(SOLD) Any interest in a large SST bug army (NIB)?


Just clearing out stuff I will never paint or play with. Selling a SST bug army that I never got around to even assembling that consists of the following:

70x warrior bugs (some on sprue, some clipped, only one ever got assembled)
2x plasma bugs
1 box guard bugs
2 boxes spider bugs (one box is in a plastic bag, the other is still shrink wrapped)
1 box burrower bugs
1 overseer bug
1 brain bug
7 boxes of hopper bugs
1 infiltrator bug
1 assassin bug (unassembled in plastic bag, was painted by someone else, needs to be stripped)
2 blisters control bugs
2 boxes firefries
2 tanker bugs
1 king tanker
1 thorny tanker
6 boxes blister/blaster bugs
4 boxes rippler mega-swarms
1 pack GF9 SST tokens

Retail for all of this was a lot :). Asking $500 OBO for the lot plus shipping. I will ship internationally, though be warned, this is a lot of stuff and will probably require two boxes. My eBay ID is glc in case you need references. I have 100% positive feedback there since 1998 I think.

If no one here bites within a couple weeks I will put it up on eBay.

Pics are below:








PM me if interested.

Cheers, Gary
Aweseome seller! :D

Best packed box EVER! Was the size of a removals box, arrived within 10 days in germany, everything intact and in best possible condition.


Best regards
General Grundmann
You're welcome. Hope you get more use out of them than I did :)...

Cheers, Gary

PS. Told you there was a lot of stuff ;)