How do you rate my strictly by the rules Drinax


I've decided to prove that I can run A Drinax Campaign using only official stuff and I'm doing it with a single Player whose doing A Noble Pc that bagged A Cr 100,000,000 Estate by rolling the event that doubles its value twice then A 12 +2 for SS 13 and invested most of his earnings in more portfolios. So here's my strictly by the rules Drinax. What do you think?

Its planets are Drinax, Asim, Sperle, Bryni, Neumann, Tech-World, Falcon, Albe, Exe, Acrid, Argona and Arunissir

For Ships is has The Starguards 56 Ships that range from 100 tons to 800 tons ships, The Regional Forces 137 Ships that range from 100 tons to 700 tons and The Pcs My 6 Ships that range from 100 tons to 600 tons

Soldiers wise it has around 84.6 million part-time and around 10.27 million full-time

Portfolio wise he has 1 Hunting Estate worth Cr 132,000,000 that nets me Cr 660,000 per month, 1 Brandy Making business worth Cr 27,500,000 that nets me Cr 206,250 per month, 1 Industrial Property worth Cr 27,500,000 that nets me Cr 137,500 per month, 1 Agricultural Estate worth Cr 11,000,000 that nets me Cr 55,000 a month and 1 Stipend worth Cr 11,000,000 that nets me Cr 82,500 per month

All in all that gives my character a portfolio worth a total of Cr 209,000,000 that nets me Cr 1,141,250 a month before costs of Cr 374,396 and Cr 766,854 a month after costs of Cr 374,396

The portfolio event rolls where The 1st 4 are 7’s which mean nothing, The 5th and 6th are A 10 then A 3rd 5 then 4 then A 5 that I ruled cancel each other, The 7th was A 11 then A 1 add +10% to all their values, The 8 and 9th’s A 12 then A 7 followed by 2 then A 6 that I ruled cancel each other and The 10’s A 10 then A 2 to add +20% to the highest 1

His personal Ships are as follows

Directly lead

2 100 ton Armed and Armoured Scoutships at a cost of Cr 27,064x2 a month and with 5 crew each that all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +2 DM in their 3 none-key skills

1 600 ton Corsair at a cost of Cr 81,042 a month and with 16 crew that all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +2 DM in their 3 none-key skills

1 400 ton Blockade Runner 1 600 ton Corsair at a cost of Cr 101,348 a month and with 16 crew that all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +2 DM in their 3 none-key skills

1 200 ton Drinaxi Class Commerce Raider at a cost of Cr 137,940 a month and with 11 crew that all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +2 DM in their 3 none-key skills


All in all that costs them 69% of their illegal earnings or 79% with Olebs Share and Cr 374,396 per month

Not directly lead

1 200 ton Armed and Armoured Aslan Trader and 1 200 ton Armed and Armoured Aslan Scout from Arunissir for restoring the glory of the ruling clan
Are you stating that at the outset Drinax has a bunch of worlds and about 200 starships, or have you already played 132.67 years of game time?

I'm pretty sure Drinax starts off without subject territories and the point was to use the shoestring resources (one ship, in poor condition) to try to get some.
Personally I think it sounds like a game I would not want to play, and strikes me as a waste of time. All your players do is roll on the Dilettante portfolio table, then buy ships or hire mercenaries. Or your campaign runs for decades. I mean if it works for you, go for it, your game, your rules. get together with people and watch the interest payments rack up on a spreadsheet. Compound interest is your friend. Roll enough of your magic double 6's and everyone can afford anagathics and create your own Pocket empire in 132 game years.

And as the author of the module asked, how the heck does Drinax go from 1 ship to 65 ships?

That being said, it does not strike me as a game I would want to play in. Maybe it works for your group and you are having fun with it. I wish you all the fun you can find in a gaming group you can find. Now despite your group, and your relatives conspiring to make you ask silly, stupid questions to make you look like an idiot on these boards you still run the same campaign over and over and over. And every game you touch ends the same way, with the same list of worlds in your Pocket Empire and hundreds of ships all calculated out to the monthly credit. But not my cup of tea, like I said if it works for every single person you have ever gamed with then more power-gaming to all of you. I hope you had fun calculating all the mortgage payments.

I have a morbid curiosity how long it took your player to create such a list. And I am wondering how the modules played out. I have no idea how fast a campaign lasts for you. Or how often or for how long you play. Previous posts have mentioned marathon events, but I admit I am not sure if those reports were written by you or your vindictive relative that you've mentioned getting control of your account.

So I will ask you. How many sessions did it take to create the 200 ship armada you described in your post? How many of the modules did you run, and how did you change them to address the oddity of a super rich pirate taking to the skies in the Sindal Sector?
Yeah. No.

I mean, I went nuts with my players in Drinax, I really just let them get in heavy. Drinax at the start of the campaign has Asim, and that's it. I'm not sure they spell out the "Starguard" line-up explicitly, but it's poor. Very poor. My Drinax had a Scout/Courier, a battered old Free Trader and the King had a leased yacht (And I think that's generous)

After years of work (And me being over generous with rewards and salvage) my players had amassed a fleet of three pirate ships (The Harrier, a Vulture, and a non-standard design) and a front freight company with a handful of far traders, a fat trader, and a little security ship.

That is more wealth and assets put together than I have ever run, and it throws up all new layers of problems at every turn.

It is a small portion of the starting assets your posts always have. But, since you're a weird troll and not actually ingesting any of this information, I don't know why I'm bothering to write it.

Monkey skunks.