[Star Magic] New stars and constellations + spell list

Encyclopedia Arcane #11: Star Magic was always one of my favorite sourceboks for D&D, about tied with the Elementalism, Constructs, and Crossbreeding ones, actually. they brough back some magical feeling to magic, where it had become very cut and dried, especialy in 3rd/3.5 edition. Some of the Constellations here are only concpetual notes, or otherwise only partially complete, and I quite intentionally bogarted healing magic from the divine casters, but I don't think I took anything too over the top, and I'm thoroughly sick and tierd of putzing around with class and level based game systems, so it's not going to get developed any further.

Therefore, I place this here, for the use of the community. I will also include a mostly-starmagic spell book listing that, including some of these new ones, covers most everything needed for the Constructs book, and to qualify for Elementalism as soon as possible. A few of the spells come from the Player's Handbook/Core Book I/the SRD or Savage Species 3.5 (I think, maybe 3e?) too, generally listed with at least the abbreviated book name, though many of the PHB ones are just left unattributed. I think the ones with a row of X's for the source are the incomplete ones above, but it's been long enough I don't really remember.

I will also include a mostly-starmagic spell book listing that, including some of these new ones, covers everything needed for Mimeoi and Automata from the Constructs book by 13th level, and to qualify for Elementalism at 3rd.

Edit to add: Everything here except the Savage Species spell names is OGC, specifically including the character names if you want to use them. Stripping the flavor out of the 3.5e spell list was a large part of what prompted my shift almost entirely over to Star Magic in the first l=place, so it would be dreadflly hypocrtical of me to protest if smoeone want's to attach my character names to some bit of magic or piece of enchanted kit. I would be interestedto see it if you develop anything here further, and will check back on the thread from time to time in case anyone has.

New Stars:
Artifice, Anima, Antidote, Boundary, Guardians, Reason, Script, Swindlers, Vigor

New Constellations:
Bargain, Fallen Stars, Healer, Heart's Desire, Immortal, Labrynth, Lyre, Marionette, Puppeteer, Question, Quickening, Scythe, Titan

Any Star or Constellation can be overchanneled without increasing the usual channel level (ChL) governed abilities to instead increase effective channeler level (CL) by 2*(number of extra l ChL)

Star of Artifice

Aspect: Ascendant: spring; Descendent: autumn; Horizon: summer/winter
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: No

Among the gifts the gods gave to man stands one man made for himself. The Star of Artifice shines on every inventor and every wright, and their minds bubble with new ideas when it rides high in the sky. Channeling the distilled skill of this Star allows the magus to repair objects or constructs with a touch. Non-living material is repaired 1d8hp per channeler level, up to 5d8.
When this Star is ascendant, an additional 2hp per channeler level are repaired (maximum +40hp.) When it lies on the horizon, the bonus is +1hp per channeler level, to a maximumm of +20hp. When the Star of Artifice is Descendent, no bonus is recieved. It has no effect upon the undead in any season.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, or Critical Damage

Star of Anima

Aspect: Ascendant: spring; Descendent: winter; Horizon: summer/autumn
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100ft +10ft/CL)
Target: one unattended, non-magical object or mass of loose material
Duration: see text
Saving throw: No
Spell resistance: No

When the world was young, the first magus met a young mother one day while traveling. Her son was bored and cranky, and his cries kept her from the work of her house. Seeing the woman's plight, the magus tied his kerchief into a puppet and channeled the light of the Star of Anima to make it dance and amuse the small boy. The woman thanked the magus profusely for his help, and gifted the him with a hogshead of fine mead from her cellar. Later, beset by bandits who'd built a barrier across the road and demanded a toll, the magus channeled its light again, to make the barrier rip out of the ground and chase them off. The size of object that may be animated at a particular channel level is given on the table below.

ChL: Category: Size: Examples:
1st fine under 6" a ball of string, a teacup
2nd diminutive 6"-1' a table knife, a tea kettle
3rd tiny 1'-2' an instrument, a 1-hand weapon
4th small 2'-4' a chair, a 2-handed weapon
5th medium 4'-8' a suit of clothes, a statue
6th large 8'-16' a wagon, a boulder
7th huge 16'-32' a small house, a tree
8th gargantuan 32'-64' a large tree, a pile of rocks
9th colossal 64'-128' a tower or castle, a small hill

A magus with the epic feat Improved Spell Capacity may channel the Star of Anima at even higher levels, doubling the maximum affected object size again at each level.

An object which is constructed with joints already, such as a marionette, puppet, or suit of armor may be animated as if one category smaller than its actual size. For creature stats of animated objects, see the Monster Manual. A Fine object constructed in this manner may even be channeled as a cantrip, all but unique among the stars.

The Star of Anima may be channeled to animate folded or coiled items which may then extend to their maximum as long as the compact form fits within the size guideline when the star is channeled. Strings or ropes can move snakelike and tie or untie themselves with the mage's Use Rope skill, while masses of loose material can only stretch and wobble like a Grey Ooze or Gelatinous Cube. Other objects maintain their basic shape but can bend and twist to enable movement, such as an iron stove walking on its legs and waving the stovepipe like a tail, or a sword buckling like an inchworm or rising to strike like a snake. Alternately, several objects of smaller size can be animated as a group with two items counting as one of the next greater size, for example a Medium size table, a Diminutive tea kettle, four plates, and bowl of sugar, and four Fine teacups could be animated as a Large group by a magus who wanted to impress company.

If the Constellation of The Heart's Desire, the arcane spells Permanence or Limited Wish, or the clerical Small Miracle are cast on the animated object while the duration of the spell is in effect, it becomes a permanent puppet with joints in the appropriate places and can be animated with a channeling level one lower (like any marrionette or puppet) thereafter. This refinement may be conducted up to three times if desired, allowing a Small object to be animated as easily as a Fine one, or the previously mentioned table and tea set as easiliy as a single Small object. The joints will be such that the normal use of finished objects is still viable; again using the tea set example the legs of the table would be able to lock in position and the teacups would become flexible but hold their shape without tipping or spilling.

