Mapping Magnamund

Bright Rune

Is there a Windows-based computer program out there that would be particularly conducive to mapping Magnamund? I want to acquire such software and plot out the major cities and areas. Preferrably, such a program would allow for zooming in on areas in order to plot smaller items, like villages unnamed by the RPG.
There is also Fractal Mapper 7.0 which you can download here for $31.45. I haven't used it but it look really nice. I bought Dundjinni recently but found out after I had picked it up that they are a bit sharp on what you can do with a map with there symbols in it. I.e. even if you publish some thing free to the web they still claim rights to use that map. I wasn't sure where that left people producing maps of licensed products... So once I've rustled up some more cash I'm going to pick up fractal mapper. :(
Just looking through some old posts on the website and spotted this one - thought it may of interest, particularly with the new gamebooks released.

Personally I'd like to see a detailed map of Helgedad, Torgar, Holmgard, Toran and Darke for gaming possibilites
There is a brilliant map available at Project Aon:
So the maps in Signs and Portents for Holmgard and Terror of the Darklords for Toran, weren't good enough? I thought they were pretty detailed ;)
I have not seen those city maps myself - but the PA one is for the entire Magnamund, and was done mostly in MS Paint (memory serving). It is pretty damn impressive!
Simple enough to download Signs and Portents with the Magnamund Uncovered articles.

Holmgard 1:

Yeah, I've seen that map it's very very good :)
All of the maps and so forth that were in Signs and Portents will be part of the new Sommerlund book, because we have to keep continuity there and the maps are rather good, yes.

If you have Terror of the Darklords, you'll see the Toran map (revised) in that one.
Zager Krahl said:
There is a brilliant map available at Project Aon:

... And head along to CafePress and get it made into a poster.
I think that map on Project Aon has to be the definitive map! Very well done to it's creator - and even roads in Siyen! More than than the books managed :D
Just as a little note, the same cartographer that did the maps for Signs and Portents has done the Sommerlund map for the core book.

Homlgard for instance -