sgt and cpl + 2 heavy weapons
1 Recce squad of 8 with 2 snipers and 3 dog handlers
1 path finder squad (2 snipers 1 shreader) +box
1 Couger Lt
1 Nighthawk
1 Ape
1 Chickhawk
3 Heavy weapons teams and crews +box
1 TAC fighter (with missiles but no figs) + wooden base (removeable)
2 Large cardboard Ebbles Minitures dropships with wooden bases. These three come with large landing pads.

Sorry, but I will not split the armies up. please PM/E mail me with any offers you have for each of them