List of Legend OGL Games

It might be useful to categorise these based on whether they contain Open Game Content or not.

Don't forget Raiders of Rl'yeh.

Mystical Throne Entertainment produced a series of historical supplements for Legend including:

Ultimate Guide to the Mongol Empire
Ultimate Roman Legions Guide
Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide

The Mongol book was subsequently re-released as a generic supplement, with a Legend Conversion Guide that is OGC. The Entropic Gaming System (EGS) from Mystical Throne was heavily based on OGC from Legend, although it is not 100% Legend-Compatible.

Another RPG that borrows heavily from Legend OGC but is not compatible with the parent game is the Sabre system from Dragonsbane Entertainment.
DamonJynx said:
There is also The Blood Path by Alex Greene. An excellent adventure, even if I'm a little biased.
Not seen that before, so I nabbed it and will have a gander. Thanks for the heads-up! Why would you consider yourself a little biased, were you involved?
I edited it, did the layout, most of the cartography and some interior illustrations the sword silhouette and chapter end markers😉So, yeah, you could say I was involved.