It will be an Armagedon Centauri deal?

Is gonna be an Armagedon deal or fleet box set? You know, 1 Centauri Adira Royal Battleship with 4
Centauri Liati Advanced Cruiser Maybe a 2 Centurion or Centauri Balvarin , 4 Vochan and 6 Centauri Rutarian Heavy Fighter for $100.00.
No dont think so.

There still is only a single Centauri fleet list and 2 new ships wont prolly make for a new fleet box.
I beleve with the Centauri Adira Royal Battleship and the Centauri Liati Advanced Cruiser is reason enoght to set a Empereror Molari fleet box set.
I very much doubt anything will be released for any other fleets, and with the armageddons ships for most fleets being so highly priced, the box sets would likewise become a bit expensive
Well I spoke with Matthew today about the ISA box set, he didn't see it changing though he did seem not entirely closed to the idea of an ISA reinforcements box.

Dunno about the Centauri though, but personally I don't see a new box coming out for them.