If this dream where real what would Oleb do?


During my afternoon kip earlier I had a dream about A Duke who got paranoid after by chance finding out Olebs plan and took steps to ensure that no matter what happened to Drinax that he and his family would survive and prosper. So can my fellow Traveller GM's give then thoughts on what Oleb would done or have done if this dream actually happened

In The Dream A Very Senior Drinaxian Duke who by chance found out Olebs Plan and fearing it ould end in disaster moved his family moved to Asim and used his Portfolio that his family has spend 1,209 years to build up and used it to find to fund The Creation of A Drinaxian Fleet that in theory was loyal to Drinax but in truth was loyal only to him

His portfolio was made up of 1 Cr 201,600,000 Hunting Estate that netted him Cr 1,008,000 a month, 1 Cr 154,700,000 Bank Account that nets him Cr 696,685 per month, 1 Cr 35,000,000 Stipend that netted him Cr 267,500 a month, 1 Cr 35,000,000 Antiques Dealership that netted him Cr 267,500 a month, 1 Cr 21,000,000 Hover-Car Makers that nets him Cr 157,500 a month and 1 Cr 16,800,000 Brandy Producing Estate that nets him Cr 84,000 a month

That gives a total value of Cr 474,100,000 that nets him Cr 2,481,685 per month

In the end he spend Cr 2,463,832 of that on 6 200 ton Drinaxi Class Commerce Raiders all with 12 Crew, 3 600 ton Corsairs all with 20 Crew, 1 custom build 1,000 ton Mercenary Cruiser with 50 Crew, 1 1,200 ton captured and converted Aslan Pocket Battleship with 60 crew and 1 2,000 ton Escort Carrier with 47 crew