Interchangable Weapons Options using Neodymium Magnets


So you've nearly built your Chickenhawk but aren't 100% certain which weapons options to put on?

Never fear, Neodymium is here!

Neodymium rare earth magnets are perfect for making interchangable weapons options, and pretty much anything else you want to make swappable/removable. Just fit one to each piece you want a temporary join on, and they'll stick together. Obviously there's a limit to the weight that can be held on using one magnet so you may want to use larger and/or more magnets (tip - using two pairs makes a much more stable join because one pair allows free rotation of the two pieces)

Drill a small depression into each item you want to join, and just glue the Neodymium magnet into place on each side (make sure you got the polarity right first or you'll end up with two pieces that repulse instead of attract... although the more technically minded will already see some new possibilities there too!)

1mm diameter magnets are perfect for attaching a head onto a figure, or any small part that sits "on top" of a vehicle so it's weight doesnt cause it to drop off. 2mm magnets work well for attaching limbs or on the wrist join for multiple hands (if figures need to be allowed more than one weapons option, for example), and for attaching small weapons onto the tops and sides of vehicles. 3mm magnets or multiple 2mm magnets can hold even larger parts together, and so far I haven't had to use anything larger than that.

Obviously metal parts are heavier than plastic, so you'll need to experiment with various sized magnets to get the best join.
Yes Matt, that method works well. Some might not have seen, but I assembled my Chickenhawk with a very similar tactic. Wow, I can't believe it's now been over a year since I did that project. I guess I'm glad that Neodymium magnets are permanent, and don't wear out.

You can use the method that I, Matt and others work with to even attach many things that you might glue on normally. I liked having the option on my proxie drop ship to have several sizes of pods, as well as display the ship "empty" as well.
nice. Im gonna do this if I ever get any exos, and will if I get any marauders. What kind of drill should I be looking for?
Rob_alderman said:
nice. Im gonna do this if I ever get any exos, and will if I get any marauders. What kind of drill should I be looking for?

Rob, for the small work I'd use a hand-held pin vise, and size the bit of course for the magnet sizes. For consistancy of using different weapons on your "hardpoints", be sure to use the same polarity facing out on all of the weapons. That way you can mix and match various options. If you get into a problem with not really having enough depth on a weapon piece for countersinking a magnet, you can always find thin bits of metal to glue on the surface that will bond to the magnet on the hardpoint. I have made use of glazing points for metal bits. Glazing points are what window installers use for mounting glass panes in wood frames. They can be found at most hardware stores.