Hyperion Conversion: Assault Varient

While waiting for the Nike Project to wrap up, I've been working on some conversion projects. Here's my Hyperion Assault varient - hopefully to be used at some point. The Hyperion has become my favorite model to hack up!



I still need to touch up some parts, add the small gun barrels and decals but you get the idea. Trivia points for anyone who knows where the add-on piece came from. More pics as the model evolves.
prelude_to_war said:
Here's my Hyperion Assault varient - hopefully to be used at some point. The Hyperion has become my favorite model to hack up!

You must have a lot of Hyperions *TO* hack up.

I like this. It's simple, discreet and adds just enough to the model to be considered legitiamte. Just enough space for the extra troops and added shuttles.

Good job. I look forward to more of these little surprises.
I've at least one spare Hyperion sitting around at the moment, I may try my hand at a conversion. This and the command variant threads have been somewhat inspiring.
Damn having to go to work! Axeman beat me to it on the freighter.

The conversion looks great, although I'm deliberately not converting any of my Hyperions, so they can stand in as different variants in campaigns.
are there any other companies making space ships in the same scale as B5?

good place for variants or home built forces, aka raider-like
those are really solid

the kikoku could be a faction if anyone was good at grinding reasonable stats.

BTW do B5 minis have stat cards, or they all come from the book?
a couple of us a working on "cards" for B5 ACTA. My site with the first cards will be up on October 1st.

Having bought some of them, the Kikoku miniatures are very nice looking. The Battleship is HUGE -- a little larger than a Bin'Tak, but much more "substantial" on the battlefield. It is probably on the order of what Mongoose has planned for its Armaggedon miniatures. I like all of the Kikoku ships, though I still find the Carrier the most endearing, followed by the Destroyer.

The ships are about in scale with the B5W/ACTA miniatures, though the small corvettes are actually small enough to not be confused for cruisers (yes, I am looking at you Thentus!).

And, for some more shameless promotion, VBAM Games has a line of miniatures coming out that is roughly in scale with the B5W/ACTA range. Our cruisers are about as big as a Hyperion (though some are bigger), with other ships scaling accordingly against that. Right now there is only one fleet available, but by November we should have another 30 miniatures available for sale.

But as the previous post noted, check out Star Ranger's site and look through the directory; you are sure to find some ships that can fill out your ACTA fleets for the ships that Mongoose hasn't produced yet.