[Judge Dredd] I finally painted my Mechanismo robot



Feedback always appreciated. 8)
Interesting placement of his badge... or is that extra protection :) And if someone were to want to check his badge for authenticity..well that could be downright embarrassing :lol:
Great paint job there. Now it's painted, it's easier to see the detail... and I hadn't previously noticed the badge location. Also, the helm looks a little odd... other than that, it's a great figure and a nice paint job. Thanks for sharing it with us :) What are you working on next?


Thanks for asking :)

A little news, but not much of it is Dredd-related.

First off, I finished off my Fallen Lord for a miniatures game called VOR. Here, take a look:


Right now, I am finishing off a new design for a sculpting competition (can't show you that one...yet).

As for Dredd stuff, I just bought and assembled an Aliens Queen model that is close to 28mm scale (a little big).
I'm going to be running Judge Dredd vs Aliens (my own version, but inspired by the comic) this July.

Step One is assembling and painting the Queen. Step Two will be sculpting Aliens heads and tails to use and convert some plastic Genestealers (Warhammer 40K models) into a bunch of Aliens for the game.

Penitence is a massice prison ship where MegaCity One sends it's absolute worst criminals. Ones too dangerous to hold in the Iso-Cubes. It is in an eliptical orbit around the solar system. Every three years, it comes close enough to Earth to send a small group of Judges onboard with parts and supplies. For the other 364 days a year, it is staffed by Mechanismo robots. This year, the boarding crew finds the ship strangely...silent. :)

1. The group is composed of Judges from all over Earth, and Penitence is a global project (unlikely as that seems, we'd get to use all the other cool Judge types).
2. Penitence passes through some cosmic radiation (or rays or something), causing the Mechanismos to go haywire. Aliens leave the crazy robots alone, as they can't infest them. They're just a threat to the Player Group of Judges. :)

Feedback always appreciated.
Heh - I well remember (long before the official Dred vs Aliens) an adventure in which us judges had to investigate an alien spacecraft that had crash-landed in the cursed earth.

Turns out it was some form of zoo-ological collecting ship, and amongst its specimens were both "Aliens" (including a queen) and a Starbeast.

Said starbeast (a creature with genius level intelligence) possesed the Queen...


Most memorable moment: Judge Cross placing a bleeper into each boot and each glove, and instructing the gunnery crew in one of our accompanying vehicles to moniter all four. With the instruction "If the signal indicates that the bleepers have split up, fire the laser cannon at the one that is still moving..."
That sounds like a fun scenario, and Judge Cross had a great idea with the bleepers. Do you have notes from the scenario you could share with us, or some more memories or Dredd adventures?