How Did You Get Here?

How did you get here?

  • Loved the Heinlein Classic

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  • Loved the Movie

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  • Loved the Animated Series

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  • Loved Andy Chambers

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  • All of the above

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  • None of the above, you just like to find new forums on which to complain.

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  • Stumbled in after a botched search for scifi porn

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I stumbled upon the game looking for WOOKIE EROTICA...... :shock:

How I got here...........I have no clue.

Never found the WOOKIE EROTICA though......... But I love this game! :D


Love the book. Read it first waaaay back, and then bought another copy to read while going through basic training (adds quite a bit to the experience).

Liked the Bugs from the movie (I heard enough before seeing it to not try to tie it to the book).

Liked the CGI series (reasonable attempt to bridge some more book ideas to the movie ideas, and add more Bugs).

Haven't been actively impressed with much from GW for over 10 years, so Andy was simply another game designer, though I'd heard he was a great guy.

Had a friend bring me back a couple of Bug figures from GAMA, and really liked them.

The box set was a good enough deal for me to buy simply for figures I could use other places, but the rules were good enough (even with several glitches) that I hung around.

Mr Evil

i came to earth on a space ship, many eons ago,

after surviving the dark ages and many wars,

i harked back to my days as a starship trooper, some songstress woman fell in love with me and dedicated a song to me, ive been living of this money since..So on the back of the song "i gave my heart to a starship trooper" i did a errotic search to see if i could find some old pics of her naked,

instead i found these bug like creaturs from a film of the same name as the song ! now these reminded me of my favorite tv star from my home planet, so i decided as they where naked i may try get a full size modle of one !!!

Looking for modles of her (glentard spaslk was her name she had nice legs) i found this site that that promised to in a box have 20 of her !!!

seing them next to silly humans in army suits they looked the right size ! i didnt realise the humans (they all look the same to me) where only 30mm hight !!! so was a bit upset when my dreams of a naked glentard spaslk draped across my kitchen garden and bed room ;) was not going to happen !!! still undiscouraged i fliped the manual open, here i found some rules that used quantome coins to cause effects,, they called them dice in the book, wich at first sounds silly, but i let it slide.. in the book was moe pictures of famouse alein tv stars,, in the nude,,,,!!!

The rest is history that involves bodly fluids , bordom and a ecles cake.


yay! spam has returned as the dominating power of the baord in the form of Mr. Evil! Keep it up man!


I saw both movies on cable, bought both to rewatch whenever. I heard about the game and Mongoose on another forum group. Looking forward to more movies and some years playing the game.