The duration of the effect varies by the Star's aspect. When the Star lies on the horizon, the duration is 1 round/CL. In spring, when life bursts out of the ground and all things are friskier, the channeler may extend the duration as long as she concentrates on directing the animated object's actions; it will follow the last commands given for the normal duration once her attention moves to other things. In winter animation is difficult, and the duration of the effect is reduced to 1 round per two caster levels rounded down, plus 1.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring the arcane spell Animate Rope at 3rd level and above, the clerical Animate Object at 5th level and above, or in place of Polymorph Any Object in the animation of constructs at 7th level or above.

Star of Antidote

Aspect: The Star of Antidote remains steady, high in the sky in all seasons.
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft +5ft/2CL)
Target: Single creature or item touched, or 1 creature/CL
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell resistance: Yes (harmless)

Stories tell of bold heroes and their mighty deeds, but only rarely do they mention the poor sod who had the job of curing Venom Dragon poison and tending their wounds when the day was done and all that was left was to drag some colossal severed head back and collect a princess and the deed to half the kingdom. To reward his loyal freind, one hero who transcended mortality to join the ranks of the gods brought his companion into the the sky as well and gave him a place among the stars that all might know of his courage and resolve.

Channeling the holy light of the Star of Antidote cures 1d8hp +1/CL and allows the magus to remove a number of baneful effects, depending on the Channel Level (ChL). To apply the listed effect to multiple targets requires casting the spell as a full-round action, and increases the required ChL by two. If used against undead, it does damage as standard for healing spells and also inflicts the undead with 1d4 negative hit dice. Undead slain by negative hit dice are released from their torment and sent on to the Outer Planes to meet their final reward, with their body (if corporeal) crumbling to ash within moments.

ChL effects removed
1 Fear, Fatigue, dazzled, sickened
2 any magical Ability Score reduction, Sleep, Paralysis, Exhaustion
3 Blindness, Deafness, Disease, 1d4 negative levels
4 Poison, Confused, Feeblemind, Curse (as Cleric) Note that some curses
require a certain Caster Level (CL) to defeat; while this equates
to Channeler Level (of the magus, also abbreviated CL) rather than
Channel Level (of the Star), increasing the ChL by one will increae
the effective CL by 2*(extra Channel Levels beyond 4.)
5 1d4 of points temporary Ability damage (such as from poison or the
touch of certain undead), 1 Drained level within 1 day/CL
Again, raising the ChL will raise the effective CL as above and
therefore the time limit with it.
6 Petrification, all negative levels, one permanently Drained Ability
7 all forms of insanity, Confusion, and similar effects
8 all Drained levels within 1 week/CL, all Drained Ability scores.
9 One dead creature is returned to life with 1d4hp

The Star of Antidote does not restore levels or Constitution lost due to death.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring the spells Remove Fear, Paralysis, Blindness/Deafness, Disease, Poison, or Curse; Stone to Flesh, Lesser Restoration, Restoration, Mass Restoration, Greater Restoration, or Panacea.

Star of Boundaries

Aspect: Ascendant: Winter Descendent: Summer Horizon: Spring/Autumn
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft +5ft/2CL)
Area of Effect: A straight wall 10ft. sq./CL or a hemisphere of 5ft./2CL inside radius or a sphere of 3ft/2CL inside radius
Duration: See text
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: See text
XP cost: None or 500-7500, see text

When the first necromantic archmage arose upon the world she laid siege to a city in the black of night. The people cried out in terror for protection from her undead army as they advanced upon the gate. Hearing these pleas, the gods wove a wall of shadows and light around the city which held back the undead and gave the defenders time to regroup. After the battle was won and the necromancina routed, the wall was lifted into the heavens so it could protect the world forever more.

Dimly visible in the winter sky behind a dusty veil, the Star of Boundaries skirts the edges of perception with a diffuse glow behind dark shadows. By channeling its light, the magus brings forth a veil to stand between herself and the eyes of her enemies, a boundary to drive them back, or a barrier to forbid their passage. The effects possible depend on the level the Star is channeled at:

Level Type Thickness
1st Veil of Darkness negligible
2nd Veil of Starlight negligible
3rd Boundary of Stardust 10ft
4th Boundary of Starfire 10ft
5th Barrier of Skycrystal 1/2 inch per 4 CL (negligible for maximum thickness)
6th any two up to 10ft (only one Boundary type effect)
7th any three up to 20ft
8th any four up to 20ft
9th all five up to 20ft

Channelling the Star of Boundaries at Epic levels allows the magus to continue to create more simulataneous layers, and the maximum thickness increases by 10ft at Channel Level 10th and every four Channel Levels thereafter.

Veil of Darkness: an insubstantial black veil which blocks all sight, including darkvision and that of the channeler. If placed next to Starfire, a layer of Darkness will prevent heat from being radiated on that side.

Veil of Starlight: brilliant light equivalent to a Daylight spell, which is transparent to the magus but blocks all other creatures' vision. Any creature attempting to pass through the wall becomes Dazzled, though spell resistance applies to this effect. A Veil of Starlight is unaffected by and has no effect on any layer it may be placed next to.

Boundary of Stardust: Dark, viscous, swirling dust that fills the air thickly enough to block ranged attacks, providing cover as appropriate to its size and location. Creatures can attempt to force their way through the Boundary, but it is difficult - while surrounded by the swirling dust it is impossible to breathe, speak, or hear, and moving requires a full-round action and a Strength check vs. DC10 to move 5ft for each point by which the check succeeds. Remaining too long in the wall may cause creatures to start Suffocating (DMG 304) depending on how long they can hold their breath. It is likewise difficult to cast magic within the swirling dust, with Vocal components impossible and spells or Spell-like abilities that do not have them still requiring a successful Concentration check vs. DC20 +the level the Star was channeled at. Creatures with Reach can attempt to attack through a Boundary of Stardust, but targets have Total Concealment and Total Cover. Open flame thrust into a Boundary of Stardust is immediately extinguished, but if placed next to a layer of Starfire the dust will heat up to inflict the usual amount of Fire damage for being at its distance.

