League of Non Alligned Worlds supplement?

Brother Theo

Just curious if there will be supplemental materal to cover the other races in the League. The current book is very well written, so I hope there is more to come to cover the other races.

Brother Theo
Can't say for certain if it is in the foreseen future or not, but I can say that I would love to strike one up if I could! :)

I don't see the link to the B5 RPG on Mongoose's site, so I have some concern. Also, the comments on the books by JMS also brings concern.

Matt, any words of encouragement??

Brother Theo
Don't fret...we are still good to go on B5 stuff Theo. The links on the front page just switch around from time to time to be fair to our other licenses, y'know?

B5 is strong and going...never fear!

Thanks guys! With all of the uncertainty today (especially in my case, being part of the Delphi bankrupcy), it's nice to know some things are still on track.

Brother Theo
Mongoose is, in fact, the last, best hope for B5 source material...

The year is 2006, the place: Mongoose Publishing.