Lets use willpower a little more for the kai...


So I got my kai up to 7th level last night, and I really like the concept of willpower. I just don't know why that the psychic powers that have endurance costs don't use willpower instead. It shouldn't take lifeforce to power, it should take mental energy in my opinion. Mind over matter tier5, all mindblast tiers (I know stun and attack use willpower, but the others should too), healing tiers, all of the mental powers should use willpower. If you run out of willpower, thats it for you. You can use endurance, if you are tapped out, thats fine, but it would be a gm house rule (I guess I'm basically making a house rule anyway).

So what I'm asking is for saomeone from mongoose to tell me why they didn't use willpower to power the mental disciplines. What were their reasons? Game balance? Keeping true to Dever's creation mechanic? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if I do decide to use this house rule, would it be overpowering? Would it screw up game balance? Has this concept been playtested and found not to work? Thanks for any of your consideration.
I think removing the Endurance cost would probably overbalance the Kai class against other classes like the Brother of the Crystal Star or Dwarven Gunner. If you take it (as I do) that Endurance is not simply a representation of how much damage you can take, but actually represents your stamina and ability to dodge attacks and parry blows, then it makes sense, since you get tired out using your abilities too much. That way, even though an arrow "hits" you, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a wooden shaft sticking out of your arm or that it yet again "just grazes you", just that the effort of getting out of the way is slowly exhausting you.
i think the problem with your idea is, that it will rob the mage of dessi of one of his advantages

if spellcasting with willpower is normal, why is the mage of dessi any special?

just my thought
Well, you do use willpower, for psychic combat. And since you have a whole lot less wilpower than endurance, i don't see how it is overpowering. You can keep shooting potions of laumspur all day, and then go mindblast everyone all night. But willpower works differently.

Oh well. just an idea. thanks for your replies.