Boundary of Starfire: Brilliant white-hot flames that provide 20ft of illumination equivalent to Bright Sunlight, falling off to Good and Dim in 20ft bands beyond that. One side of the barrier radiates incredible heat, doing 2d4 Fire damage to anything within 10 feet, and 1d4 points to those 10-20ft away, as soon as it appears and on each round it remains. Any creature occupying the same square as a section of the Boundary takes 2d6 Fire damage +1 per channeler level (maximum +20) per round, and undead suffer double damage, though Spell Resistance can avoid this effect. Creatures caught in the spaces where the Boundary appears may make a Reflex save to spring to safety, though they may still end up on the hot side of the effect. The brilliant clouds of energy that make up a Boundary of Starfire block all sight, including that of the magus. Extreme Cold can overcome the power of the Boundary; if any 5ft-square is subjected to 20 or more points of Cold in the same round it is extinguished.

Barrier of Skycrystal: Polished smooth black and awash with a pearlescent rainbow of colors, a Barrier of Skycrystal is perhaps as valuable for its aesthetics as its tactical utility. Bright light on the other side of a thin layer of Skycrystal (1 inch or less) will give it a warm red-brown glow that picks out the inner veins of color spectactualarly. Unlike the other forms of the Star of Boundaries, a Barrier of Skycrystal is not neccessarily immmobile once conjured, though it can be emplaced so it is anchored to the gronud and immobile or be supported by one of the Boundary types, including Starfire even though it is otherwise immaterial. The material has Hardness 8 and 8hp per half inch of thickness in any 5ft square section, and is always cool to the touch regardless of the environment around it. Attempting to breach the Barrier with a single attack requires a Strength check vs DC20+1 per half inch of thickness.

A Barrier of Skycrystal can be formed as a vertical wall, which may tip over if not anchored, especially if pushed (DC 40 Strength check, 10d6 crushing damage to Large or smaller creatures in the spaces it lands on, Reflex negates, will shatter on impact) as a horizontal surface overhead that will fall on its own but gives those underneath a +2 bonus to their Reflex saves to evade it as it doesn't start moving until fully formed, as a dome or sphere as with any other form of the Star of Boundaries, or in any form the magus can imagine so long as the total volume is held to the limits as stated above, and as long as the shape is a single solid piece. A hemisphere may be formed upside down to be used as a giant bowl (though the contents cannot be heated like a cauldron no matter how hot a fire is built around the outside) or as an emergency boat, for example, though a little thought to provide a proper boat shape will yield much better results. A sphere of the material can even be formed to trap a creature standing in the space where it appears, though they get the same Reflex save bonus to evade as above.

Shapes with details (including holes aside from the hollow center of an object formed as a spherical shell) under one square foot in size will need a Craft(Sculpure) check to determine how well they come out, with the DC determined by counting how many halving steps are needed from one foot to accomodate them and adding that number to 15, plus 1 for each hole to the center of a hollow shell or all the way through a solid shape.

Example: Larrei wants to make a life-size Starcrystal statue of the king, accurate down to the famous battle scar on his cheek and strands of hair, sitting on his throne, which has a cutout in the shape of the kingdom's crest in the high back. Counting the halvings needed to get such fine detail, he goes from 12in. (base) to 6in. (1 step) to 3in. (2) to 1 1/2in. (3) to 3/4in. (4) to 3/8in. (5) to 3/16in. (6) to 3/32in. (7) to 3/64in. (8), or about 1mm. This is 8 steps and he needs to add 1 hole, so the DC he needs to beat is 15+8+1=24.

To be made into a bridge or ramp, a span of Skycrystal more than 20ft long must be arched and buttressed, reducing the available surface of the walkway by half. Such walkways can support 200lbs per inch of thickness.

Skycrystal formed into a complex shape as part of a multi-layer channeling of the Star of Boundaries will only affect the overall effect in the broadest sense - a three-walled defensive position, for example, will be surrounded by the closest hemisphere segment that can fit it inside on the three protected sides, or the king's statue above might serve as the center point for a large hemispherical Veil of Darkness (with other lighting inside) to enable holding a meeting without being observed. A smaller than maximum hemisphere of Stardust might be conjured to support a sphere of Skycrystal in midair to provide an unexpected refuge to Teleport to, or a three-layered hemisphere could be made of Stardust for support, Skycrystal to stand on, and Starlight offset to cover the open side instead of being aligned normally, to give the magus inside concealment while she catches her breath and surveys the battlefield.

Channeling the Star of Boundaries at the 6th level or above allows multiple types of Veil, Boundary, or Barrier to be emplaced at the same time and in any order, or to form multiple seperate shapes with multiple layers of Starcrystal, such as a frame, a small gear with a crank, and a large gear with a winch to wind your 50 foot rope with. Such multi-part constructions require a seperate Craft(Sculpture) check for each part.

The effect can always be maintained as long as the Magus concentrates on doing so, and lasts a short while even after her attention is given to other matters. In summer when the clear skies lay secrets bare this is only one round per Channeler Level, while Winter's blanket allows it to remain an entire minute per CL. In spring and autumn the Star's light persists for 5 rounds per CL.

By concentrating on the Star of Boundary's light over the course of a 15 minute ritual and expending 500XP times the minimum channel level for each layer type included (e.g. 1+2+3+4+5=15, times 500=7500xp for a five-layer Boundary channeled at the 9th level), the effect can be made permanent as if by the Permanency spell. The layers can still be dispelled but attempts to do so must be made against each one in turn for a mutli-layered Barrier, and permanent Skycrystal cannot be dispelled - once conjured it simply exists like any other material object, and weighs 2000lbs (one ton) per 10ft x 10ft x 1/2in section. A Veil of Starlight rendered permanent must be set to either block the sight of all creatures, including the channeler, or to allow visibility from one side to all creatures.

