Thinking of Selling my SST stuff


As per the above title, I have a baby on the way, and I need to make some cash. I am selling a lot of stuff, but what is relevant here is SST. Sadly, I have decided to part with it, and it is not easy. Please PM me with offers if your interested. I have a nice little stock of stuff, but the memory is a little fuzzy so I may post with inaccuracy to a degree. What follows is a summary and is by no means exhaustive, and I am interested only in money, not in trades:


Army Book
Raiders (not sure how many, mostly painted, about 2 boxes worth)
Militia (one squad, painted)
Soldiers (one squad, painted)
Lord (painted)
Tyrant (painted)
Venerable set x2 (painted)
General (might have one lying around, painted, but not sure)
Guard set (painted)
Skinnies Army book


Group of plastic warriors bugs (from starter set, painted)
Rare metal Arachnid Warrior bug prototype that never saw production (painted, from Gen Con UK a few years back)
Tanker bug (painted)
Tanker bug (unpainted)
Plasma bug (painted)
Plasma bug (unpainted)
Rippler bug Swarm (mostly painted)
Arachnid army book

Mobile Infantry

Pathfinder Army Book
Klendathu Campaign Book
Mobile Infantry Army Book

More to follow with the MI:

Exo Suits (painted and unpainted)
Marauder suits
Cap Troopers