IISS Motto


Is there an official motto for the IISS?
For example, other than the Poni Express emblem, what are common Scout tattoos?
"We expect the unexpected"?

I also wonder about the Imperial Navy, but hope for that answer next month


Cosmic Mongoose
It never came up when I did research for the World Builders Handbook (doesn't mean there wasn't one, but if so, it's likely obscure and buried in some article somewhere). If there isn't one, then I guess I missed an opportunity to create one...
"When in doubt, Scout it out"... no, that's not any good. In this case, the creative process could benefit from some more alcohol.

However, the relevance and appropriateness of Scout tattoos are probably inversely related to the amount of alcohol consumed prior to decision-making...


Emperor Mongoose
Neither meteor shower nor radiation nor solar flare nor gloom of space stays these Scout/Couriers from the express transition of their appointed routes.


Emperor Mongoose



Cosmic Mongoose
Actually, First In might be the correct answer, now that I think about it. At least for the Exploration Office.
So for some belated research: From GURPS First In (p. 16 sidebar):

Exploration Office: First In (or the Vilani equivalent): kimash or "foremost"
Survey Office: Truth and Perseverance
Communications Office: To Enlarge the Common Life

And for symbols/ possible tattoos:
Exploration: Silver Star on black background
Survey: "an abstract design resembling a lemniscate or “infinity symbol,” wrapped around two circles (gold on the left, red on the right)."
Communications: poni


Cosmic Mongoose
"There are no old, bold Scouts"
"No such thing as an ex-Scout: Just detached or dead. We don't need no stinkin' pensions."