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Just received the Ramius-class Battle Frigates from my first order (metal) :D and the Federation Fleet Box Set (Resin) :) from my second order

I compared the metal and resin Ramius-class Battle Frigates – The quality of the metal minis are better than the resin and will require less work to prepare and paint.

Resin is the way minis will be going in the future – however we seem to have hit a technological block with the material and casting process.
You'll start to see models come thick and fast now - as soon as the last Klingon and Romulan fleet sets ship (should be around next week), you will see the 'new' Federation ships pop up in very short order. That will give you an indication of how fast things are moving now.
msprange said:
You'll start to see models come thick and fast now - as soon as the last Klingon and Romulan fleet sets ship (should be around next week), you will see the 'new' Federation ships pop up in very short order. That will give you an indication of how fast things are moving now.

And last week, you told us that we should RECEIVE them around next week...
steelvow said:
And last week, you told us that we should RECEIVE them around next week...

No, I said they would be in the post - and the majority will be. Remember, we are shipping out sets that were ordered just a day or so ago, so when I say 'all' sets, I am including those.
I have to say that I've had a few replacement models as metal (bubbles were a real problem).

Whilst they are as heavy, as you'd expect metal models to be as compared to resin, the detail is still superb and they paint up fine. I know that some would prefer resin but it's much better to my mind _having_ these really nice metal models whilst Mongoose gradually ramp up and develop their production techniques in resin (getting rid of the bubbles, getting mould pressure right, etc).

To produce a whole new line in a new material was an ambitious plan for a company like Mongoose. :shrug: But as Matt says, they've apologised, swallowed the ignominy, have been prompt in sending out replacement parts, are learning lessons and are trying to go forward to meet demand in another material.

I'm just looking forward to new releases :D

PS At least I've now got a couple of wrecks, too... :wink:
Okay, Sit Rep...

We now have large stocks of Federation and Klingon squadron and fleet sets (the Klingons proved a little slower than we liked, primarily because of the resin C8, but we have all new production moulds for those and they are now streaming out). As I type, there is a big box of Klingon fleet sets in the air over the Atlantic, and as soon as they arrive at our HQ a little later this week, people in the UK, Europe and 'ROW' will starting seeing messages that their sets are on their way to them. We will be getting another such shipment next week which will complete the stock levels we need to complete all mail orders, even those that are placed this week and, beyond that point, we should be on a turnaround time of a few days, and then down to our normal 24 hours.

Federation and Klingon Fleet and Squadron sets are also being shipped to distributors, and will start arriving next week. There is a 'street date' of the 20th for the sale of these at the retail end. We'll see who keeps to that...

Our friends at Amarillo Design Bureau will be receiving their first batch within the next few days.

Romulan fleet sets are about to start main production - we are just waiting on the final production moulds of the 'Hawk' series to be completed (will take about a day to finish after everything is out the door this week), and then these will start moving out as well. I would expect the first to leave our doors next week (we have a fighting chance of getting all pre-ordered Romulan fleets out next week, but I won't promise that just yet!). Romulan fleets will be in stores 2 weeks after the Klingons and Federation. That, I can promise.

After that, the mountain has basically been scaled, and we will switch back from 'emergency mode.' The first three Squadron and Fleet sets will be in stock, in depth, in both the UK and US and be subject to our normal 24 hour turnaround on orders.

The next set of new models will already have production moulds by this time, and will include the Kzinti squadron and fleet sets, and Federation reinforcements. No dates set yet, but these will start to appear in stores next month, and I would not be surprised to see us fulfilling pre-orders before the end of this month (you really will start to see things speed up from now on).

There is a good chance that you may see some or all of these models for sale at Salute, but we'll see how it goes (there is an outside chance that Judge Dredd fans may see the Manta Prowl Tank at Salute, but that will really be pushing it!).

As a forewarning, the Gorn fleet and squadron sets may be a little delayed as we have agreed a revision of the entire line with ADB. We are still planning on a June release, but we will be reliant on the speed of the rapid prototypers for this - at the moment, I would give it a 90% chance of making the date.

There will also be a veritable slew of various squadron sets coming out over the next few months, leading up to the release of the first supplement for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet at the bottom end of the year. We are still agreeing content with ADB, but I can reveal it will contain expanded fleet lists for both Tholians and Orions, including the ability for the former to make webs!
Thanks for the news Matt!

Looking forward to getting the email announcing that my Klingon fleet box is in the mail any day now.
Our US staff are in this holiday weekend to work on mail orders, so we should be getting through the last of them this coming week or so.
Please thank your US staff. Many of us have written multiple email pleas over the past months and I think we all agree that they in general and Kelly in particular have been unfailingly patient, polite and helpful given the production constraints. Hopefully they have some make up downtime coming soon. :D
Yeah, totally agree with that. It sounds like you've all worked very hard with precious little thanks so...thanks. It is appreciated.
I got two E-4s today in metal, look great! Still waiting on the rest of my Klingons! Agree with thanks to all members of the Mongoose team (especially Kelly)!
Woot! Got my Klingon and Federation fleet boxes. All resin except the shuttles. I only did a quick look but I didn't see any real flaws or misalignments.

Now it is power painting time. Less than 9 days till demo time at my FLGS.
Latest Sit Rep...

As of today, every Klingon set due to be shipped from the UK is now in the post. This covers the UK, Europe and 'ROW.' The US warehouse is in a similar position, and will complete their shipping this week.

Here in the UK we have literally a handful of open orders for Fed fleet sets, Klingon squadrons amd a few singles - we have run dry on stocks of these but will be replenished in a few days. We will dispatch them immediatly. So, if you are waiting, you won't be waiting long.

We are a tad behind on the Romulan fleets (squadron sets fully in stock) due to some mould complications and I am hoping to hear they will start shipping this week. We don't anticipate any issues on production and are looking to get through these in just a few days.

At which point, we will be fully up to date!

I'll have news on new squadron and fleet sets soon...