In order to dispel the effect of the Star of Boundary at higher Channel Levels, each layer must be targetted individually.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Wall of Gloom, Light, Sand, Fire, or Stone

Star of Guardians

Aspect: Ascendant: autumn, Descendent: spring, Horizon: summer/winter
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100ft +10ft/CL), rays Close (25ft +5ft/2CL)
Target: one creature and a number of rays
Duration: 10min./CL (D) or until discharged
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: Rays yes

Set to stand watch before the gates of the hall of the gods, the Star of Guardians is especially effective at freeing the tormented souls of the undead. In the season of dying things and particularly around the Night of Hallows they are extra vigilant, but even the most dedicated sentinels can grow lax in the celebration of spring.

By channeling the light of this Star, the magus surrounds himself with a silvery radiance whose diameter varies by ascendency, with a base of 30ft plus or minus 15 depending on the season and an additional radius of dim light extending the same distance beyond that. On any turn after channeling this Star, he can choose to expend 15ft of this glow to make a Ranged Touch attack with a Ray of holy light. The damage inflicted is 1d6 at first level, increasing by 1d6 for each channel level, to a maximum of 7d6 when channeled as a 7th level spell. Undead and some evil Outsiders take double damage from this holy light.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Light of Lunia, Mercuria, or Venya

Star of Reason

Aspect: Ascendent: winter, Descendent: summer, Horizon: spring/autumn
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft + 5ft/2CL)
Area of Effect: One creature
Duration: 10, 5, or 2 minutes/CL depending on Aspect
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

The power of the stars is a wonder, but at times they can be ruthlessly cruel. By channeling the light of the Star of Reason, the mage imbues one creature with the cold, dispassionate inevitability of the clear night sky in a lean winter, becoming more analytical and less emotional. The subject recieves a resistance bonus to Will saves against mind-affecting spells and abilities and a competence bonus on Intelligence-based checks, but also takes a penalty on Charisma-related checks. While this might seem useful only in a support role, enchanting a Charisma-based caster like a Bard or Sorceror will reduce their spell DCs, and may remove access to high-level magic. Of course, they'll also have the benefit of an improved Will save and Intelligence-based checks, but perhaps they could realise they're in a losing battle and surrender... This is a magical Compulsion effect for the purposes of immunities and resistance on an unwilling target.

The levels at which the bonuses increase follow the Fibonacci series. For non-Math/History majors, a table is provided below.

formula Channel Level WILL INT CHA
1 +2 +1 -1
2 +4 +2 -2
1+2=3 3 +6 +3 -3
2+3=5 5 +8 +4 -4
3+5=8 8 +10 +5 -5
5+8=13 13 (Epic) +12 +6 -6

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Mechanus Mind

Star of Script

Aspect: Ascendent: autumn, Descendent: summer, Horizon: winter/spring
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft + 5ft/2CL)
Duration: 10, 5, or 2 minutes/CL depending on Aspect
Saving Throw: Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance: Yes (object)

There is much debate between sages as to whether magic or written language is the greater gift, while others maintain that the ability to bind knowledge to a physical object is itself a magic so ancient and widespread that it has become commonplace. The effects of channeling this Star suggest that they just might be correct.

The light of this Star can be channelled in one of two ways, chosen at the time the Star is channelled. By directing the light of the Star of Script between an object containing written text and blank pages, the writing will be copied from one to the other. The speed of the effect varies depends upon the level the spell is channeled at, as well as the ability to copy magical writing and to avoid trapped writing. The Star of Script will duplicate 125 words (a typical paragraph, around half a handwritten page) per minute times the level it is channeled at. Copying a spellbook still requires the usual expensive materials for special inks. The copy is exact, and takes no heed of laguages or codes, whether known to the mage or not. It can be used as a quick check for coded writing concealed in geometric designs, or to see if a line of odd shapes in a margin is some unknown language or just a doodle. If there is not sufficient blank paper to copy a text completely the magus may specify a starting point other than the first page (if she knows where the desired information begins; if the other form of this Star has already been used on the target remembering page numbers of interest is possible with an INT check) and skip sections as desired. Otherwise, the copying effect will pause until directed at a fresh blank book/stack of paper/roll of scroll parchment/unfired clay tablet/etc. and resume where it left off.

When channeled at 3rd level or above, the Star of Script can copy spellbook pages or scrolls, but consumes the original scroll. If channeled at the 5th level or above, it does not trigger magical traps whether they are themselves writing based (Sepia Snake Sigil, Explosive Runes, etc.) or simply cast on the item containing the text (warded to sound Alarm and shoot Magic Missles if opened by anyone but the owner, etc.) At the 7th level or above, illustrations can be duplicated as well as written words. Channeled at the 9th level, annotations in the margins will indicate whther the text copied is true, partially true, or false, though not whether there is more truth unrevealed or what the untold truth actually is.

Alternately, the magus can use the light of the Star of Script as a bridge between a written work and his own mind, absorbing the knowledge at a rate of 100 pages per minute. While this effect can never be used to prepare spells or make use of magical texts such as a Manual of Gainful Excercise, even at the most basic channeling level it is equal to having taken the time to read at a normal pace, allowing a normal Intelligence check to remember any specific piece of information. Channeling the Star of Script at higher levels provides a +2 bonus per channeling level to such checks. Using this Star on an unfamiliar spellbook is still not completely useless, as it will allow the magus to determine what spells are contained, their characteristics and weaknesses. Information from illustrations is always included when reading by the Star's light. As with using this Star to copy text, reading in this way will set off trapped text such as Explosive Runes or a Sepia Snake Sigil (though the ability to do so from a small distance may make it easier to avoid being affected) unless channeled at 5th level or above.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Amanuensis or Scholar's Touch

Star of Swindlers

Aspect: The Star of Swindlers lurks low on the horizon in all seasons.
Casting Time: Immediate Action
Range: See text
Area of effect: Two unattended objects within rage
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

flavotext, swindler who would switch demonstrated objects for a fake that looked the same on the surface, then switched himself away when dicovered. Eventually he made enemies who could track him anywhere in the world, and was forced to switch himself with a star from the sky to escape.

switches two unattended objects within one Size category of each other instantaneously. The magus must either be able to see both objects or be familiar with them and know where they are. If he is within the allowable size range, the magus can also use this Star to switch himself for an object to avoid any effect requiring an attack roll or allowing a Reflex save as long as he is not Flat Footed or subject to other conditions that would deny his Dexterity bonus to defense. This must be done before the attack roll or save is resolved.

