Iranistani Nobles - Regional feature?


What do you think the regional features of Iranistani Nobles would be?

Based on Hyrkania, I reckon:

+1 Bonus to attack with Sabre and Tulwar.
+1 Bonus to all Intimidate and Ride checks.
I read the 2 page article that was made available on the SoC programme, I assume it is the same?

Sadly it doesn't include any notes about Iranistani Nobles.

I would very much expect it to be along the lines of what Hyrkanians get, except modified to suit the favoured weapons of Iranistan.
It's your game. I that's how you see it, go for it.

I don't think you can go too far wrong here. It's not like there's an overwhelming amount of information on Iranistan. ;)
Because I think my replies can be useful even after several months 8) . The posts are two years old, but they were not removed... :wink: :)