macho d20 - need character critiqued

Name: Ms. DD,
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Background: Minx
Alignment: I pity da fool who asks that question.
Class(es): 3 tough/1 strong/1 Sergent Rockette
Character Level: 5
Experience: 10,000
Next Level: 15,000

Strength: 18 +4
Dexterity: 15 +2
Constitution: 18 +4
Intelligence: 10 0
Wisdom: 12 +1
Charisma: 12 +1

Reputation: 0
Mana points: 13
Action Points: 7

Age: 21
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 lbs
Size: Medium
Speed: 25 feet
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Black, sexy mowhawk
Complexion: swarthy muscular and all woman
Measurements: 40 - 27 - 36
Cup size: DD (added +1 from flaws)

Patron Deity: Ms DD
Languages: English

Hit Points: 84 (3d12+17 + 1d10+4 + 1d10+4 + d12/macho)

Armor Class: 17 (+2 tough/+1 strong/+1 sergent rockette/+2 Dex/+1 leather jacket)
Initiative: +2

Based Attack Bonus: +3
Melee Attack Bonus: +7
Ranged Attack Bonus:+5/+6 with guns

Total A T S Serg F
Fortitude Save: +9 +4 +2 +1 +1 1
Reflex Save: +4 +2 +1 +1
Will Save: +3 +1 +1 1

Racial abilities
+1 feat
+4 hit points at first level
+1 /each additional level

Class Abilities:
Tough as nails: The minx receives one additional hit point at every level including the 1st
Hard as steel: The minx gains an additional point of damage reduction and the macho feat for free.
Pick up the slack: The minx ignores the normal penalties for a medium load and treats all heavier loads as one category lighter than they

actually are. The minx may only carry items that are portable.

Strong: Melee Smash: +1 bonus on melee damage

Tough: Robust: Gains a number of hit points equal to tough level (+3), Stamina (heals twice as fast as normal: aka 10 hit points per day).

Sergent Rockette:
Gun Happy: +1 to hit with any firearm

B1: Macho - gets +1 to will and fort and an extra hit dice at first level.
B2: Personal Firearms Profiency
H: Advanced Firearms Proficency
1: Burst
T2: Vehicle Expert
3. Exotic weapon (rocket launcher)

Enemy: Raughty Decker - 1 point - same level
Outlaw: 2 points - law enforcement attack when recognized by them
Phobia: 1 point - flying
Top heavy: 1 point - suffer -2 to balence checks and take one point from jump and tumble checks
- base speed reduced by 5 feet.
Selective hearing - 1 point - may pay no heed to anyone's else's suggestions, warnings or comments during the game.

Purchased: +2 skill points, and +1 cup size (see page 27 of macho d20)
1 point left over - has own personal soundtrack (three guesses what?)

Skills (H4+T18+S3+ser5 +2 from disadvantages): 32

Background skills Ttl rnks ATT
Demolitions 5 5

class skills
Knowledge (tactics) 5 5
Intimidate 9 8 1
Repair (St) 6 6
Drive (Tgh) 12 8 2 2


$1200 M16A3 (like M16A2, but can fire automatc as well)
25 Dagger
50 Whetstone
500 Ruger P-85 Mark II auto-pistol
100 Biker Jacket
100 Two weeks average food supply
30 Bottle of bourbon (10 drinks)
50 Bikini
40 Sports underwear
50 Combat fatigues
100 Make up kit
250 binoculars
100 camera, digital
25 camping stove
50 Fire extinguisher
20 flashlight
50 gas mask
50 gun holster
20 handcuffs (steel)
500 Night vision goggles
25 Rope 50 feet
150 Scope
50 sleeping bag
25 Small backpack
250 supressor (rifle)
100 Tent
100 Pistol Ammo (100)
100 Rifle Ammo (100)
50 Walkie Talkie
100 web belt (designed to work with clothes or without)

$4260 SubTotal

22,150 Black Van (treating as Humvee)
1000 Rocket Launcher (treating as Resusable Law)
1500 15 Rocket Launcher Ammo
120 collapsable crowbar (titanium, treat as a collapsable metal baton for game stats)
600 5 smoke grenades
80 Blasting cap (4)
30 Hip holster
275 Demolitions kit
55 illuminator
80 Duct Tape (3)
275 Flash Goggles
20 Road Atlas
70 Mesh Vest
150 Scope, standard detachable
2000 Mechanical Tool Kit, Delux - includes blowtorch
90 Multipurpose tool
12 Penlight
2000 Gold Chains

$30507 SubTotal

Ruger P-85 Mark II

Grand total - 34,767

Note: most of this stuff stays in the van.

