Jeremiah timeline


Has anyone assembled a timeline for Jeremiah? Unlike in Babylon 5, i don't think we were ever given any dates or concrete lengths of time, so it would all be guesswork.

In the first season, though, we have two episodes with snow (that i remember): "Journeys End in Lovers' Meeting" and "Things Left Unsaid". Hmm. The second half of the first season either takes place over the course of a year or just a couple months. Either way it seems odd.

Well, i can see why no more supplements have been published, and why season two isn't out on DVD. Sigh.

Realizing that it also snowed in "Tripwire" settled the timeframe of the second half of season one, since "Things Left Unsaid" follows not long after that. This is what i came up with:

The Long Road                           March 2021
Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass          March
...And the Ground, Sown with Salt       March
To Sail Beyond the Stars                May
The Bag                                 May
City of Roses                           May
Firewall                                May
Journeys End in Lovers Meeting          November
Thieves' Honor                          November
The Touch                               November
Mother of Invention                     December
Tripwire                                December
Moon in Gemini                          December
Out of the Ashes                        December
A Means to an End                       January 2022
Things Left Unsaid                      February
Letters from the Other Side             February
Strange Attractors                      February
Deus Ex Machina                         February
Rites of Passage                        March
Mysterious Smith                        March
Voices in the Dark                      July
Crossing Jordan                         August
Running on Empty                        August
The Question                            September
The Past is Prologue                    October
The Face in the Mirror                  November
State of the Union                      March 2023
Interregnum                             March
Not too shabby a timeline. I'll give the series a once-over again while taking notes and see if I can come up with more.
Still ticks me off to no end that MGM isn't releasing season 2. Though they might do a double-take on us and re-release the whole of season1 and 2 together in one set.

Hard to tell with companies these days.

More later ;)
Don't know much about Jeremiah, but I am curious about the series. What was it about, how long did it run for, who made it and why did it stop?
From what I know, having never seen it, a post apocalyptic society when a plague has come by 15 or so years back and killed all the adults, 2 seasons, JMS (of B5 fame) , was cancelled (or met some other unnatural end)

The first season was shown on the UK, but the second was not. There's an episode guide here:
The show's very good, and spoilers will really--well, spoil it. So don't! You can get the first season from Netflix (or anywhere else), and there are torrents for the second season. It's too bad the second season isn't out on DVD...

If you're worried about watching half a series only to be cut off in the middle, don't. JMS knew when season 2 started it would be his last season, and he made sure to provide *an* ending, if not *the* ending.
JMS wrote the whoel series out to have a fixed ending, like B5 - From what I read on one of his forums, he had story arcs for 5 years, but was careful to make sure each season could stand on it's own.

Basic premise, a bioweapon is released that kills off everyone above "the Age of Innocence", i.e. puberty.

The society that develops is one where kids have had to try to keep things going. Cash is unheard of, bullets, batteries, and cans of soup are worth mcu more. Luke Perry plays Jeremiah, 15 years after the Big Death, wandering through the country searching.

Season 2 was shown on Showtime, but never made it DVD, much to my dismay. The series was great. One of my favorites of all time, and well worth the money if you can find the boxed set for S1.
I just bought the book. :lol:
I look forward to hosting a game. :roll:
I have seen part of the first season, and plan on buying it someday. 8)

Has anyone played this game? Any problems or sugestions?
u1stplease said:
I just bought the book. :lol:
I look forward to hosting a game. :roll:
I have seen part of the first season, and plan on buying it someday. 8)

Has anyone played this game? Any problems or sugestions?

I bought the main book and the Thunder Mountain expansion. I like the look, and system, but I generally only use them for reference while using my own system for creation of characters and combat.

Well worth the cost IMHO.

The 2nd season can be found online for free if you know where to look. If you have a DIVX player (or can download the free one), you can watch the episodes on your computer.

Its worth the effort to get that second season and as one person wrote above, Strazynski really left a nice ending to his 2 years while leaving an opening to continue the saga ;)