The maximum size of objects to be switched is determined by the channeler's Caster Level +1 per four ranks in Sleight of Hand.

CL: Category: Size: Example objects, channelers:
1st fine under 6" a coin or a jewelry box
2nd diminutive 6"-1' a purse or large fruit
3rd tiny 1'-2' an instrument, a pseudodragon
4th small 2'-4' a chair, a kobold
5th medium 4'-8' a suit of armor, a tiefling
6th large 8'-16' a wagon, a stone giant
7th huge 16'-32' a longboat, a cloud giant
8th gargantuan 32'-64' a small ship, an adult force dragon
9th colossal 64'-128' a large ship, a gold great wyrm

The range at which the switch can be made (measured from the closest points of the objects rather than the center) varies depending on the level at which the Star of Swindlers is channeled:

ChL Range
1st 10ft +5ft/2CL
3rd Close (25ft +5/2CL)
5th Medium (100ft +10ft/CL)
7th Long (400ft +40/CL)
9th Unlimited
Epic Interplanar

An unwilling creature cannot be affected by the Star of Swindlers (the spell fails.) All observers get a Spot check to notice the switch. Depending on how similar the objects are, that check may have significant bonuses or penalties. The magus may add any Skill Ranks in Sleight of Hand to her Channeler Level when determining the DC of an opponent's Spot check.

Star of Vigor

Aspect: Ascendant: spring, Descendent: winter, Horizon: summer/autumn
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: No

Among the brightest of the stars in the sky, the Star of Vigor shines with a brilliant, steady light undaunted by hardships or trials.

Channeling the light of this Star allows the mage to heal himself or others with a touch. Living material is healed 1d8hp per channeler level, up to 5d8.
When this Star is ascendant, an additional 2hp per channeler level are healed (maximum +40hp.) When it lies on the horizon, the bonus is +1hp per channeler level, to a maximumm of +20hp. When the Star of Vigor is Descendent, no bonus is recieved. As the effect is due to channeling positive energy, Undead instead take damage if touched by the light of the Star of Vigor.

This Star may be used to satisfy any condition requiring spells of the Cure series.

New Constellations:

The Bargain (Antidote, Compassion, Life, Vigor)

Minimum Channel Level: 7th
Prerequisite Stars: Antidote, Compassion, Life, Vigor
Casting Time: See text
Range: Touch
Duration: See text
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Once, a genie was trapped by a demon lord, unable to attempt escape save by sending dreams to the mortal world. Many heard her pleas but were afraid to face the demon's horde. Desperate to be freed, she promised to heal or even revive any hero immediately should he be harmed or fall in battle forevermore, if only he would face the evil. After great struggles she was released, but her oath still stands. By calling on the power of that bargain written in the stars, the magus prepares for disaster so it may be immediately averted.

Only one instance of each form of The Bargain can be placed on a subject at the same time.

Channeled at the 7th level, the subject is surrounded by a golden aura, which will immediately Heal the creature (as the spell) if it is subjected to an attack or effect that would kill it (reduce it to -10hp, or possibly more with the right feats.) As long as the harm is caused in a way that Heal can repair (disease, hit point damage, ability damage, or poison) the target does not actually die. Ability Drain, old age, negative levels, disintigration, Death effects, and other forms of harm that cannot be remedied by Heal cannot be stayed by the light of The Bargain at this Channel Level. Calling upon The Bargain in this way takes 1 minute, and lasts for 10min/CL or until discharged. If killed and returned from death by some other magic before the power of The Bargain expires it remains in effect as long as the body is not destroyed. If the subject rises as undead, The Bargain will immediately be triggered, doing damage as for a normal Heal spell against the undead. Since the spell is already affecting the creature, no saving throw or spell resistance is allowed in this case.

Channeled at the 8th level, the light of The Bargain is sealed into the subject's aura, where it remains until triggered by being subject to Ability damage, blinded, Confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, sickened, stunned, magical sleep, or poisoned. If the effect is still present one round after the subject is affected by a condition that triggers The Bargain, the subject has the triggering condition(s) lifted and is healed 1d8hp +1/CL. Ability damage, negative levels, or Drained levels cannot be healed by this form of The Bargain. If the subject is slain and revived without triggering The Bargain, it still persists as long as the body was not destroyed. If they rise as undead, the magic is immediately triggered and does damage as usual against undead, though a Will save is allowed to take half damage. Channeling The Bargain in this fashion requires ten minutes, but is permanent until triggered or dispelled.

Channeled at the 9th level, The Bargain permanently consumes two points of the subject's Constitution, coiling that fragment of life energy into the form of a True Resurrection and enfolding it within the creature's soul. At any time in the future when the subject dies, the spell is freed and immediately activates to return them to life. The lost constitution is not recovered by the True Resurrection, and cannot be recovered by any means until The bargain has been activated, or the magic dispelled. A Wish or Miracle can restore the lost Ability points afterward. Channeling the light of The Bargain in this fashion requires ten minutes, but is permanent until triggered or dispelled.

This constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Fortunate Fate, Renewal Pact, or Death Pact.

The Fallen Stars

Minimum Channel Level: 5th
Prerequisite Stars: Destruction, Peril, Revelation
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: see text
Duration: Instant, blinding 1 round/CL
Saving Throw: Reflex half, Will negates blinding
Spell Resistance: Yes

Tales tell of stars which lost their purpose in the heavens and were cast out, falling with a scream and a streak of golden dust to burn out on the cold ground. The echoes of these fallen stars may still be channeled, to bring ruin upon those who outlived them.

When the magus calls upon The Fallen Stars, she summons forth one or more Large balls of celestial matter that crash down with stunning force, shattering in a burst of rubble and throwing up a cloud of stardust. One Fallen Star is summoned at the 5th Channel level, and one additional Fallen Star which may be targeted anywhere at least 10ft from any other impact point but still within range is called for each additional Channel Level (two at 6th, three at 7th, etc.) and each burst resolves its saving throws and damage seperately, potentially catching one target several times in overlapping areas of effect.

Each impact does 1d6/2CL damage, half Force and half Crushing, and may knock targets within the 20ft radius of each burst prone. Each Fallen Star makes a trip attempt at a bonus of +10 (+6 for effective Strength 22, +4 for Large size) on any creatures within the burst radius. They scoop out an impact crater in all but the hardest surfaces (iron or better,) leaving the area within 10ft littered with dense rubble; this halves any movement in these spaces and may require Balance checks.

The impact also throws large amounts of fine, glittering stardust into the air, blinding creatures within the 20ft burst and visibly outlining invisible things. In addition to the obvious effects, a blinded creature suffers a 50% miss chance in combat (all opponents have full concealment), loses any Dexterity bonus to AC, grants a +2 bonus to opponents' attack rolls (they are effectively invisible), moves at half speed, and suffers a -4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skills. Creatures may make a Will save to avoid being blinded, and the stardust dims and falls away after 1 round/CL.

The Healer (Compassion, Life, Vigor)

Minimum Channel Level:
Prerequisite Stars:
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

This constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring
Regenerate/Monstrous Regeneration

The Heart's Desire (Boundary, Concealment, Confusion, Revelation)

Minimum Channel Level:
Prerequisite Stars:
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

When magi gather in the taproom, often they speak in hushed, reverent tones of this obscure Constellation, the prize for which heroes quest through The Labrynth. Its component Stars make it tricky to keep the channel stable should the magus attempt too complex a task, but with diligence and careful planning of the effect nearly anything can be achieved. Merely channeling it successfully is often good for a free round of ale when the tale is told.

This constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Limited Wish or Small Miracle, or if channeled at 9th level, Wish or Miracle.

The Immortal (Compassion, Life, Antidote)

Minimum Channel Level:
Prerequisite Stars:
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

This constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring
Revivify, Revive Outsider, Reincarnate, Resurrection/True

The Labrynth

Minimum Channel Level: 7th
Prerequisite Stars: Boundary, Concealment, Confusion, Peril

Minimum Channel Level:
Prerequisite Stars:
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

Once a great hero rose among the people. Many were the wrongs righted by his hand, and many the villains brought low, and his pride grew until he boasted that there was no challenge which he could not meet. Amused at his presumption, the gods set forth a great maze and hid a prize at the center, then bade the hero seek it out if he dared. Though he assailed the Labrynth again and again always did he return unsuccessful, for the passages shifted with each attempt and were filled with peril besides. By channeling this constellation the magus temporarily traps a foe within the Labrynth.

This Constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Maze.

The Lyre

Minimum Channel Level: 3rd
Prerequisite Stars: Script, Reason
Casting Time: 15 minutes
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

When men first walked the earth, the gods gave them three instruments: The Reed, the Lyre, and the Drum. Each of these three primal instruments found their way into the stars, preserved for all eternity by divine will.

Channeling the light of The Lyre allows the magus to tap into the great, eternal song of magic itself. If she channels stars by preparing them ahead of time, she may take fifteen minutes to prepare any Star, Constellation, or arcane or divine spell which she possesses in written form (a spellbook or scroll, though a scroll will be erased when read by the light of The Lyre to prepare its contents) which is at least one level lower than the level at which she channeled The Lyre. If her channeling is performed spontaneously, she still requires a written form of the spell but may cast it immediately beginning the round after she finishes channeling The Lyre, or prepare it for later casting as above. The freshly prepared spell is in the same slot as The Lyre was cast with, the magical energy being retained after being processed into its new form. Any required components or XP costs must be met as usual for the spell.

This Constellation may be used to satisfy any condition requiring Anyspell or Greater Anyspell.

The Marionette

Minimum Channel Level: 3rd
Prerequisite Stars: Anima, Concealment
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Close (25 +5ft/2CL)
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

Channeling the light of The Marionette

While channeling this Constellation the magus blends with the background and becomes difficult to notice, gaining a +4/CL bonus to Hide checks. When used at high CL with the right puppet, it's perhaps even better than Invisibility as there's a built in distraction to act as an innocuous source for any sounds the magus might inadvertantly make, and which can act in combat in her place without endangering herself or ending the effect.

The Puppeteer

Minimum Channel Level: 5th
Prerequisite Stars: Anima, Concealment, Swindlers
Casting Time: 10 minutes, 1 Immediate Action to activate
Range: Close (25ft +5/2CL)
Area of Effect: One prepared puppet
Duration: One day or until expended (D)
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: No

By channeling the light of The Puppeteer into a puppet suitable for The Marionette the magus prepares both the puppet and himself to perform an instantaneous switch and and immediately have the power of The Marionette begin animating the puppet.

While intended for a duplicate of the magus, The Puppeteer can be used with any object suitable for use with The Marionette. Obviously, few enemies will not notice the switch in such cases, though it is still not neccessarily immediately obvious what has occurred.

If Teleportation effects are blocked at either the magus or her puppet's location she cannot switch away, though the puppet will still be activated with The Marionette normally. If

In order to use The Puppeteer, the magus must know and be able to channel The Marionette at the instant The Puppeteer is activated (i.e. must have The Marionette prepared or an unused spontaneous casting slot sufficient to channel it at the neccessary level for the intended puppet.) The casting time of The Marionette is included in the casting of The Puppeteer.

The Question

Minimum Channel Level: 5th
Prerequisite Stars: Artifice, Boundary, Reason
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Medium (100ft +10ft/CL)
Area of effect: One summoned creature, or a straight wall 10ft. sq./CL
Duration: 1 minute/CL (D)
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: No

It is said that there was once a sage of great learning, who discovered a quandary for which he found himself unable to determine a satifying answer. He studied and experimented for many years without success, bedeviling his peers as they too were drawn into the quest for knowledge that could not be discovered. At length, they grew disheartened at their failure and pooled their funds, forming a petition to be asked at the oracle of the gods. Alas, even the gods did not know the solution. Instead all details of The Question were erased from mortal minds, that the sages might know rest and return to less cryptic truths. Yet the gods could not bear not knowing themselves, and so a great machine was constructed among the stars to puzzle out the answer even if it should take an eternity. By channeling the light of The Question the magus brings a small portion of that machine to earth, that all may look upon its inscrutable wonder and marvel. It is prudent to do so from a distance, however, lest the observer be caught in its workings.