Total Equipment Weight: with my stats and special abilities, doesn't matter :p

Leather Jacket
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Defense: +1
Max Dex Bonus: +8
Speed Limitation: 25 feet
weight 4 lbs

Weapon Statistics:

Melee Weapon
Weapon: Knife
Attack Bonus: +7
Damage: 1d4+5
Threat Range/Multiplier: 19-20 x2
Range Increment: 10 feet
Damage Type: S
Weapon Size: S

Weapon: M16A3 Assault Rifle
Ammunition: 100
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 2d8/4d8 when bursting
Threat Range/Multiplier: x2
Range Increment: 100
Damage Type: P
Weapon Size: M
Payload: 30
Special: When bursting, fires 3 bullets instead of 5

Weapon: Ruger P-85 Mark II auto-pistol
Ammunition: 100
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 2d6
Threat Range/Multiplier: x2
Range Increment: 30 feet
Damage Type: P
Weapon Size: S
Payload: 15

Weapon: Rocket Launcher (treating as Resusable Law)
Ammunition: 15
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 10d6 in a 10 foot radius - dc18 for half damage - ignores first 10 points of hardness
Threat Range/Multiplier: /
Range Increment: 150 feet
Damage Type: explosive
Weapon Size: Large
Payload: 1


Both of Ms. DD's parents died and he was raised by Mercenaries. Ms. DD would have been considered a disgrace by her parents, if they wouldn't

have died. Ms. DD is the youngest child of a large family of 7 children who tended to avoid her due to her violet tendencies if possible. The

character's family were left behind by Ms. DD, who came to ther land. How does the community react to Ms. DD's family? Well, truthfully, the

family was caught committing a hit and was engaged in a quarrel or feud with one other family. Ms. DD has a small group, led by the

vindictive Raughty Decker who consider him an enemy who wants to capture and torture him before killing him. This has made Ms DD a wanted


Important Events:

An aged friend or relative shared the wisdom of her years with the character. These tales and lessons have stuck with him throughout the

years. Because of ther exposure to wisdom, the character can be played as someone with a story for every occasion.


A big black voluptous woman with a chest that seems to have a mind of their own. She has a black sexy mowhawk and commonly wears fatigues

and carries live ammo. However, she has been known to strip down to a small yellow bikini when "undercover."
She wears a number of gold chains.


"You're talking a whole lotta Jibba-Jabba."
"I believe in the Golden Rule - The Gal with the Gold . . . Rules."
"When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn't afford to pay attention."
"As a kid, I got three meals a day. Oatmeal, miss-a-meal and no meal."
"It takes a smart gal to play dumb."
And here I was imagining a woman who kept 50 bikinis, 100 tents, and 20 pairs of handcuffs in some extra-dimensional space, probably her bikini. Still, does she have a truck or something to keep everything in?

It might come in handy if I use her for a non-player character in my own game.
Utgardloki said:
1. Why does she have so much stuff?

2. Where does she keep all her stuff?

3. Why does she have 20 handcuffs?

1 are you going to be able to walk if you ask her
same answer for 2+3 :wink: 8) :lol:
Is there a Too Much Stuff disability?

I'm thinking of the scene in Spaceballs where the Princess insists that she can not live without her industrial strength hair dryer.
Looks good to me, but you need the rest of the team to really make it work.

Colonel Jane 'Hannibella' Smith - A MILF who hates REMFs Hannibella Smith is a tactical genius and master of disguise. She smokes cheroots (rather than cigars) and 'loves it when a plan comes together'.

Captain 'Scream Queen' Murdoch (First name unknown) - A loopy pilot who suffers from a different, randomly determined, comedic insanity each game.

Lieutenant Temptation 'Face' Pecker - The front girl of the operation who oozes sensuality and could talk the weiner off a frat boy.

Andy Allen/Shawn Baker - Token male reporter, insignificant but oft' needs rescuing.

Frankie 'Saucepan' Santana - I barely remember this person from the 5th series of the A-Team, but they were in it. I don't even remember their speciality but Frankie is a good unisex name.
I like it :)

also updated the character after the 1st game session.

Let's just say a good chunk of the money went into the van. 8)

had to fudge a lot using my uncle al's catalog from hell, but it rocks
can post what I've done if their's interest.
O.K. I've just got MWWG, and have only skimmed through it so far, so maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find anything about using drawback points to increase cup size. Using points to alter boobs, belly or butt is on the table on page 27, but I thought cup size was linked solely to it's determining characteristic.
That would be the Top-Heavy drawback. Top Heavy means that your breasts are so large that it interferes with skills like balance and tumble.
O.K. I've found that drawback, it says there is a six inch increase but nothing about cup size. I'm using the PDF version from, is it different in the hardback copy? Or is there some other way of calculating it that I have missed?

I hate to sound as if I am obsessed with the size of women's breasts, but I am so that's how it comes across. :D :wink:
I dunno. I just figure Top Heavy is worth a four-step increase in cup size every time it is taken. (Or rolled on my mutation table.)
Actually there is a disadvantage called "Topheavy" in the game. Don't know about using other points to increase bust size though, been a while since I looked through the book.
Utgardloki said:
I dunno. I just figure Top Heavy is worth a four-step increase in cup size every time it is taken. (Or rolled on my mutation table.)

A four step increase? And it can be taken more than once? WOOO-HOOO! :D :wink: