Magnamund names?


Is it just me, or do most names mentioned in the Lone Wolf/Magnamund cosmos end with a first, given name?

Where is the cultural name "primer"?

I'm new to the Lone Wolf RPG, but I am an old school fan of the books. My books are on the opposite side of the continent (therefore my memory is blurred somewhat), so I'm throwin' a bone here, but am I wrong in saying that most persona(s) in Magnamund have no last name?

Has anybody delegated both first and last names to the various lands found in Magnamund?

Care to share if you have?

I'm an almost twenty year roleplayer, so I'm no stranger to fixin' names to avatars...I'm just interested in what you people have done on a personal level...



There are a few people with both--for example, Baron Tor Medar, Sebb Jarel, and Baron Oren Vanalund--but they're the exception, not the rule. I've noticed this trend, as well, and while I wish I had an answer for you, I'm more curious as to whether anyone else has more information.
Could it be that when you deal with nobility/knights, they do not use their last names in the real world? Knights can be properly addressed as Sir Elton (as in Sir Elton John), even in formal occasions, and nobility rarely use their last names (ie Queen Elizabeth). A similar, but opposite, trend is found in the military, you use rank and last name, ie Sgt Bloggins. All of these people have two names (or more) but you would only ever hear one.

Just a thought, and as a Brit, JD would probably be familiar with these kind of ideas.

in the Magnamund Comapnion even peasants have surnames, in Blood Moon Rising however it seems that only knights and other nobles recieve surnames, it is entirely possible that surnames need only serve as clarification eg Daniel Of Bendigo, or Daniel Son Of Andrew, i'm guessing naming was more original back then and not just recycled names like is the modern trend so one would possibly go through life meeting only one Daniel (which as a Daniel, i think would be a good thing :wink: )

Ghost Bear

Also, most peasants would probably be defined by their job more than their surname.

Thomas the Blacksmith, Billy the Goatherd, or Frank the Footballer for example - although football is definitely not played on Magnamund.

thomas the blacksmith? how about thomas smith? frank taylor? that's the general idea of surnames, im told by my grandfather that my surname of "Crothers" is anglicised from gaelic meaning something like "Castle of Riddick" which obviously is derived from "oi! slave boy!" as smith is from blacksmith