The light of The Question can be channeled in one of two forms, a massive display of the working mechanisms as they go about their calculations, which effectively form a formidable barrier, or a mobile, mechanical servant, one of the countless caretakers who ensure the machine continues to function and which can be borrowed breifly to perform its intended task in the situation the magus summons it to, or be commanded directly to act in a more versatile fashion.

The mobile servants, while quite bizzare looking masses of levers and gears, are essentially just Large animated objects and at the base channel level can only perform a single task, which must be described in 25 words or less, and is chosen while the spell is being cast. To be more accurate, when the spell is cast it seeks out and summons a simple caretaker mechanism that is designed to perform the desired task. It can do so as many times as the Constellation's effect duration will allow, and begins immediately after appearing.

Channeled at higher levels the magus can bring forth a more versatile device, but even then they are limited to fairly simple physical tasks. The caretakers are mindless, only following their predetermined instructions or the commands of an overseer. They can perform attacks, but are best utilized as magical siege engines to shatter fortifications (they do double Slam damge against rock or metal) or bombard them with hurled rocks rather than attacking creatures directly due to their inflexible functions. A caretaker machine can hurl Small rocks (which must be at hand) up to 10 range increments of 150ft.

Instruction length and Combat
ChL #Words HP Hardness AC FORT REF WILL Str Slam Str bonus Hurl H.bonus
6 25 22 10 14 +1 +1 -4 16 1d8+4 +5 2d6+4 +3
7 30 44 13 16 +3 +3 -2 18 1d8+6 +9/+4 2d6+6 +6/+1
8 35 66 17 18 +3 +3 -2 20 1d8+7 +13/+8 2d6+7 +9/+4
9 40 88 20 20 +5 +5 +0 22 1d8+9 +17/+12 2d6+9 +12/+7

Caretakers summoned by the light of The Question channeled at the 8th Level or above can have their program changed as a Standard Action.

Loads and Speeds Excavation per minute
Loose 5x5x5ft (double this
ChL Light Med Hvy Lift Drag Walk Swim/Fly rock in rate for
6 172lb 346 520 1646 2600 40ft 10ft(clumsy) 7000lb 3 rounds sand or
7 233lb 466 700 1788 3800 50ft 15ft(clumsy) 14000lb 2 rounds soil)
8 266lb 533 900 1820 4000 50ft 15ft(poor) 14000lb 2 rounds
9 346lb 692 1040 2080 5200 60ft 20ft(poor) 20000lb 1 round

Summoning a portion of the great celestial machine that calculates The Question itself, whether simply to marvel at its mysterious workings or to form a perilous obstacle on the feld of battle, is a bit more straight forward:

The basic frame of the machine is roughly six inches thick, but it is covered in moving iron cams, wheels, gears, pistons, levers, and every other kind of mechanical part. Taken as a whole, each 5ft square section of wall has Hardness 10 and 90hp. These myriad moving parts render the space on either side of the frame highly hazardous, dealing 1d6hp of crushing damage per 2 Channeler Levels to any creature or object (except a caretaker machine) within ten feet, though a Reflex save is allowed for half damage. This includes the channeler, so as noted several times already, it's best to admire its inscrutible workings from a safe distance.

There is a small chance (1-3 on d%) of a basic caretaker machine being present on the section of The Question that is summoned, but if so it will ignore the magus and any enemies alike, moving over the machine's surface and dodging the flailing levers and spinning gears as if it were just another moving part - which in fact it is.

This Constellation may be used to satisfy any condition which requires Fantastic Machine, Greater Fantastic Machine, or Wall of Gears.

The Quickening (Anima, Freedom, Reason)

Minimum Channel Level:
Prerequisite Stars:
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:

When the first mortal was given awareness, he opened his eyes and marveled at the perception of self. That primal Aha was so powerful, it shook the stars and a new constellation was formed. By channeling the light of The Quickening awareness may be granted to an animal or plant. If channeled at the 7th level, magical beasts, giant vermin, or aberrations may be affected, and if channeled at the 9th level even a construct or ooze may be granted true intelligence and will. While under no obligation to serve or obey the magus, any creature granted free will by this Constellation has an initial attitude of Helpful. A plant or other normally immobile subject gains a movement speed of 20 in the most convenient manner for its environment (walking on land, swimming underwater, etc.) The affected creature gains the ability to speak one language known by the magus, and if without senses gains the ability to see and percieve sound equal to the channeler's racial norm despite lacking the usual organs. Its intelligence and any previously nonexistent ability scores (construct Constitution, Strength and Dexterity for a tree, etc.) increase to 1/2 the magi's spellcasting DC plus any relevant modifers for size.

This Constellation may be used to satify any condition requiring Awakening or Awaken Construct.

The Scythe

Minimum channel level: 3rd
Prerequisite Stars: Justice, Light
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Efect: creates a Blessed, Undead Bane scythe
Duration: 5 rounds/channeler level
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: No

Despite his (its?) own skeletal appearance Death has a deep dislike of undead, as they usurp his authority and deny the finality of life. Being often nearby for adventurers, he is willing to lend them his blade to better lay those animated bodies, restless and often tortured spirits, or openly mortality-flaunting intelligent undead to their final rest. By channeling the light of this Constellation, the magus summons a shadowy, Blessed scythe into his hands with the Undead Bane weapon quality, and is temporarily granted the ability to wield it proficiently. A potent weapon in any case, against undead it acts as a +2 magical weapon and deals an extra 2d6 points of damage; the Blessed property also has special effects against certain other types of creatures.

