Judge Dredd - Size of a sector


I have been going through some old sector maps that I have and comparing them with some drawn sectors on the internet (69 for example) and they are all roughly the same - but -

I was mucking around with various maps and then started comparing the size of an individual sector with roughly the same area of land on 'Google Earth' - if you have never tried 'Google Earth' I heartily recommend it - it is free and easy to download -

And then it began to dawn on me, yes you guessed it, I had never relised how absoloutly MASSIVE a Sector really is. All those gaps on my map between blocks represent 100's of square miles of 'Urban Sprawl'.

As I started to panic (a strange sort of panic that wasn't depressing, a sort of wow sort of panic) on the fact that so little of mine (or anyone else's) sector is actually detailed some interesting things occured to me.

The area my sector house and blocks covered was immense and even in the grand scheme of things would probably have to be scaled down.

How to fill in the gaps on the Sector Map I though of a solution - the street map internet sites - these provide maps of urban mass downloaded straight from the internet. No more painstaking drawing! - A click of a button and hey presto you have countless streets to be put straight onto your maps! By using image editing you can put any of your futuristic buildings on as well.

This allows for detailed citybottom patrol routes, chases and location for all your buildings. The hight of buildings is up to you as well.

Anyway this is all theory at the moment and I will be trying this later..........

Another point is the time it takes to travel across the sector even in light traffic - a lot longer than I at first appreciated.


I tried figuring this out a while ago, and ended up with the sector 69 map as is.

You'll notice I have avoided putting any scale onto the maps. I had a much bigger map with many many more buildings on it, but that didn't reflect the size of Mega City One (I did some working out of how many citizens were supposed to be housed in a typical block, and as I knew there were 305 sectors in MC1 I figured out that each sector should really only house between 10 and 30 Cityblocks to stay within the Mega city One scale... - I had too many buildings on my old map - over a hundred, in fact, as I just had it on graph paper in seperate grids pretty much as it is on the site - and so I scaled it down to the area I now have and to be honest it works better this way. I'd say one square of my sector 69 map is probably a KM or so on each side, so it's not that massive.

Having a street level detailed map and patrol routes also doesn't work so well for me because Mega City One shouldn't be static - streets should get bombed out and rebuilt occasionally and so I don't bother putting in anything other than major buildings and roads - I let the Speed Kills rules govern all the minor stuff such as slipzooms and streets because the team patrols the whole sector and so long as they can comfortably recognise the main Block and Megaway names, they feel happier that way. There are only a finite number of Judges attatched to the Sector House and to have them patrolling City Bottom regularly would feel like a waste of resources - even in the comic City Bottom is somewhere Judges rarely patrol.

For Block floor areas, I'll quote myself -

From an older post of mine:

The old Games Workshop Citiblock Rules say this about floor area: (all in square meters, with random dice rolls to determine the size...)

Pre-Atomic War - 10,000 – 30,000 (D6 x 5,000; take 1=2)
Pre-Apocalypse War - 20,000 – 50,000 (D4+1 x 30,000)
Post-Apocalypse War - 30,000 – 300,000 (D10 x 30,000)
Con-Apt - 2,500 – 10,000 (D4 x 2,500)

Let's take a Con-Apt building I just rolled a 3 for. That's a total floor area of (3x 2,500) 7,500 square meters. OK. My math is not great, but I think a square 100 meters by 75 meters sounds about right for the whole thing (I'd include the outside plaza part in this).

A Citiblock under these rules would be anything up to 30,000 m2 - what's that? A square roughly 173 meters on each side?