Judge Dredd - Is actually out yet?

I am most definitely a Luddite. hell the movie "The Surrogates" creeped me out. I can also see adopting that movie, as a Dredd theme. :D

lastbesthope said:
The thing about books is, since they don't rely on technology, they are less likely to be obsolete in future years.


And they'll make better kindling than laptops, too.
I can KO someone with a handful of books and not leave a mark. Laptops, = expensive beat downs. Besides. When it gets down to it, I'd rather pay 50 bucks for a cool looking books, then 10 bucks for a goofy PDF, that I have to go buy a minimum 600 dollar computer to use. Then, find a place to plug that computer in. And a way to hand it to players at the table. etc etc etc ......

Luddites rejoice, for soon we shall end the evil that is the PDF. :D