Any magus who has undead under his control or is himself undead and attempts to channel this Constellation will instead be attacked by a duplicate of himself wielding the weapon it conjures.

This Constellation may be used to satify any condition requiring the third level Paladin spell Undead Bane Weapon

The Titan

Minimum channel level: 3rd
Prerequisite Stars: Vigor, Protection
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: touch, or if channeled at 6th level all allies within 10ft per channeler level
Efect: +1/2CL to Strength, Endurance, and Constitution
Duration: 1 hour per channeler level
Saving throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell resistance: Yes (harmless)

Creatures of great power that are older even than many of the gods, most of the Titans have been imprisoned among the stars for defying the gods in one way or another. By channeling the light of this constellation, the Magus bestows himself or one or more allies with a dim reflection of their strength and vitality, mighty beyond all mortal beings.

Naiiwah Moorshum's spell list by Wizard level:

accquisition order:

1st Star of Artifice text file
Star of Guardians text file
Star of Light EnArcStar 26
Star of Oaths EnArcStar 27
Star of Revelation EnArcStar 28
Star of Vigor text file
Star of Water EnArcStar 29
Star of Wind EnArcStar 30

from S/W scroll: Familiar Pocket (3eSpCom75)

2nd Star of Script text file
Star of Reason text file
Star of Hope EnArcStar
Star of Justice EnArcStar

3rd Star of Antidote text file
Star of Anima text file
Star of Boundary text file
Star of Protection EnArcStar

from S/W scrolls: Summon Monster II, Rope Trick, Detect Thoughts, Arcane Eye

4th Star of Freedom EnArcStar
Star of Life EnArcStar
Star of Concealment EnArcStar
Star of Confusion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5th The Lyre (script, reason) text file
The Fan (life, hope) EnArcStar 33
The Dove (oaths, wind) EnArcStar 32
Star of Swindlers text file

From s/w scroll: [Sonorous Hum] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Make whole (Cosmos corresp.)] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6th The Scythe (Justice, Light) text file
The Titan (Vigor, Protection) text file
The Marrionette (Anima, Reason) text file
Star of Decay EnArcStar

7th The Tortoise (Freedom, Revelation) EnArcStar 41
Star of Fire EnArcStar
Star of Compassion EnArcStar
Star of Destruction EnArcStar

8th Star of Hate EnArcStar
[Alter Self] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Magic Mouth] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Scrying] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9th The Immortal (compassion, life, wellness) text file
The Dragon's Maw (destruction, fire, hate) EnArcStar 32
The Sword (destruction, hope, wind) EnArcStar 39
The Puppeteer (Anima, Reason, Swindlers) text file

From s/w scroll: [Permanency] PHB 260
[Minor Servitor] SavSpec 68

10th The Healer (compassion, life, vigor) text file
The Hammer (life, oaths, water) EnArcStar 35
The Quickening (anima, freedom, reason) text file
[fabricate] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11th The Fallen Stars (Destruction, Revelation, Peril) text file
The Question (Artifice, Boundary, Reason) text file
Star of Silence EnArcStar
Star of Peril EnArcStar

from S/W scroll: Legend Lore xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12th The Sword (Destruction, Hope, Wind) EnArcStar
The Spinning Wheel (concealment, protection, shadow) EnArcStar
Star of Shadow EnArcStar
Star of Protection EnArcStar

13th The Bargain (Compassion, Life, Vigor, Wellness) text file
The Heart's Desire (Boundary, Concealment, Confusion, Revelation)
The Compass (concealment, Freedom, Oaths, Revelation) EnArcStar
[Wall of Iron] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

from S/W scroll: Summon Monster VII xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

can now make Mimeoi w/Speech, Fast Healing, & 2-slot Spell Effect for The Lyre, plus Automata mount w/Energy Blade (The Sword sub for Mord's,) Maj. Invocation, Spell Storing and/or effect

14th The Labrynth (Boundary, Concealment, Confusion, Peril) text file
The Drum (decay, life, silence, thunder) EnArcStar
Star of Thunder EnArcStar
Star of Death EnArcStar

15th The Hound (concealment, freedom, hate, revelation) EnArcStar 35
The Steed (death, frost, justice, shadow) EnArcStar
[Ray of Light] xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Scrying, Greater] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

from S/W scroll: Trap the Soul xxxxxxxxxxxxx

16th The Lovers (compassion, hope, life, oaths) EnArcStar
Star of Frost EnArcStar
[Sunburst] xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Teleport, Greater] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

17th The Gate (decay, freedom, frost, peril, shadow) EnArcStar
The Hunter (compassion, concealment, death, oaths, silence) EnASt 35
The Scale (life, frost, justice, silence, water) EnArcStar
[Time Stop] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

18th [Hindsight] xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Temporal Stasis] xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Undeath's Eternal Foe] xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Shapechange] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

19th [Incarnate Construct] SavSpec 67
[Awaken Construct] SavSpec 63

20th xxxx

spell level sort:
must have 1st:
Vigor, Artifice, light, oaths, revelation, water,
guardians, wind
fill 1st:
script, reason, hope, life
must have 3rd:
the Lyre (script, reason)
the Fan (life, hope)
fill 1st:
compassion, wellness, destruction, fire, hate,
anima, freedom
must have 5th:
the Immortal (compassion, life, wellness)
the Dragon's Maw (destruction, fire, hate)
the Antidote (life, vigor, wellness)
the Quickening (anima, freedom, reason)
the healer (compassion, life, vigor)
the hammer (life, oaths, water)
fill 1st:
Boundary, concealment, confusion, revelation,
decay, silence, thunder
must have 7th:
the Bargain (Compassion, Life, Vigor, Wellness)
Heart's Desire (Boundary, Concealment, Confusion, Revelation)
The Marrionette (Artifice, Anima, Concealment, Wind)
the drum (decay, life, silence, thunder)
fill 1st:
frost, peril, shadow, death, justice
must have 9th:
The Gate (decay, freedom, frost, peril, shadow)
Hunter (compassion, concealment, death, oaths, silence)
The Scale (life, frost, justice, silence, water)